Letter to the Home Secretary–7th March–Re.Tell Mama UK, and Islamic Terrori

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Letter to the Home Secretary – 7th March – Re. Tell Mama UK, and Islamic Terrorism

On the 12th February 2017 I wrote to the National Police Chiefs Council in London (NPCC, previously ACPO) in regard to the anger arising as a response to: the widespread activities of Muslim ‘pimping’ gangs in England; the establishment of a Muslim gang-rape subculture in particular parts of Europe; and the regular acts of mass-murder by Islamic terrorists in towns and cities across all of Europe.
I asked the NPCC how it intended to ensure that HM constabularies would use their important “partnership” arrangements with the Islamic organization Tell Mama UK to address the problems of Islamist violence – and in particular to sensibly understand the anger that results, and ensure that such anger is not further exasperated by being portrayed as the ‘intolerance of white people’.
The NPCC never responded to my letter.
Therefore two weeks ago (7th March) I repeated the question in a letter to the Home Secretary (The Rt. Hon. Amber Rudd MP). The letter was also copied to The Rt. Hon. Sarah Newton MP (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Home Office) – and (yet again) to the NPCC.
In that letter I also expressed my considerable concerns in regard to the manner in which Tell Mama UK portrayed ‘white’ (i.e. native, English) people as “Islamophobes”. I felt that this was likely to inflame an already fraught situation within the country. For that reason in particular, I strongly advised that HM Constabulary should rescind all “partnership” agreements with the ‘special interest’ pressure group, Tell Mama UK.
The letter to the Home Secretary, together with the copies to Sarah Newton MP and the NPCC, were all sent special delivery – so I know they were received.
Again there was no response to my letter, whatsoever.
In any case, given the events of the 22nd March (just a few yards from Parliament) I assume the Home Secretary and the NPCC will now be far too busy to deal with the matters raised in my letter of the 7th March. Not least, those in power will be doing their utmost to quell any expressions of disgust from the native population at that (and similar) acts of Islamic aggression.
I fully intend to pursue this matter further.

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