EXTRA - The SS - in Great Britain! -The Times-4/3/17

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EXTRA - The SS - in Great Britain! -The Times-4/3/17
« on: March 19, 2017, 08:29:06 PM »
Please start reading from the bottom upwards
 It was the Nazi Blueprint for action, had Operation 'Sea Lion' gone ahead and succeeded in WW2.
I've left some comments in.  Scroll down.

Jane B has most kindly found the whereabouts of the book that the Germans produced - on "How they would run and control England" after the invasion!

I hope this helps - it will surely help the Muslims who are currently taking us over!

I'm surprised we don't have the intelligence and ability to outwit them....I really am!

Shows how low we have sunk in the last 60 years!

Still, all civilised societies rise and fall....Greeks, Egyptians, Romans.....English!

The Germans have tried.....a couple of times, but not quite managed it.


Handbook on all important aspects of British life
This manual, of which only a few specimens were found at the end of the war, was a compendium on all the important aspects of British life: geography, economy, political system, government structure, legal system, administration, army, education system, important museums, press And radio, religion, parties, emigrants, freemasons, Jews, police apparatus and intelligence were declared on over 144 pages (English reprint).
In addition there was a special search list GB with more than two thousand persons, which were to be arrested: politicians, writers, journalists, secret service personnel, even Sigmund Freud, who had already died in 1939.
English edition
The "Informationsheft GB" was published in 2000 under the title "Invasion 1940. The Nazi Invasion Plan for Britain by SS General Walter Schellenberg" in an English translation. 2
This English title is misleading since it is not a question of planning the invasion of England, but a documentation that would have been useful only after the invasion of the implementation of an occupation regime.
The special inquiry list GB is not complete in this English book, but with all names of the persons to be arrested in German as a facsimile reprinted.
Chapter on the British Secret Service
The greater part of the "information book GB" consisted of generally accessible information and was merely a clear summary of well-known facts. The individual chapters were obviously written by various authors.
The last chapter dealt with British intelligence . It was not only very detailed (25 pages in the English language), but also contained a lot of details, and obviously came directly from the group headed by Schellenberg "IV E Abwehr Inland". This chapter contained such extensive and accurate information about the Secret Service that the entire work was immediately closed off by the British.
While in Great Britain the Secret Intelligence Service was subject to the strictest secrecy, the German handbook of 1940 read what the British public had learned only in 1966: 'C', the legendary chief of the British secret service, was Stewart Menzies ; Only the first name was wrongly spelled with 'Stuart'.

Sent: Monday, March 13, 2017 12:42 PM
Subject: EXTRA - The SS - in Great Britain! - The Times - Sat 4th Mar/17
A valid query from reader Paul H.
Does anybody know the answer?
Interesting reading and thought provoking.
Anyone know what happened to this report, did it end up in the hands of the EU ?
I think you will understand why I ask this question.
Paul H.
Six had a blueprint to hand: the Informationsheft Grossbritannien, the Gestapo’s secret guide to this country and how to subdue it,
drawn up by SS General Walter Schellenberg, with sections on the police, press, politics, geography and “enemy cultural institutions”.
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2017 10:30 AM
Subject: The SS - in Great Britain! - The Times - Sat 4th Mar/17
Politics List
Gosh!  A real blast from the past - a cold chill down the spine job! I remember it, clearly!
A rather worrying article from The Times last Saturday (4th) - discussing what would (not might) have happened, if we had lost the Battle of Britain in the skies and the German invasion had proceeded as planned!
As it says: "The truth is not only stranger than fiction; it is often a great deal nastier."
The article will tell the story!
Today, right here and now, we are faced with an equally dangerous enemy - and one that is already here, already resident on our shores....and already growing at an alarming rate, right in front of us!
I, no doubt like many other sane thinking people, fear for my granddaughters - my fear, although expressed to higher authorities, is ignored.
By ignoring this potential threat to our nation, they are turning up the gas on this one - and they are keeping the lid tight on the saucepan! We all know what happens next!
Read this article about the German invasion - and imagine....not only what it would have been like, with German occupation, but what it may well be like in the coming years with a Muslim occupation ....and almost certainly will be - the way things are going at the moment!
The Muslims are as ruthless as any German!  Only us, the English, are weak and gutless and out-going and charitable and selfless - the rest take advantage of us...and they are plainly doing so again - over Brexit and us leaving the EU!
Even the Scots now want to "jump ship" and abandon us....and I can see why!
PS: I was deeply saddened to see Gove I think it was, last night, saying "no, we don't want to rebuild Customs Points between Northern and Southern Ireland - that would be a retrograde step!"  So we leave an open border for all the immigrants to pour in through Southern Ireland and across to England?  Are these people totally mad - or what?
Sorry - I'm getting carried away again - but these things worry me! I cannot believe the stupidity of these people! Total, utter stupidity and quite blind to the obvious!


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