The EU will not need NATO in the not too distant future it would seem

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It's always handy to watch the thinking of the long-time planners.
The EU will not need NATO in the not too distant future it would seem.
Without manufactured threats, there would be no need for the build-up of EU Defence for the future of all Europe and Eurasia.k

...U.S. President Donald Trump has questioned NATO’s utility and is ready to moderate the U.S. commitment to European security if Europeans don’t show more vigour. Pressure is therefore mounting on Europeans not only to address external threats—from Russia to the self-proclaimed Islamic State—but also to tackle them alone. Europeans, including Germans, are reacting by refocusing on defense: slowly, they are investing again in equipment and personnel. Most importantly, there is political will to do more.
Germany is too big a partner to lose. Berlin is already implementing its own vision of European defense cooperation anyway, for example through the Framework Nation Concept, which Germany launched in 2013 as a systematic approach to solving the problem of Europe’s ever-shrinking national armed forces. The core idea is to set up multinational units in which armed forces that are powerful enough, such as the German Bundeswehr, serve as a backbone that smaller armies plug into. Jointly, larger units arise that are more capable and deployable for longer periods of time.

23.03.2017 | Claudia Major
A Franco-German Defense Deal for Europe

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