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Government IPT Not Working For You
« on: January 23, 2013, 07:55:31 PM »
Note ? The Investigatory Powers Tribunal another taxpayer-funded body are supposed to investigate our secret service and police.

They were contacted due too all the evidence sent to the police since the mid to late eighties to present day ? Despite receiving all the below mentioned unlawful persecution and not upholding the law in full documented evidence. With later more again on the ever-continuing malicious vindictive persecution I like an ever-rising many are continually unlawfully suffering. We again see the same unlawful wilful blindness to the many criminal offences committed.

It would also be interesting to note of the last paragraph of the attached, where I never asked them if I had previously been brought to their attention? - But I bet I unlawfully governmental/police have!

How does our any PM such as D Cameron lawfully legislatively justify taxpayer funded bodies when constant unlawful dishonesty can be shown in ever-rising issues?

Help us to help you and sign our petition in taking PM D Cameron to court for the good of all

28 August 09
Mrs Helen Woods
Assistant Tribunal Secretary
Investigatory Powers Tribunal
P O Box 33220

Dear Mrs H Woods

Re your letter dated 28 July 09

I thank you for your above dated letter and the enclosed forms in order to submit my documented submissions to you for investigation.  I apologise it has taken time to put this information together, which is due to two facts.  The first is due to my deteriorating disabling condition, with the second being I have to be careful with all my documentation.  A further detailed explanation in relation to these facts is enclosed within the sent documentation on disc, including an explanation (if needed) in relation to any being out of time.

I therefore enclose to you on disc, due to volume, the following evidence ?

1 ? Index chronology and documentation of 138 pages to show lawful cause to my complaint.  This includes enclosed in the documentation two witness testimonies of these facts being reported to the police as well as my own witness testimony.  It further encloses a two page statement of my good lady T da Silva, of which there is a separate signed copy attached to this letter.

2 - A separate (as per your sent form instructions) enclosed copy (on the enclosed disc) of three pages of the violations of our human rights.

3 ? Copies of both forms you have previously sent and of which are required by you to formulate my complaints.  Where I apologise if my writing on the enclosed forms is slightly hard to understand, due to my deteriorating arthritic and deteriorating disabling condition.  Where a fuller explanation of this is on the enclosed index chronology and documented evidence on the enclosed disc.

4 ? A copy of my intended unedited book, of 13 chapters, with page numbers for easier referencing to the enclosed index chronology and documented evidence on the other enclosed disc.

Where I believe the enclosed evidence will show lawful/legislative cause for a full investigation into the unlawful malicious vindictive persecuting actions of the SW police and new Scotland Yard fraud squad.  Where it would also be noted here that a copy of the previous sent disc of the housing disrepair was also previously sent to the SW police as well as new Scotland yard fraud Squad.  Where if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me and I will reply at me earliest.

Please Note ? The enclosed documentation has been transcribed on windows vista black dream and has been saved on the enclosed discs as a compatible word document 97 to 2003.  Where if you have any issues in opening the enclosed discs please contact me at your earliest.

In reading your sent forms, I am not sure if you deal with one complaint at a time, or multiple for the enclosed documented evidence will further show of the eleven applications against the government ? all filed their defence outside the courts instruction, which includes the home office.  Where we also have much further evidence of how the mentioned judge Hickinbottom at the time was /is chief social security commissioner.  Where irrefutable documented evidence will show of how we have had ever-continuing unlawful malicious vindictive persecution from the social security.  All of which for well over these many, many years is still ongoing, and of which our local MP the right honourable Anne Clwyd has been made very well aware of.
   We are also being unlawfully maliciously vindictively persecuted by the water board, who in knowing from their own examination by customer care manger Paul Middle. An unattended (despite many requests) shown fault by Wales and the west housing association (so not our lawful responsibility) has been the cause of us having to pay back over a thousand pounds in water rates to the water board.  Where they say our name is on the bill, but under these circumstances, I believe under the law is unlawful procurement of money, under false pretences, which is tantamount to fraud and deception.

I await your earliest reply

Yours faithfully

P Ronald

Index & Chronology of Enclosed Documents

Opening statement - Please Note In regard to my complaint, I have enclosed the relevant documentation of my last complaint to the police. Which is to unlawfully cover up the unlawful malicious vindictive persecution (UMVP) which has been unlawfully happening to me/us for nearly twenty odd years in total?

In having much further evidence in regard to my previous complaints, I am too frightened to send you all the previous evidence I have to show cause to my issues.  For in having carried out this procedure in the past of many, many complaints to the all, we have either been unlawfully followed, tracked on camera to my/our destination by the police.  Where when they knew where we were and secured for a time, our home has been unlawfully entered and my documents unlawfully interfered with.  I have also been unlawfully followed to where I have kept some documents in safe storage with certain people and they have been unlawfully bribed/coerced to unlawfully allow unlawful access to those documents.

These above statements can be further justified in our very recently changing our vehicle which was parked outside our home on the evening of 4 August 09.  Where a female community police officer who has previously unlawfully berated me for no other reason than my asking for access to park our vehicle. ? Was recently seen by myself, to be taking the registration number of our recently purchased motor vehicle. (More in later evidence)
Further justification of my action is also in regard to providing documented proof to any future publisher/agent for my as yet unedited book. There is also the fact that in all these years, I like an ever rising many have found it is just as judge Hickinbottom stated, (again with no offence or malice meant) - ?Mr. Ronald it is a known fact that no government department of complaint works on behalf of the public?
Which again can be shown right throughout my irrefutable documented evidence in all my legal issues in my trying to gain lawful justice of my documented evidence, which as stated includes the police.

It must be further noted that in my first contacting the Investigatory Powers Tribunal that I have sent them a copy of my forthcoming unedited book on disc.  Which includes a DVD film of the unlawfully denied WWHA housing disrepair as further evidence to my complaint?  Where I shall as well as referring to the enclosed documented evidence also referring to the documents and statements from the intended book as further evidence.  Which will be by numbered page (so new disc enclosed), as well as paragraph wherever whenever possible in this enclosed index.  Which will when cross-referenced between the two show full lawful cause to my complaint, it will be further noted of the given recorded delivery numbers (where possible) to the enclosed documentation.  All of which will show just cause to my ever continuing complaints in regard of this ever- continuing malicious vindictive UMVP from the SW police.  Where if you require any further documentation then please contact me, and it will be provided at my very earliest.

I do however believe the enclosed documented evidence and witness testimonies are enough to show lawful cause to my complaints against the police.  Where the enclosed documentation irrefutably shows there has been an unlawful malicious vindictive conspiracy against me for over twenty years, due to my initial solicitor?s negligence.  Where they themselves or others have unlawfully conspired with the SW police or the police have unlawfully conspired with others to unlawfully collude to pervert the course of justice in all my legal issues. 

It will be further noticed from the enclosed I have included documentation from the IPCC, which is to show how part of one of my complaints being upheld by the IPCC, again the police did not act lawfully.  I have also made a footnote under the enclosed documents of how I, like an ever-rising many do not believe the IPCC with all the evidence sent, have lawfully upheld their job description or the law on behalf of all my complaints.
   Where as previously stated, the all including the police, rather than uphold the laws of her majesty and those of the UK constitution. - They have all further unlawfully, colluded, aided and abetted with others to unlawfully cause me unlawful malicious vindictive persecution in many, many unlawful ways.
   Please note ? In regard to any address of being out of time with my complaint one would please ask all the above facts and that of my disabling deteriorating condition be taken into account.  Which includes my being diagnosed last September (after a period of illness) with a shadow on my lung, as well as having heart issues.  Where I can only work on any preparation of any documentation, when I am able, as my disability and the deteriorating condition I am diagnosed with affects my daily mobility.

Doc 1 ? Pages 10 to 21, is a part synopsis of my issues and some of the UMVP I have unlawfully suffered over nineteen years by the legal services and police. A further more direct reference to this statement may be found in Chapter One, Pages 6 to 18 of the enclosed book - (Criminal acts committed and thousands wasted in taxpayer?s money, with full government approval).  Where the police were continually sent the full documented evidence and informed of all the criminal acts unlawfully committed against me throughout this book.  Further reference to the unlawful actions of the police may be also found in Chapter 8 of the enclosed book.

Doc 2 ? Pages 22 to 24 - letter dated 21 July 05, of three pages, in complaint from myself, to chief constable B Wilding (CCBW).  Again in sending much, much documented evidence to CC BW previously on the 11 July, it will be noted the police have given this complaint reference No C-760.  Where this letter is a follow up to that complaint, which includes the false forged judgments I had previously supposedly received from the Royal Courts Justice (RCJ).  It also refers to just some of the unlawful deception I encountered when trying to find out who was responsible for sending these unlawful judgments. It also asks a lawful question of CCBW and her police force, in the top paragraph on page 24  A further more direct reference to the evidence of this continuing unlawful criminal corruption and the false forged judgments from the RCJ may be found in Chapter 2 of the enclosed book.

Doc 3 ? Pages 25 to 27 - letter dated 25 July 05, of three pages, in complaint, from myself to CCBW, which highlights a large number of issues, including now of contradictory copies of judgment, again said to be from the RCJ.  It also highlights a large number of further complaints of my past as well as present legal issues. - All of which CCBW had been made aware in previous sent full documented evidence? ? A further more direct reference to these statements with full supporting documented evidence may be found in the various Chapters 1, 2, & 8 of the enclosed book.

Please note ? I believe the first thee paragraphs outline the two sets of contradictory judgments, irrefutably showing fraud and deception to pervert the course of justice by people I believe I know in the legal system.  I further believe it, coupled with previous sent evidence shows unlawful corruption and collusion to pervert the course of justice within our courts which is again a criminal offence.  I further believe it further shows with further previous sent evidence to CCBW of many, many, irrefutable malicious vindictive criminal offences, committed against me.  Where the law on each and every occasion has not been observed or upheld. I further believe all this irrefutable documented evidence sent with no lawful investigation by anyone, including the police, irrefutably shows of an unlawful malicious vindictive conspiracy of unlawful persecution against myself and an ever-rising many.  In further showing this is not an isolated issue, although mentioned throughout, a grouped small amount of references to the ever-rising many are enclosed in Chapter 11 pages 20 to 21 of the enclosed book
Doc 4 ? Pages 28 to 32 - letter dated 21 October 05, of five pages, in complaint, from myself to CCBW, which is self-explanatory in regard to my previous letters and the documented evidence sent/presented to the police.  Which was in lawful documented complaint of the Cardiff police, with others, to pervert the course of justice, yet it had been passed back to them for their own investigation? ? Which is a self-explanatory letter of complaint to CCBW into what the police state are their lawful investigations ? For it gives in brief a full account of what was stated to the visiting police officers, including much of the evidence I have?  Where the police unlawfully stated they will only act if the law society does? ? There is also a request for all my previous sent files, as well as a request for the police compensation boards address ? None of the requested was ever complied with ? Except I eventually some time later received only one box file of previous sent evidence from the police ? not all the docs sent were in there.
   I believe this also further shows the unlawful true meaning of the memorandum of understanding between the police and the law society.  Which the ever-rising many through their own unlawful unaddressed experiences have christened, the unlawful we won?t prosecute you, if you won?t prosecute us document.  Also that policeman J Smiths so called want of friendship was no more than to just find out my ever continuing lawful intentions and where any documents were being safely stored.

Doc 5 ? Pages 33 to 39 - letter dated 5 November 05, of seven pages, with supporting documented evidence in lawful complaint from myself to CCBW. Paragraph two and the sent supporting evidence showed irrefutable unlawful negligence, with possible unlawful procurement of (taxpayers) money under false pretences.  With paragraph three and its supporting evidence showing further irrefutable evidence to my truths. With the next single line showing (and has had previous letters) the criminal offence of unlawfully withholding structural surveys. Where the rest of the letter and its supporting evidence again only further adds to the many, many irrefutable criminal offences unlawfully maliciously being committed against me.  Which again only adds further documented evidence in my statement of there being an unlawful Cardiff mafia of corrupt courts, solicitors and police.
It further shows the non actions of the police in upholding and observing the law, and ends in a request of CCBW with all the evidence sent, to uphold the UK law? ? CCBW or the south Wales police force again unlawfully did not?
 Please note - I believe the documented evidence enclosed in this letter irrefutably again unlawfully demonstrates the law not being observed or upheld by the police (or & anyone else).  Where I am again, and as in my previous letters/files of documented evidence to the police, am not being treated as equal under the law - where in not being treated equal under the law, that I am being unlawfully maliciously vindictively suppressed/persecuted from lawful stated justice-   That these unlawful actions also unlawfully violate my UK liberties/rights as well as human rights.  That in the law not being upheld as part of our UK constitution this unlawfully maliciously violates the lives of every other UK person, which unlawfully places our UK society in unlawful jeopardy.

Doc 6 ? Pages 40 to 42 letter dated 7 November 05, of three pages in complaint from myself to CCBW, which is self-explanatory in itself.  For it is in complaint (with my much experience of the past same) in regard to how I believe corrupt police use the many public who have criminal records to unlawfully help them in their malicious vindictive unlawful acts.  Where again I ask for the lawful help of CCBW, and again nothing was ever lawfully carried out and yet again documents were unlawfully interfered within our premises. Please note I as well as an ever-rising many have evidence of how the police will use the criminal element to cause further UMVP to people they wish to unlawfully persecute; besides that is in the enclosed book.

Doc 7 ? Pages 43 to 45 - letter dated 16 November 05, of three pages, with supporting documented evidence, in complaint, from myself to CCBW .  Which again offers further irrefutable documented evidence in showing the many, many unlawful  malicious criminal offences committed against me. It also offers a further self-explanatory insight into some of the UMVP my partner and I have unlawfully suffered, and all again which show cause to criminal offences committed by others, and again should have warranted a lawful investigation by the police.

Doc 8 ? Pages 46 to 49 - letter dated 28 June 06, of four pages, with supporting documented evidence in complaint from myself to C Jones assistant chief constable to CC BW.  Which is in regard to no lawful action again being taken by the police in regard to my irrefutable previous sent documented evidence.  Where again I supply further irrefutable documented evidence to show lawful cause to my complaints of these criminal offences. All of which again should have given lawful cause for a lawful investigation and it also mentions my second lawfully issued application against WWHA of which a more direct reference may be found in Chapter 3 of the enclosed book,      
It also mentions the eleven applications I had placed against the government, where a further more direct reference to this statement may be found in Chapters 4 & 5 of the enclosed book.
   Please note ? With the police never upholding the law, and by the enclosed evidence here to the IPT, coupled with that of my enclosed intended book.  I believe shows irrefutable documented evidence to lawfully substantiate my issue against the police.

Doc 9 ? Pages 50 to 55 - letter dated 10 July 06, of five pages, with seventeen pages of attachments, and two bundles of documents consisting of 31 pages, with a further enclosed DVD showing the unlawfully ignored housing disrepair.  Which is in lawful complaint from myself, to specialist crime directorate (fraud Squad) New Scotland Yard.
Please note ? This irrefutable documented evidence, showing unlawful collusion, of fraud and deception to pervert the course of justice, as all my previous sent documented evidence to the SW police was unlawfully ignored.  A copy of this letter as well as a few other letters sent out in complaint may be found in Chapter 12 of the enclosed book.
Doc 10 ? Pages 56 to 58 - letter dated 3 July 07, of three pages, in complaint from myself to CCBW, which again contains many, many facts previously sent to the police and again asks why CCBW will not uphold the law.  It also asks why in the many, many complaints I have made of the Cardiff police, has it again been sent back for their own investigation? Just as it may be seen from this letter of how even on witnesses to the not fit for lawful purpose hearings, the many, many criminal acts committed, the police will not lawfully act because they say I have complained of too many people?

Doc 11 ? Pages 59 to 61 - letter dated 23 July 07, of three pages, with further enclosed evidence to show lawful cause to my complaints, from myself to CCBW.   Where it again highlights many of the criminal offences, as well as name the criminals, and again shows unlawful collusion by the police and others to unlawfully pervert the course of justice (by others) to unlawfully cause me further UMVP.  For a further insight of evidence of this complaint it may be found in evidence throughout the enclosed book which includes many, many of the given websites of the persecuted in chapter 11.

Doc 12 ? Pages 62 to 65 - letter dated 14 August 07, of four pages, with further enclosed evidence to show cause in complaint to the Public Services Ombudsman, IPCC, & Mr A Fry of the police.  Which is self-explanatory in complaint of the police not upholding or observing the law into my many, many lawful complaints of the many, many malicious vindictive criminal acts committed by others in my legal issues. 

Doc 13 ? Pages 66 to 67 - letter dated 29 August 07, of two pages from Mr A Fry of the police, to myself, stating that upon CCBW seeing the many, many times sent documented evidence of criminal offences unlawfully committed in my issues and not observing her public duty of upholding the law ? CCBW has committed no offence of any misconduct. Please note ? Does the UK law not state ? (circa) to be aware of any criminal offence and not to report it, you under the UK law become an accessory to that criminal offence? ? Where in this being lawfully correct, is this reply, and the unlawful denial, not an admission of that guilt of the SW police force, where coupled with all the enclosed evidence against them, they are unlawfully part of this unlawful malicious vindictive conspiracy? 

Doc 14 ?Pages 68 to 69 - letter dated 31 August 07, of two pages from Timothy Ashton, casework manager, of the IPCC to myself in regard to my complaint of the police.  Stating they have not upheld my complaint, due to lack of evidence presented, but have enclosed forms for me to submit it again.

Doc 15 ? Page 70 - letter dated 3 September 07, of one page from David Morris assistant chief constable to myself, which is self-explanatory in its explanation, of their intentions.

Doc 16 ? Page 71 - letter dated 28 November 07, of one page from Timothy Ashton of the IPCC, and is self-explanatory in its meaning, of request.  (Which is despite the fact of his statement and my evidence irrefutably showing the SW police not upholding the UK law?)

Doc 17 ? Pages 72 to 88 - letter dated 11 January 08, of two pages, with the rest being a portion of the attachments sent, from myself to Mr T Ashton of the IPCC, which is self-explanatory in regard to my complaint of the police. It was sent with the self-explanatory index chronology of some of the forwarded evidence, as well as the three enclosed witness statements that were sent to the IPCC as part of my complaint against the police. Please Note Again despite all three witness statements stating of our reporting these criminal offences to the police (constable Ashby), just as happened with this letter, no action was ever taken by the police.

Doc 18 ? Pages 89 to 91 - letter dated 21 January 08, of two pages with one page attachment, from Mr T Ashton of the IPCC to myself.  Where the attachment is a copy of my complaint which has now been passed to the professional standards department of the police by the IPCC for their comments.

Doc 19 ? Page 92 to 99 - letter dated 19 February 08 of one page with further enclosed documents, to Mr T Ashton of the IPCC.  Where in the police not wanting to uphold the law in any shape or form, part evidence was again sent to the IPCC, to show part of what the police had unlawfully ignored of my sent evidence. Please note ? These enclosed documents show of a two page index (94 & 95) and three pages (96, 97, 98) of two letters, which confirm the fraudulent activity of WWHA and their solicitors.  Where I believe the enclosed index of documentation irrefutably speaks for itself, in again highlighting the many, many criminal offences the police have unlawfully maliciously vindictively failed to act upon. Where again I wish to quote here the Please note, addition under document five, and is in relation to my lawful rights.  Which can be further confirmed from the enclosed two page letter (page 99 & 100) dated 7 February 07, from the chief inspectors, assistant chief constable, chief inspector R Lewis, stating my complaint (despite all this and more previous sent documented evidence?) as did their previous letter, warrants no lawful investigation.
   How can you lawfully state their will be no lawful investigation into irrefutable shown documented criminal offences, without being part of that conspiracy?
   Just as how it was mentioned to me a good while back by someone knowing I had the trouble with my initial solicitors RMR of how his brother had an extra payment in regard to criminal damages from them.  Where upon further enquiry I was informed he had been paid, and another payment was sent a long while after saying they had made a mistake in his original award.  Was it any coincidence I had also reported this to the police of the withholding of clients damages by these same initial solicitors which included my own issue.  Where a certain police officer (Jeff Smith) was more concerned with could I remember how much I received rather than any further evidence ? Funny is the fact that since this time I have heard of a second former client of RMR of having a late payment in regard to previous criminal damages from these same solicitors.

Doc 20 ? Page 100 - letter dated 21 February 08 of one page from Nicola Graham, casework administrator of IPCC, to myself, which is in regard to my request of appeal against the police.

Doc 21 ?Pages 101 to 107 - letter dated 12 March 08, of two, pages with five pages of attachments, from Rhys Morton casework manger of the IPCC, which outlines the decision of the IPCC.  Which despite the fact he cannot even get my name right, he upholds only part of my appeal, where the enclosed attachments giving the reason why? ? Where how can anyone say my letters to CCBW are not in the form of complaint?
   Please note I entirely disagree with all the other non findings against the police, under the laws of the UK constitution, for are the laws not there to lawfully protect the UK people?  Where in the staff of the IPCC being mostly, if not all, solicitors and being issued with irrefutable documented criminal offences, which are supplied in the enclosed book as well as in much other enclosed evidence.  It unfortunately is unlawfully as the issues of the ever-rising many, shown an unlawful willing blindness by the all - Where surely they are again all aware of the law of accessory?

Doc 22 ? Pages 108 to 109 - letter dated 13 March 08 of two pages from Rhys Morton casework manager of the IPCC to myself, concerning what they can and cannot do, as well as answering some of my questions.  Please note ? The IPCC have informed me that although part of my complaint has been upheld and the police informed, they can lawfully do no more about it?. ? Is this not what I already knew, when I wrote to them?

Doc 23 ? Page 110 -  letter dated 19 March 08, of one page from chief inspector Lewis of the police to myself, in which its contents are self-explanatory in informing me someone else (inspector King) will investigate the matter.

Doc 24 ? Page 111 - letter dated 1 April 08, of one page, from inspector King to myself requesting my times available for a meeting in regard to my complaint.

Doc 25 ? Pages 112 to 117 - letter dated 17 April 08, of five pages and attachments, in complaint, from myself to CC BW and is in relation to the UMVP we are constantly receiving and again in relation to the many criminal offences unlawfully committed by others in my issues. It also includes the lawful action I intended to take in regard to the many including the police not upholding the basis of UK society which should be the law.
   It further shows part of the unlawful malicious criminal intimidation I had been constantly unlawfully receiving; it further outlines the unlawful corruption within the courts and government.  Where the all were again unlawfully not adhering to their code of conducts, or acting lawfully under the UK law, such as that of accessory.  Where as again with the police I was not treated as an equal under the law, where again, just like an ever-rising many, many of my lawful and human rights have again been continually violated.  Where even in the last two paragraphs of this letter in being notified of these lawful intentions, as stated the police did as they have always done ? nothing?

Doc 26 ? Pages 118 to 119 - letter dated 1 June 08, of two pages, in complaint from myself to CCBW, which is in regard to the ever continuing UMVP we are continually receiving.  Where it is again requested of the police to carry out their public duty in upholding and observing the law in regard to the documented evidence they have been continually sent.
Where I state if they do not then I have no option but to take the issue again through the courts, where again I have complained of a telephone call we had received from a DCI peter Thomas.  Which my partner answered and said she was helping me in the shower and could he telephone back in twenty minutes which he did.  He then laughingly informed me amongst much other, no action would be taken on any of my complaints as I had complained of too many people.  I then asked him what about if I have the irrefutable documented evidence to show lawful cause to my complaints?  He stated, that he did not care what evidence I had, as there were civil restraint orders against me to stop me from going any further?
   Please note prior to this telephone call and as many of our friends will state, our telephone number was ex-directory and in my partners surname of da Silva, not my own.  (Which we carried out deliberately, to stop all the previous nuisance telephone calls we had been continually receiving)  Shortly after this telephone call it was then disclosed to us by friends that our telephone number was no longer ex-directory.  Where this is not the first occasion this has unlawfully maliciously happened to me.
   Please note A complaint was again made to the IPCC and two police officers from Bridgend came to visit us in relation to this complaint. They again seemed only concerned with looking out of our front window to see where they could unlawfully install a camera to unlawfully view premises. - Their answer to my complaint was the below letter Doc 28 dated 17 June 08

Doc 27 ? Pages 120 to 125 - letter dated 10 June 08, of one page with five pages of attachments form   of the IPCC, which is in relation to a further complaint of the police.  Which is in regard to DCI peter Thomas unlawfully gaining our then ex-directory telephone number and unlawfully goading me on the telephone as well as my other many, many complaints.

Doc 28 ? Page 126 to 129 - letter dated 17 June 08, of one page with three pages of attachments, from police, DCI Rhys Lewis, and is a copy of the dispensation letter sent to the IPCC.  Where rather than uphold the findings of the IPCC, the law, and/or including my lawful right to any lawful justice, the police now unlawfully maliciously wish to make me a vexatious litigant. ? For they say my continual documented evidence is vexatious and repetitive.
Please note - How can it be lawful to make someone a vexatious litigant, for asking for the truth of irrefutable documented evidence, unless you are unlawfully part of a malicious vindictive conspiracy?

Doc 29 ? Pages 130 to 131 -  letter dated 21 June 08, of two pages, in complaint, from myself to Chris Mcoy of IPCC and a copy to CI Lewis of the police, into how can the police lawfully request to make me a vexatious litigant for lawfully continually reporting criminal offences committed against me? ? Where I believe my little knowledge of the law may have give them second thoughts in regard to the unlawful request from the police ? However the police still refuse to lawfully address in writing any correspondence I have sent them after these enclosed letters?

Doc 30 ? Pages 132 to 134 - letter dated 25 July 08, of three pages, in complaint, from myself to CC BW, which is in regard to the continuing UMVP from the police.  Where I believe yet again there is a camera unlawfully situated on our home, which is why the  female community police officer only started acting the unlawful way in which she did when she was virtually outside our front door.  Please note This is the same community officer, (her parents live next door but one) who has recently taken the number of our vehicle.

Please note ? in my later issued eleven applications against the UK government, for misconduct in public office. CCBW was one of those applications ? Where no defense was initially filed by the police at all?

Doc 31 ? Pages 135 & 136 ? Witness statement of T da Silva - Please note ? of which there is a separate signed enclosed copy of this statement enclosed with this sent documentation.

Doc 32 ? Conclusion of my complaint.

Note ? This further documented evidence of criminal offences was sent too the Police, IPCC and IPT
Index of attached documentation showing criminal offences

Pages2,3 & 4 ? Two letters dated 22 May 01,& 23 July 01, from my then solicitor Richard Payne to WWHA solicitors then Hugh James Ford & Simey (now Hugh James solicitors) showing a structural survey which has unlawfully been with held.
5 - Letter dated 8 August 01 from WWHA insurers groupama, stating WWHA has no insurance ? ? (yet they charge their residents in hillside court for insurance in their service charges)
6 ? Letter dated 24 August 01, from my then solicitor Richard Payne to groupama confirming the above ? yet he did nothing in regard to the fraud or to enhance my issues except to declare he also did work for WWHA
7 ? Letter dated 2 October 02 from WWHA solicitor Rebecca Rees to my then solicitors Morgans, requesting yet another fresh structural survey
8 ? Letter date obscured (this is how I was constantly sent documents) but working from extension date should be 15 October 02, from WWHA solicitor Hugh James, to my then solicitors Morgan?s, requesting an extension of time (to read) in regard to their structural survey
9 ? Application to court dated 15 November 02 from WWHA solicitor Rebecca Rees of Hugh James, for an extension of time (14 days) to read structural survey ? This survey was never disclosed ??
10 ? D x from WWHA solicitor Hugh James to my then solicitors Morgan?s conspiring to pervert the course of justice in request of now a joint structural survey ?  Morgan?s solicitors unlawfully agreed to yet another joint survey, as well as tried to pervert the course of justice in regard to my medical evidence ?
11 ? Letter dated 5 July 04 from my then GP to myself, showing he had forwarded medical evidence to which my solicitors and the courts unlawfully denied receiving ?
12 & 13 ? False forged judgements supposedly from the Royal courts justice, which were sent to me after I had lawfully won my appeal, but were only sent several weeks after hearing ?
14 ? My application dated 4 July 04 for a rehearing of clarification of the given appeal under Lord justice Sedley.  Where the courts did everything in their power to try to stop me registering this appeal until I asked them if they were being prejudicial.  They then allowed me to register the appeal and then the Cardiff court and royal courts justice refused to give me a hearing ?
15 & 16 ? Judgement papers sent to me from the royal courts justice allowing my appeal, but to a civil judge as Lord justice Sedley stated but again to a district judge.  Please note These judgements were only sent to me after I stated I would appeal to a higher court and subpoena Brian the clerk of the court in charge of the video link and Annette parsons who gave us the appeal papers. 
17 ? Letter dated 28 August 05, from my then GP, showing of my still ongoing heart condition, to which I notified WWHA and their solicitors.
18 ? Letter dated 28 October 05 from WMG bailiffs (Cardiff solicitors bailiffs, not courts) to where WWHA solicitor Rebecca Rees, used the false forged judgements in knowing of my ongoing heart issue to unlawfully vindictively send them to our home to pursue costs she knew I did not owe ?
19 ? Due to the criminal activity in the first application, I issued a second application to disclose this and include other evidence of a DVD film, and petitions from the residents (95%) of Hillside Court, all showing this housing disrepair.  The courts again tried to prevent me from issuing this application.
20 ? Application to court, dated 14 June 06, from WWHA solicitor Rebecca Rees, stating my fresh application is incoherent, it should be struck out under the courts power as having no merit. A hearing date of the 2 August 06 was given by the court for that hearing date.
21 & 22 ? There is a lot more criminal acts I could describe in regard to the lead up to the hearing date I do however now leave that up to one of the witness present.  Although dyslexic this gentleman is a renowned artist and does have some knowledge of the law.

Please note In my trying to gain a fair hearing I contacted all relevant departments people and more by way of complaint, all of which found an unlawful willing blindness.  To where I issued eleven separate applications for misconduct in public office against those who failed in their described public duty (Please see next separate attachment of disc)


The unlawful violations caused to P Ronald by the police not upholding the law

1 ? The UK constitution states, and that part of the UK constitution called the UK law, states, that all under the law are equal.  Whereby the police not upholding the law in my ever-continuing lawful documented complaints, with irrefutable documented evidence have unlawfully violated my lawful rights under this law.

2 ? That in view of the previous sent irrefutable documented evidence showing the unlawful criminal acts of judges in certain hearings, and others of the court, to unlawfully pervert the course of justice - The police by their unlawful actions in not upholding the law of irrefutable documented evidence have unlawfully violated my lawful right to a fair hearing.

3 ? That in view of the many, many forms of sent evidence over nearly twenty years to date (including the enclosed), of others breaking the law (besides the above in 2) in irrefutable documented evidence, such as solicitors (acting for myself as well as the defendants) and their staff, the police have again unlawfully violated above appendix numbers 1 & 2.  Which includes the unlawful act of my unlawfully losing contact with my son for nearly twenty years, as well as that of my then home of well over twelve years being unlawfully procured by fraud and deception.
4 ? That in two other witnesses as well as myself reporting to the police of the two hearings of a given date (and much, much more) in the enclosed evidence to the police, of unlawful corruption of perverting the course of justice by Judges Hendicott & Hickinbottom ? Where they were shown and given irrefutable evidence of the perverting of the course of justice in my legal issues, they again unlawfully violate appendixes 1,2 & 3.

5 ? Evidence will further irrefutably define that in continually sending the police irrefutable documented evidence of many, many criminal offences committed by others and their unlawful failure to observe or uphold the law. ? They then state in enclosed documented evidence they were going to (unlawfully) seek the aid of the IPCC to make me a vexatious litigant ? Under UK Constitution, government ruling, the law and legislation, the police are lawfully stated to be there to observe and uphold the law on behalf of the UK society (whomever breaks those laws) ? When they are constantly being sent lawful valid complaints all in irrefutable documented evidence, where is it lawful for any lawful complainant to be made a vexatious litigant? ? Not only has this unlawful suggestion irrefutably shown they are part of that unlawful malicious vindictive persecution, but they have also violated all my lawful, civil and human rights Please note - More specific statements of the unlawful violations to my partners and my human rights are listed as you have requested on a separate enclosure entitled violations of our human rights

6 ? Irrefutable documented evidence and witness testimony will further show of how the police, rather than uphold the law to my irrefutable documented evidence, have caused me much, much further UMVP for many man years.  Which includes, following me/us, where when in a place of outside (our home) confinement by time (such as having a meal) they have unlawfully entered my/our home to unlawfully interfere with my legal documentation.  That they have on various occasions unlawfully followed us in our most recent last vehicle such as our Volvo L136 JND and other vehicles of which we do not now have the log books. Where it was made note and further passed comment of how they have also taken the registration of our more recently purchased vehicle to carry out the same unlawful acts.  That the police have on various occasions unlawfully tapped my/our telephone to further unlawfully act in the above mentioned manner.  That a DCI Peter Thomas on enclosed given dates in the enclosed evidence, unlawfully obtained our then ex-directory telephone number (in my partners name) to unlawfully taunt me on the telephone.  Where it must be stated here this is not the first time that this has happened, where immediately on all occasions friends have informed us that we were no longer ex-directory? That although I have no personal evidence of this I further believe the police whilst I was attending college for hopefully re-employment, unlawfully called and cast unlawful untrue aspersions about me.  Where again I have no personal evidence of this I also believe they have used this unlawful procedure with many others, to unlawfully cause me UMVP and to unlawfully pervert the cause of justice.  Just as I believe they have unlawfully bugged our home on many, many occasions, to unlawfully pervert the course of justice.  These statements can however be lawfully justified in further evidence, however I would hold on to that evidence, until the police comment.  I further believe the evidence can be further justified in the police unlawfully calling for me to be made a vexatious litigant, rather than observing their public duty and upholding the law to all my previous sent irrefutable documented evidence.
   Please note ? Where although not valid in a court of law, I like an ever-rising many, are willing to undertake a full public lie detector test to my statements and cordially on any denial to all my statements, invite the police to do the same?

7 ? That the police by not observing or upholding the law have caused me endless unlawful malicious vindictive persecution (UMVP) not only by their unlawful actions, but by those of others who have been unlawfully allowed to unlawfully continue the UMVP.
That they have further in not upholding the law cost me a great deal of money in my ever continuing fight for justice of my irrefutable documented evidence ? Such as that of all the stationary purchased, the postage costs, utility bills, telephone bills, petrol expenses and expenses in general for nearly twenty years.  Plus those of the damages I had lawfully placed against the UK government when three of us made lawful statement to police Constable Peter Ashby of the unlawful perverting of the course of justice by judge Hendicott & Hickinbottom in this issue and others.

8 ? That by not observing or upholding the law to the irrefutable sent documented evidence they have caused unlawful malicious vindictive persecution to my partner of nearly twelve years, who has nothing too lawfully do with any of this. Which also includes many of her human rights.

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