Letter to His Honour Judge Gerald Coles Q.C.

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Letter to His Honour Judge Gerald Coles Q.C.
« on: March 26, 2017, 05:42:33 PM »
In the spirit of letter writing to expose that which it is necessary to expose, I hereby offer this Letter to:- His Honour Judge Gerald Coles QC. Pro.Grand Master North&EastRidingsofYorkshire, sent by myself back in August 1999. Needless to say, my letter went unanswered. No change there!
 His Honour Judge Gerald Coles QC. Pro. Grand Master North & East Ridings of Yorkshire, c/o The Circuit Administrator, 17th Floor, West Riding House, Albion Street, Leeds LS1 5AA. 15 AUG 99
Dear Sir,
I am writing to you regarding your letter published in the Independent newspaper on the 29th of July, with the heading "Masonic Honour".
Let me sayat the outset that I am not a Freemason, although I am the son of a widow; myfather being killed in World War 2, five months before I was born. He was a fighter pilot in the Battle of Britain, and was stationed at RAF Church Fenton, in your North and East Yorkshire Province, when he was killed on August the 6th 1942. I tell you this so that you will know where I am coming from and the reason for mywriting.
For the past 25 years or more I have made a studyof Freemasonry, recording hours of radio and television interviews with various members of "The Craft" including members of the clergy. I have various items of Masonic insignia including a Royal Arch jewel, blue and purple degree regalia, manybooks including complete Royal Arch Ceremonial instruction, historical lectures, Grand Lodge year books, various provincial year books etc. So mycriticism is based upon sound knowledge of Masonry. Indeed manymasons with whom I have had discourse about Masonryhave been incredulous at my knowledge, admitting to me that they were not so informed as I.
When a Mason passes through the 3rd degree of Master Mason, he pretends to be Hiram Abiff, the son of a widow of Tyre. In the Royal Arch, Hiram Abiff is one of the Hirams along with Hiram the King of Tyre and Solomon King of Israel, who presided over the Royal Lodge in Jerusalem. The candidate for the 3rd degree is blindfolded, walked to various points in the lodge where he is struck three times by three different Masons. The candidate feigns death, is laid upon a winding sheet; in some lodges I understand the candidate is actuallyburied before being raised from the dead bythe grip of the Master of the lodge. He is told that he is now above all Earthlymatters, having left the old self behind.
Freemasons refer to the HolyBible as the Volume of Sacred Law. Spokesmen for the craft, such as Commander Higham, make the excuse that the VSL can be any religious tome, and not necessarily the Bible. I wonder how you would operate the
Royal Arch ceremonies with the Quoran? The Quoran does not contain the book of Haggai from which comes two of the Royal Arch pass words.
In 1988, Channel 4 screened a programme series called "After Dark". One programme featured T Dan-Smith, Martin Short, Canon Colin Hunt of Peterborough, Sir David Napley and a ladywhose name escapes me, who claimed to be a member of the Eastern Star Freemasonry. Canon Colin Hunt admitted that he had been a Freemason, but had had nothing to do with it for over twentyyears. The Grand Lodge Year book for the previous year carried his name showing that he had been raised to some degree like Pro. Grand Standard Bearer in that year.
There have been numerous cases of clergy categorically stating that Freemasonryis not a religion. The excuses being that there is no Masonic priesthood, there is no sacrament, there is no Masonic God, and that clergyare onlyin the lodges to say prayers and playthe organ.
There is no Masonic priesthood! Whythen is there a College of Priests Masons who wear Bishops Mitres and cloaks?
The anointing oil used to anoint candidates in the Royal Arch is a sacrament.
Clergylike Canon Richard Tydeman and Dr Harold Kirk-Smith are not simplyin the lodges to sayprayers, theyare 33rd degree Masons. Canon Tydeman pops up all over the place. His name appears manytimes in the Suffolk provincial year book. In the Cambridgeshire year book we find him listed under “Supreme Council 33rd degree of the ancient and accepted rite” as Sovereign Grand Commander. He is also listed as Grand Sovereign Most Illustrious Knight Reverend in the Masonic and MilitaryOrder of the Red Cross of Constantine & the Orders of the HolySepulchre & of St.John the Evangelist.. He is also listed under the “Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia”. Which rather debunks the argument used byHigham that Freemasonryhas nothing to do with the Rosicrucians. We also find the Reverend W.H.Davis, 30th degree Mason, listed as the Past Sovereign of the UniversityChapter Sovereign Princes Rose Croix. I think you will agree this is more than attending lodge meetings to sayprayers.
I hope you will take some time to read the enclosed leaflets "Rotland Mercury" and "National Disgrace", both shortly to be published upon the Internet along with the updates since 1991 when those were published.
I would appreciate your comments with regard to your claim that "the Brethren observe the high standards required byGrand Lodge, designed to maintain the ancient values of acting lawfully, honourably, charitablyand as gentlemen."
When is it honourable or charitable to rob the widows and their families and to destroytheir lives for greedygain?
When is it honourable to steal the charitable status of the widows son?
When is it honourable to denyjustice to the widows and the orphans?
RecentlyJudge Victor Hall of Leicester was convicted of drunken driving and of exceeding the speed limit. No doubt he could not face his conscience after denying me myrights to inspect a court file under Order 63 of the Rules of the Supreme Court.
In 1988 my research revealed that there were some 57 judges amongst the 5,500 Masons listed in the Grand Lodge year book for that year. Byextrapolation we can saythat everyjudge in the land is a Mason. I sent the list to Chris Mullin for the Home Affairs select committee investigation. The fact that it was never mentioned and that I was never asked to contribute any of my research is indicative of the power the Masons hold over government. No doubt when you believe you have all avenues of protest covered you will begin interring people who do not match up to your criteria.
Since the publishing of Rotland Mercury, myhome has been further damaged bya trulyMasonic firm, Anglian Windows, whose financiers are the Rothchilds. I now firmlybelieve this to have been done in order to frustrate myaction for damages, fraud, theft, perversion of evidence, and forgeryagainst a Masonic firm of solicitors. The Royal Arch obligation, of course, contains the promise that a Mason must aid and assist his brother mason whether he be right or wrong. Perhaps he needs to demonstrate that he was simply"obeying the dictates of his conscience!" and he will be allowed to go free!
Justice is a corner stone of civilisation, bydestroying justice, the legal profession are destroying civilisation; how will you ever be able to bring people to court for crimes when judges themselves are engaged in crimes against the citizen? Shall we use force to regain what has been stolen from us? And when we are arrested and brought before the magistrates shall we say that we were only doing exactly what had been done to us. The law must be obeyed by one and all - no one is above the law. Judges are bound to apply the law not to interpret it, especially to the disadvantage of a litigant and to the advantage of a brother Mason.
You maybe interested to note that Lord Cornwallis had neither the courtesy nor the courage to reply to my letters.
Yours faithfully,
P.Talbot-Jenkins BSc(Hons) GWS
cc The Independent Newspaper. Other victims of Masonic perversion.

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