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« on: April 01, 2017, 10:47:01 AM »
Rosie Kelly                                                                                       Albert Burgess 
Correspondence and Enquiry Unit                                                   15 Parliament Road 
1 Horse Guards                                                                                 Thame 
London                                                                                              South Oxfordshire
SW1A 2HQ                                                                                       OX9 3TE
Your Ref T020 17/06587                                                                   31 March 2017
Dear Rosie 
Thank you for your attempt to fob me of with the bilge you wrote to me. Let us first deal with the monies paid to the EEC/EU over the last 40 odd years. It never ceases to amaze me the total lack of knowledge of English Common and Constitutional law (yes we do have a first class constitution) our political classes and civil servants have. You should be aware our common and constitutional law forbids our membership of the European Union, I would suggest you take a look at the oaths in the 1559 Act of Supremacy and the 1689 Bill of Rights which incorporates the Declaration of Rights made by the estates of England the highest law giving body in the land. I would refer you too 2 Stubbs 435 refusal of tribute to the Pope May 1366. As these three major constitutional documents clearly forbid our membership of the EEC/EU or any other body purporting to hold authority in England our membership and every EEC/EU Treaty represents act of high treason at the highest levels of government. So I repeat my Question how did government get legal authority to steal taxpayer’s money to give to the EU. On the subject of your claim the EU give us grants of money. WHOPPY DO!!!!!! So they give us back a small portion of the money government pays them. And we are supposed to be grateful. You people live in cloud cuckoo land you really must think we the ordinary man/woman in this country are completely imbecilic. If we kept all the money we give the EU we would not have schools and the NHS short of money, our armed forces would have the best equipment and be big enough to defend this Kingdom from all threats to us, higher education would be free, and we would not have down and out on the streets including ex service men/women. 
                                                         Foreign Aid 
You use the argument that paying money to third world countries prevents terrorism and illnesses like Ebola reaching our shores, well we paid the extortion to them and still had 7/7 and the murder of Lee Rigby and the recent attack on Parliament. Ebola could not get in and we would not suffer terrorist outrages our children would not be being raped and prostituted by Islamic gangs, we would not have marches demanding the murder of the infidel or those who insult the prophet. We should keep our money and use it to protect our borders, as for global warming that is total crap we are entering an ice age which we do every two hundred thousand years. You can take it as read the remainders and bleeding heart brigade are happy to be robbed in this fashion, but the vast majority those of us with love of country and brains that actually work want all these payments of our stolen money stopped and either used to improve the lives and safety of her Majesty’s natural born subjects or refunded to us the taxpayer you are stealing this money from. I repeat England’s Kings are not allowed by law to tax us to give the monies to foreign countries. What the King cannot do Parliament cannot do. I require a sensible reply. Preferably from the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Respectfully Submitted


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