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Note The below and attached file are a small selection of letters that have been continually sent to the police since the mid to late eighties in asking them to honour their public duty to uphold the law.

These lawful complaint letters contain many, many shown documented criminal offences in my legal issues by those supposed to be acting in my best interest, as well as disclose vast amounts of taxpayers money being unlawfully procured/misused. I am just one of an ever-rising many continual complainants to the police in what is being deemed as this vast continually ongoing white collar fraud. 

Where rather than uphold the law the police would prefer to unlawfully maliciously vindictively persecute in many, many various unlawful forms. This also includes and as the IPCC not working for you file shows (and as has happened to the many) of an unlawful request to make me a vexatious litigant. - Where is there any basis of society if the law is not honestly upheld for the all?

How does our any PM such as D Cameron MP lawfully legislatively justify taxpayer funded bodies when constant unlawful dishonesty can be shown in ever-rising issues?

Help us to help you and sign our petition to take PM D Cameron MP to court for the good of all

Miss Barbara Wilding QPM
Chief Constable
South Wales Police Headquarters
Cowbridge Road
CF31 3SU
25 July 05

Ref No C ? 760

Dear Miss Wilding
Re - receiving transcript of 17 June 05, from appeal court (London)

As of this days date I have received the written transcript from the appeal court and enclose a copy as reference.

That it will be shown from the enclosed four-page copy, that the supposed deliberations of Lord Justice Sedley are concluded on page four, of which I would please draw your attention to the last two paragraphs.  Which state my recourse has always been one to apply to the County court judge against the striking out of my claim.

Then why do I have evidence that will show that at the above hearing his Lordship, Lord Justice Sedley in his summation informed me that he could not do this, as the law would not allow it?
   That he could not help me with any of my application in the way I requested, but what he could do, and what the law would allow him to do, was to allow me to appeal out of time to a circuit judge, due to the documented evidence to reconsider the original striking out of district Judge Regan ?
   That was all he could order through the court as he could not intervene on a decision by a district judge, only a circuit judge could do this ?
(With the applications for appeal, I received from the Cardiff county court a leaflet showing me this statement)

This coupled with the copy of the letter I sent you from a Miss P Begum of the appeal court, (whom I had been previously informed left the courts employ months earlier) stating my letters to the court had been placed in front of his Lordship, Lord Justice Sedley, and the court stands by the decision of no appeal whatsoever?

Why are there so many contradictory statements in this and my other legal issues? - In Brief ?
An access order gained on my son and never enforced ? - A charge left on my house when solicitors were paid to remove it ?  Many other discrepancies in services of these solicitors ? - A complaint to the then solicitors complaints bureau? ? I have not seen my son since he was sixteen months old he is eighteen this year?
My house I believe taken illegally in the county court to cover up the charge that was left on it?

For well over fifteen years I have continually complained, and in this time?
Regarding my Disability Living allowance issue, solicitors from the appeals service have twice stopped my disability benefit, on this occasion requesting to amalgamate many of my appeal hearings, which will cover up their persecution of my so many (at the tax payers expense) hearings ? Yet despite much other medical evidence they had evidence of a DLA employed doctors examination stating 100% disabled ? They still refused me my benefit and persecuted me again for nearly three years until I sent my e - mail to the commissioners where it was reinstated?

My Glamorgan Aluminium issue, despite much other evidence my then acting solicitor sends papers to barrister a month before trial date? There was no pre trial review as requested by the barrister?  We had taped evidence of their chief witness stating he himself was owed seven thousand pounds by Glamorgan Aluminium?  As other evidence we had the fact that none of my stopped income tax had been paid to the Inland Revenue by Glamorgan Aluminium? 
The barrister then stops my legal aid the day before the trial, saying he had a gut feeling?
Nine years of tax payers money and the issue had not gone to court?  All documented evidence ignored at the cost assessment hearing and costs awarded against me for cost assessment hearing by district judge Carson?

Two solicitors have legal aid regarding these issue, for criminal prosecution of my former solicitors, despite having much more evidence they do nothing except claim legal aid for over six years, and send a discontinued notice to my old address whilst conversing with me at my new address ?

My Wales and West housing issue, over one hundred dated by newspaper photographs, letters from the social services and water board showing they have seen housing disrepair due to the housing association ?
A tape recording of a Wales and West employee stating to all of this evidence and much more ?
The media track record of Wales and west housing, plus the court being aware of undisclosed surveys by Wales and West housing ?  A video tape furhter showing this housing disrepair?
Yet my issue is struck out by district judge Regan who totally ignores all evidence?
Judge Regan then orders me to attend court on the day of my mri scans (of which I had been waiting three years) when he is informed my mri scans had to be stopped due to the pain I was in, he holds court in my absence ? ? He then has a clerk of the court telephone me to inform me he will give his deliberations the following day ? I inform I have a prior booked appointment - He then again holds court in my absence and further strikes out my issue ? ?  My three gained measured reports are struck out by district judge Carson whom I had complained about in my previous issues ? - This issue was struck out on a report made by a person falsely trading and is compared to my previous measured reports, mostly supposition?
Eleven years of tax payer?s money for legal aid and the issue is struck out a week before going to court and full costs awarded against me ? ? Does this not sound familiar?

As stated this is only in brief, there is overwhelming evidence to prove each of my legal issues, yet each time costs have been awarded against me ? 

Now we have this issue of what I believe is an illegal statement from the appeal court clerks, to go back to a hearing with district judge Regan, is this for a further cover up of a reversal of decision, or further persecution ?

I believe when the documented evidence is read, the truth is plain and simple and it should not be denied?
Just as I shall again wait for the rehearing of Lord Justice Sedley to further clarify my evidence.

Yours Faithfully

P Ronald

Please Note There is an attached recorded delivery letter to this article dated the 5 November 05, of five pages, with forty five pages of documented evidence.
This documented evidence irrefutably shows many, many criminal offences comitted by others acting in my legal issues, the S Wales Police as they have all my other lawful genuine complaints would not uphold the law?

28 June 06
C Jones
Chief Inspector for
T/ Assistant Chief Constable
(Corporate Intelligence)
Professional standards department
South Wales Police headquarters
Cowbridge Road
CF31 3SU
Your Ref CJ/BD/32QU.54/2006

Dear Sir
Re Your letter dated 20 June 06

I thank you for your above letter, where you state that you have taken coals to Newcastle once again and forwarded my information to the Commander of Cardiff C division, for his information and attention.  Where I am sure you are aware, (and I again state without malice) from my previous information, that over the years three full box files and plenty of other documented evidence. All showing the truth of my statements of criminal offences committed have been previously taken to the Cardiff police, and no action has ever been taken ? 
That when I again wrote to chief constable B Wilding, informing her of this, and in politely asking if no action is taken I wished to have the return of my property of evidence.  The Cardiff police returned one, and only one of my box files of evidence, they are still unlawfully withholding the rest.  With regard to any investigation by the Cardiff police, I take into account two previous comments that were passed on two separate issues of supplying this evidence.  The first being the desk sergeant in Cardiff central police station of when a constable informed him in the next room, of the nature of my complaint, his comments were, ?We do not want to get involved with any of that do we?.  The second was from Llanederyn police station, where I was informed, ?This will go up stairs and be shelved?.   
Where it is in this view of any unlawful impediment of investigation, and without malice, I would write to you and inform you of the following, and of my intentions -

In the documented evidence of my statement of facts of twenty years of unlawful malicious persecution that you received, you were supplied with facts of an eleven-year at the taxpayer?s expense of a housing disrepair issue claim CF205749.   Where a copy of a DVD film, was supplied showing definite housing/structural disrepair, which Wales and West Housing Association deny.  Where as documentation will show all my true evidence has been totally ignored by my own solicitors and the courts, and I have been unlawfully, maliciously persecuted with costs, which totally ignored evidence shows, I should not legally owe. 

Due to again structural disrepair of large pieces falling concrete being left exposed for months on end, a second application for this housing disrepair was applied for.  It contained enclosures of a petition from over ninety percent of the other residents stating this housing disrepair does still exist.  It was further accompanied by a second petition, which shows beside myself, that seven other residents have damp, which again WWHA deny.  It further enclosed many of the criminal acts committed in this issue, and mentions of a DVD film being made as further evidence to be submitted. It has been given the claim number 6CF03573, application documents were at the same time as the court, provided to WWHA.   To where they have contacted the same solicitors of the first, Hugh James of Cardiff, to where only application notices have been confirmed.  There has been no other contact or any documents of disclosure exchanged.
A copy of the previous mentioned DVD film was then put on DVD and sent to many others including the chief constable.  Where it was also requested to the court by application, dated 12 June 06, to be placed on file of the second application, claim 6CF03573. 

Copies of this application, all documentation and a full working copy of the DVD film were also hand delivered and receipted to Hugh James solicitors. (copy receipt is enclosed in doc two)
Where on Saturday 24 June 06, (Please see enclosed Doc one) I received a two page letter from the court manager, with accompanying documentation.  Which is of an application supposedly made by acting for WWHA, solicitor Rebecca Rees of Hugh James on the 19 June 06.  Which is to have my new application struck out as it is incoherent, and of a request to the court to consider a civil liberties (gagging) order placed against me. (Please see document two, which is page 10 of solicitor, R Rees, submissions)
That this application and my own issue of submitting previous mentioned evidence (DVD) is to be unlawfully heard together. Not in the high court, as I requested and the criminal offences disclosed legally shows it should, but again in the county court under a district judge ? 
Which again knowing from past experience is to hide the truth, further unlawfully and maliciously persecute me with costs and place a gagging order on me to hide these criminal offences?  That under the law I had fourteen days to reply to this application, where nothing has ever been received from Hugh James solicitors.  That on receiving (and not for the first time) this documentation from the court, I had only two working days to file my responses, which is not all as to the Supreme Court Practice..
I enclose to you copies of my nine pages of responses, to that application, with four pages of other attachments (Document three) of evidence.  Of where it will be shown from my responses, it is the application of solicitor, Rebecca Rees that is incoherent, and from the contradicting statements made, shows admittance to the housing disrepair they deny.  Which the court and the solicitors have covered up for eleven years, and again the proof to this statement may be seen in the previous enclosed DVD film.   
Where again from this file it may be shown that solicitors Hugh James and the courts have criminally withheld structural surveys, and are now in criminal denial of further evidence ? 

As will be seen from my previous communications to you, this is not the first time this issue has not been all as to the Supreme Court Practice. Of which it may be seen the civil justice centre has aided and abetted Hugh James solicitors to cover up, which then also covers up the fact of the illegal unlawful way in which repairs are being carried out to Hillside court.  For structural repairs to concrete under building regulations should be carried out by qualified experts, of which they are not ??  They are being carried out in such an incorrect manner, that the same issues will again recur except in a far more serious manner.  Which will be far more lethal than the large pieces of lethal falling concrete the residents have already experienced ? 

That this application has been unlawfully issued to cover up the truth, where again I will be subject to a district judge, who will totally ignore all evidence and will unlawfully violate my civil and human rights to place a gagging order against me ?  Of which documented evidence will show again is the criminal act of oppression and perverting the course of justice.

To further this issue in covering up the truth, on the 19 June 06, I received a telephone call from a resident who has made a statement in the second application for housing disrepair against WWHA, claim 6CF03573.  To state that on the 9 June 06, he had a visit (as have other residents) from WWHA employee Roy Preece, who had a copy of his statement, and asked if he was going to court ?  Then from what I have been informed started to pacify him of the future housing disrepair works they intended to carry out.   As of today?s date, I went just outside our premises to where the labourer carrying out these repairs had stopped work.  I did not speak, did not get in his way, and just took two pictures from a distance.  Not of him, but of the rusted steel in the concrete, not being cleaned, which again establishes the fact of this incorrect procedure.  Where I was informed that I was not to take any pictures, and he had been advised to call the police due to my harassment. 

I couple this with the now known fact that the Cardiff council are shortly going to turn all council houses over to housing associations.  Where when in having these powers this housing association may then condemn their own building, not from bad housing disrepair, but stating of original poor building quality.  Where under the law the taxpayer would fit the bill, the private residents will be lower priced compulsory purchased, new premises then built and sold for three times the price.  Where I wonder then if any of the councillors such as Judith Woodman will be allocated a property, as has happened in London recently, and where again the tax payer pays their rent ?   For in using my thirty years experience in the building industry, in projected figures of luxury flat purchase, this land is worth well over ten million pounds ?

To further show the corruption and criminal offences being covered up I would again please refer you to the two-page letter from Neil Pring Cardiff county court manger.  Where due to contacting many departments who have a public duty in these issues, they have not acted in their public duty on definite evidence.  To where under the law, on the 8 June 06, (Doc four with court stamp of acceptance) I issued an application again to the Cardiff civil justice centre, for proceedings against and for the crown, part 66 of the civil procedure rules, all as to the Supreme Court Practice 2006.  For misconduct in public office of the present government and it?s many named departments. 
This application was examined and accepted by court clerk Mr Phil Jones, for a hearing in the high court on 8 June 06, to where Mr Pring reiterates in his above letter.  That this issue is to be placed before a civil judge, who is on leave until the 3 July 06, where this again applies to me of a premeditated statement, in waiting for a specific judge.
It is within this view that I have requested to the ECHR, for this application to be placed in my existing files, to where I shall further be adding this evidence, and a lot more.  To continue to take the same present government bodies to the ECHR, for inhumane activity, misconduct in public office and further civil and private offences of their public duty. 
For our laws are supposedly based on justice of evidence, when documented evidence clearly shows they are not ?  So where is the basis for any society, for if in showing this corruption in Cardiff solicitors and the courts, how can anybody say in the last twenty years they have had a fair hearing ?
That within twenty-one days from this letter, I will have received my answers to many of my questions, it is then my intention to present the facts and the question to the media and general public. ?Has the present government placed their selves above prosecution and the law??  For evidence will clearly show and demonstrate not one government body in having much evidence has carried out their public duty.  I have had another twenty copies of the DVD film made, and shall also be sending the full facts of this issue out with the previous DVD film you have previously received.

Please do not think any of this is carried out with any malice, it has been pursued because the law is supposed to be the law, and nobody should, or may be above it if we are to have a basis for society.
   Where my son, if ever he contacts me will know I have never stopped fighting to legally show I have always wanted to see and be with him.
   Where solicitors, the courts, and present public bodies, have not carried out their designated public duties, where it will be clearly shown and demonstrated they are not working on behalf of the people, or the country.   For is it, or should it not be, every persons duty of society, to leave the earth a better place for those that come after ?

Yours Faithfully

P Ronald

10 July 06
Specialist Crime Directorate
Economic and Specialist Crime
(Fraud Section)
New Scotland Yard           Of Five pages with seventeen pages of attachments
Broadway                                            and two bundles documents plus DVD
London                                              Rec Del Ref DK5056 4716 6GB

Dear Sir/ Madam
Re Notification of criminal offences

In the enclosed poly - pocket there are enclosed two bundles of self explanatory documents, the first being of eleven pages and shows of intended prosecution of the present government and many of it?s departments.  Which is due to the much persecution that we have suffered from the legal services, solicitors, and others (some named, others to be named) where all documented evidence has been completely ignored.

The second bundle is of twenty pages, which consists of a three-page complaint letter to chief inspector C Jones of the Bridgend police, with accompanying documentation of evidence of seventeen pages and a DVD film.
   This documentation highlights some of the criminal offences that have been committed in one of my legal issues concerning a housing disrepair issue against Wales and West housing (WWHA).  The DVD film shows as evidence some of the housing disrepair of which all have ignored to  further persecute us.  That it will be further shown the repair work being carried put is not to building regulation standard. 
That the government people/departments including the police, were under the law notified of these criminal and civil offences, to which they totally ignored, where under the law the enclosed seperate applications were issued.  Where it will be shown under the law by their non actions they are now all accessory to these criminal offences.  That it is of these disclosed criminal offences under the law, of which I would please request you would investigate.
I would further advise you I have much more documented evidence than enclosed

I enclose to you the following evidence by way of part statement

(Please Note ? The documents named below accompany this letter as attachments)
1 ? That it will be shown in documentation of evidence of the housing disrepair issue case number CF205749 that over the years and through two different properties, expert reports regarding the state of the property were gained by my previous solicitors.  All of these reports were favourable in showing housing disrepair, where to disprove this, structural survey reports were gained by WWHA and their solicitors.  However despite many requests none of these several expert survey reports were ever disclosed, which I believe was to hide the true intent and is a criminal offence. (Please see enclosed document 12, page 33 to 36, sub doc F)

2 ? That they then unlawfully conspired with my solicitors (who gave us false advise in that we could still use our reports) to further cover these undisclosed surveys in applying for a single joint expert survey. (Please enclosed document 12, Page 37, sub doc H)  That it will be shown by the enclosed, in carrying out this unlawful act, my solicitors and the court were aware of these undisclosed structural surveys.  Which will be shown from documented evidence was to pervert the course of justice to further persecute us and hide the true intent of this issue.

3 -That the enclosed DVD film will clearly show the report gained was false and was again used to pervert the course of justice.  That this film will show the much housing disrepair and structural defects which WWHA and their solicitors deny, but it also shows the true intent of this issue.

4 ? That it will be shown by further documented evidence I had an appeal in the Royal Courts Justice, under Lord Justice Sedley.  Where on gaining that appeal I was deliberately sent a forged judgement, and the person who forged that judgement illegally sent the bailiffs to our home to unlawfully persecute us. (Please see document 4, of three pages

5 That other documentation will show, that upon filing an application for a rehearing of the above judgement, the court did everything they could to prevent me filing that application of legal right.  That in applying for that rehearing it was stated that I wanted to call Mrs Parsons of listings and court clerk Brian, who gave us appeal papers for the given appeal.  That the Royal courts justice would not grant me that appeal, and sent another false judgement, stating I had right to appeal to a district judge.  Where under the law and was shown to me in documentation from the court was the correct legal right to appeal to a circuit judge. (Please see document 5 Of three pages) -I again believe this is perverting the course of justice to hide the true intent.

6 ? That it will be further shown as evidence to these statements that acting solicitors for WWHA, Hugh James, will not lawfully answer any of my requests regarding this appeal. (Please see document 6 & 7)

6 - That due to no housing disrepair being carried out for several months by WWHA a second application was applied for under case number 6CF03573, to where other documentation will show the court has conspired to cover up the late filing of documents of defence by solicitors Hugh James.
That in this application were two petitions signed by neighbours to state this housing disrepair does exist, and there is the housing disrepair of un -addressed damp. (Please see documents 4 pages 4,5,6)

7 ? That it will be shown by the enclosed responses of solicitor Rebecca Rees acting for WWHA, that she wishes to have all this criminal evidence and more put forward in application 6CF03573, struck out as being incoherent, and is asking for a civil liberties (gagging) order.
That again in her statements she admits to what the court and her deny, and also admits to the fraudulent act of WWHA having no insurance.  Where on top of WWHA fraudulently charging the residents for insurance in their maintenance charges.  It makes any contents claim null and void, and what would it be said by their new insurers if they knew of the real state of the building. (Please see paragraph 23 of page AAA)

8 ? It will be shown by documented evidence that WWHA have committed much perjury in their statements in order to save having any court proceedings against them.  That the DVD film clearly disproves this and shows the complete lack of housing disrepair that WWHA does not want anybody to see. 
Which in my belief is due to the government statement of where all council houses are to be turned over to housing associations.  Where WWHA will then have hillside court condemned through bad building, and compulsory purchase the homes at part price.  Under the law the taxpayer then pays to have a completely new block of flats where WWHA make over fifteen million pounds.

9 ? Why and as the DVD film clearly shows have the drains never been repaired, just left to undermine the footings of the building of over the five years that we have been here ?

10 - Why else would Cardiff councillor Judith Woodman, after being shown of these criminal offences and more, state in letterform that she is going to allow yet another structural survey of the balconies ?

11 ? Why have WWHA, in carrying out repairs to this concrete, employed not the experts they should, but labourers from R & M Williams of Pontyclun.   Where the work is not being carried out to the correct expert procedure, but hurried, to cover it up, where it will happen again but worse.  Why are residents still experiencing all the housing disrepair including leaks on this new work ?

12 ? Why do I have taped evidence of employee of WWHA Mr Roy Preece, stating of this denied housing disrepair and that he left a mains water leak for over five days undermining the foundations of the building, as he could get no cheap labour?   Is this just another excuse to undermine the foundations, and carry out their predicted statements?

13 For on talking to Mr Roy Preece he stated they were carrying out the work as the steel in the surface was to near the concrete ?   So again why does the film contradict this statement ?

14 Why on the morning prior to attending the first hearing of this housing issue (CF205749), did we receive a rent statement from WWHA, with the court costs (over six thousand pounds) already in place as arrears on our rent ?
   The court has been shown by documentation from my GP and the social services, due to my disabling condition and health problems, many requests for a move to suitable accommodation.  YET these rent arrears stop any move to any other association, or private property and incarcerate us in a place against my will and which has been deemed unfit for my health ? Is this tantamount to attempted murder, just as the requested gagging order is a violation of my civil liberties and human rights ? For wanting to display the truth ?????

Intimidation of witnesses by WWHA.
15 ? From gaining the signatures of the residents many in passing informed me that Roy Preece, and or others of WWHA had been to see them requesting them not to go to court ?

16 ? That on calling to the resident of number 49, with a freelance cameraman - journalist, were we informed by the resident that WWHA had been to see him, and they informed him any statement he made was only helping me with my monetary claim against WWHA.

17 ? Why as the resident of number 67 informed me that she had a visit from Roy Preece, stating they would get the work done, there was no need for petitions, yet they have still done nothing ?

18 - The resident Mario of number 15 may be seen passing his comments of WWHA on the DVD film, he also made a statement of the unattended housing disrepair and damp for the application of claim 6CF03573.
   That on the 16 June 06 I received a telephone call from Mario, who stated that on the 9 June 06, Roy Preece of WWHA called to his home with a copy of his statement.  Enquiring on if he was going to court, and giving him reasons why he should not attend court ?

19 ? That I had requested of the site supervisor Brian Allen, of WWHA a request to attend court to tell the truth as a witness.  He totally agreed to this request, on the provision that he must contact WWHA to book a day off, to where he would attend court and tell the truth.  Upon enquiring if he had booked the day off for this court appearance he informed me that WWHA, had informed him that I would have to write to them to ask their permission for him to attend court ?
   I then completed the enclosed form (Marked BBB) for him to sign, of which he presented to WWHA employee Roy Preece, to where he received a telephone call from WWHA employee Roger Taylor.  Who stated that he did not need to sign the form, as it showed he was going to court for me and not them, what they meant was he could have the day off but without pay.  He then received another telephone call asking why I had requested him to go to court, that as he was their employee it would be better if I now subpoenaed him ? ? I would now place these facts together as further evidence thus ?
A - We have WWHA, their solicitors and others denying any evidence of any structural surveys of where I believe under the law non disclosure is a criminal offence 

B - We have evidence of the rent arrears prior to any court hearing, which I believe under the law, is premeditated collusion and deception to perverting the course of justice, and are criminal offences.

C ? We have double contradicting judgements from the Royal Courts of Justice, where my civil/human rights have been violated to refusal of the judgement of Lord Justice Sedley, which I again believe involves the criminal offence of perverting the course of justice.
   It further includes that this false judgement was used unlawfully to persecute us, as the bailiffs used to enforce this false judgement for unlawful costs, were not court bailiffs, but sent by solicitors.  Which again shows the collusion, deception, fraud and malicious persecution of this issue, which again I believe are criminal offences of wilful intent.
D - We have the evidence of the DVD film showing how all evidence has been totally ignored and covered up, which again I believe is perverting the course of justice.

 E - We have open admission by acting solicitor Rebecca Rees for WWHA of that housing disrepair being now admitted in her disclosures to the county court. That the undisclosed structural surveys would again only show my claim of housing disrepair, which for eleven years they have covered up. Again is then not for eleven years the criminal offence perverting the course of justice.

F ? We have further admissions from solicitor Rebecca Rees, that WWHA had no insurance, yet they have continually charge the residents for this in their service charges, which again I believe under the law is the criminal offence of fraud.

G ? We have the evidence of intimidation of witnesses of which I believe also shows intent to pervert the course of justice, again which are criminal offences.

H ? We have evidence to show these repairs are not now being carried out to building regulations, and are being hastily done to cover up much of what the films shows, why ?

I ? The film shows that this building has been left in bad housing disrepair for many years, that the drains have been left broken with water undermining the building for well over five years ?

J ? That a further mains water leak was left to undermine the building for over five days at full blast, which was pouring from the front of the building to the rear, again through the footings

K ? We have the evidence of councillor J Woodman, who was made aware of all of this and more through inspection of the building and by documentation.  Yet she writes and states she is allowing yet another structural survey to WWHA, where when we couple this with the statement of Roy Preece of WWHA.  ?That the repairs are being carried out not through housing disrepair, buit because the steel in the original concrete is to near the surface ?  My thirty years in the construction industry running my own business, sometimes employing over twenty people and that of other stonemason colleagues, will inform you this is not the case ?

L ? Then we have to look at the fact of the government turning all council houses over to the housing associations, to where they will have full power, to state that Hillside Court is of original bad building ?
Where they then condemn the building compulsory purchase for a fraction of the price, then build new luxury flats which makes the land worth over fifteen (?15) million Pounds?
   For on any condemned building it is the tax payer that foots the bill, just as I believe is being done for this repair work being carried out not by the expert tradesmen required but by the cheap labour WWHA always employ ?

For why else has all this documented evidence been ignored and covered up ?

Why a request for the civil liberties gagging order, for displaying the truth, which violates my civil liberty and human rights

It must be asked if it is persecution from my original complaints of the legal services could have something to do with this, or is it again fraud on the taxpayer ?

Either way I believe the criminal offences listed here and under the law requires a full investigation into this issue.
 I would therefore please be grateful for your full cooperation in advising me of your intentions at your earliest regarding just some of these many criminal offences, in order that I may proceed in my other directions.

Further complaints have been made to the parliamentary ombudsman, regarding the criminal and civil offences committed in this and other issues.  For the law is the law, and without it we have no basis for society ?
I await your earliest reply
Yours faithfully

P Ronald

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