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« on: March 26, 2017, 07:40:03 PM »
Roger Antony Carter
My email to Home Office yesterday.Date: Sat, Mar 25, 2017 at 10:54 AM
To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
Dear Ms Rudd
I read the remarks of Assistant Commissioner Rowley and his concerns that Muslim communities will be worried now about reactions from extremists or the “far right” and wish to comment on that type of attitude which seems to be reflected across government.
Has it not ever occurred to you and your colleagues in government that what you see and hear is the increasingly loud voice NOT of malign extremists bent on insurrection but those of decent, ordinary people who are now beside themselves with fear for the future of their families - children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in their land in which they now feel themselves to be strangers?
You - and those who live in relatively rarefied atmospheres far removed from the existences of the masses - simply fail to recognise how the impacts of mass immigration ( and non-mandated immigration at that) have now become so great that whole communities have become ghettos of wildly alien cultures.
It is all very well for politicians to attempt to defend their actions by imposing such oppressive devices as political correctness (making plain, free speech a risky business) supported by ever growing categories of Hate crimes rather than positively accept their policies were wrong. No one asked nor even consulted the masses of the electorate on government(both main parties) plans for mass immigration of which huge numbers arrived from darkest Africa and the desert lands bringing with them completely alien mindsets, lifestyles and cultural imperatives. Whole towns and cities are now shared by the native population with those who practice, endorse or approve of such cultural imperatives as : female genital mutilation; forced marriage; abortion of foetuses on grounds of "wrong" gender; so called "honour killings or punishments; savage treatment for female victims of rape and, more.Those same good, decent people with not an ideological bone in their bodies are genuinely aggrieved by the actions of the political elite class to change their countries beyond recognition.
It is alarmist,wrong and completely unfair to signal a bogey man of right wing threat when the threats actually facing the UK and wider Europe have been imported by successive governments against the wishes of most people
The reality of the situation is contained in the frequent use of the expression “Muslim communities” – when do we ever hear the expression “Christian communities”? The answer is never. The fact is that Muslims ARE treated with special favourtism and concern. Why is this allowed when the whole pretence is about “equality” – have we reached Orwell’s position that “everyone is equal but some are more equal than others”? It does appear so.
Just how is it, anyway, that the UK and nearly all western democracies - essentially of Judeo-Christian culture, history and influence are now being settled by those of the Islamic faith? There is so much about western culture, mores and lifestyles that they find objectionable surely they would be happier in Islamic lands where the culture suits them better? In addition, it is not hard to notice that Islamic states show little signs (or willingness) to become multicultural themselves. Why is that?
You really should encourage yourself and your colleagues in the political class to make direct contact with the reality and listen to the perfectly reasonable complaints of “Mr and Mrs Public” on how they feel about losing their country. It is but a decade or three only when the native residents of the UK become the largest MINORITY in their homeland. The Muslim birthrate of some 4.5:1 will guarantee that. (Professional forecasts by world-renowned demographic experts state this). What does government intend to do to stop that happening? Anything? Or, is it content to see the gradual eradication of our English ethnicity and our own British culture and birthright expunged?
I respectfully request a reply to my concerns as detailed above.
Yours sincerely,
PS Even David Cameron, when PM, went on record (2010) to plainly state that multiculturalism had failed - placing vastly differing cultures in a small country is a sure-fire recipe for disaster".

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