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Dear David,
The Wiltshire Chief Constable in his video open letter on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtWVtH8AuA4 explains the seriousness of his investigation into Heath’s alleged paedophilia.  This is the once in a lifetime opportunity to coerce the Wiltshire Police to investigate Heath’s treason against the British nation.

Open letter from Chief Constable Mike Veale - Operation ...
Mike Veale, Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police, has today (Friday 2 December 2016) published an open letter video message in relation to the ongoing national ...
Your attached EUTruth document, “A quick summary of treasonous secret government documents” contains much information on Heath’s the treason that I should like to be able to use in my allegations of treason against Heath to send to the police.
Might I have your consent to use some of its content, please ?
Kind regards,
Rex Poulton

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office was the department that began the abolition of Britain by secretly working for the EU in 1970. The FCO�s secret documents from then were released under the 30 year rule. Ironically, the EU will close the 156 British Embassies around the world, so the FCO is the department the EU will crush the most.
These documents show that immediately after his election on 18th June 1970 Ted Heath began working with Frenchman Jean Monnet of the Comite D'Action pour les Etats-Unis D'Europe. Heath's plan from before he was elected was clearly the abolition of Britain. He and his entire cabinet were dealing with a "United States of Europe" from day one. All his statements about "no loss of sovereignty" he knew to be lies. He was a full blown saboteur.
All this is blatantly obvious from FC0 30/1048 and those referred to below.
Jean Monnet, the chief implementer of the EU, was allowed deep access into Heath's government, and got the willing co-operation of Sir Alec Douglas Home, William Whitelaw, Geoffrey Rippon, and Sir Keith Joseph, all of who we now know to be traitors to the British Constitution under our own treason laws.
We now also know Heath, Rippon and Roy Jenkins were recruited by the Deutsche Verteiderungs Dienst intelligence department in 1958, and had been working for the EU since then. Who are today�s members? Francis Maude, Ken Clarke, David Milliband, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson, Douglas Hurd, Malcolm Rifkind are probable candidates. We won't know until their deaths.
The government disinformation programme to deceive the public about the EU was underway by 6th August 1970, less than two months after Heath took office.
On 30th September it was authorised by Alec Douglas-Home Secretary of State, and William Whitlaw. Public figures like Joseph Godber MP, Minister for Foreign and Commonwealth affairs, were given secret briefs on the pro-EU message, and what to tell the public. This is all right for political party, but highly illegal for the government.
Norman Reddaway, the campaign's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) full time leader, was involved from before the 10th September, as was Mr Royle.
The speed with which Edward Heath leapt to stab Britain in the back is quite astonishing.
By the 6th October the plans were finished:
Anti EU groups and politicians, like Enoch Powell, were stalked - even when they went abroad; advance copies of their speeches to be obtained from their party leaderships and derisory rebuttals delivered in advance or as soon as possible. 
Ministers were recruited to speak for the EU, and given a manual of deception from which to write their speeches.
Six hundred external pro-EU speakers were organised and sent into action.
Overseas information officers were to be controlled and directed on Britain's entry in to the EEC - which was always techincally the EU - a superstate from the beginning.
A massive press and media letter writing campaign was begun in which FCO civil servants wrote to the press extolling the wholly untrue virtues of the EU, but signing them as though they were ordinary members of the public.
Whitelaw implemented a pro-EU letter writing to MP's in their constituencies.
They made approaches to the editors of newspapers to get them on side.

A quick summary of treasonous secret government documents  2
They recruited TV and radio recruiters who were pro_EU, and got them more air time. 
Then footballers, television personalities - Jimmy Hill included - 
The campaign was a huge success - and they finished up with FCO 26/1215, a long summary of results for the future disinformation programme - the one we're under today.
Extracts from other FCO documents including Letters / communications revealed:
FCO 30/1574: 
PPS says Heath calls for EU Employment policy (Illegal under our constitution)
17 April 1972 Jellico of the Civil Service Dept, Whitehall, tells Douglas-Home that HMG should ratify the treaty of Accession (obviously illegal). and that EU Political Authority is needed. 
19 April 72 Tom Bridges, 10 Downing St, confirms Heath supports Monnet's idea of an EU employment policy. 
Our own EU Commissioners are common appointments by all EU govts, not just ours.
EU needs to be a political authority.
The unelected Monnet is obviously and illegally the boss.
28 June 72 From Michael Pakenham, Cabinet Office, to Michael Alexander, FCO. Monnet's meeting with Rippon - obviously working together. Action Committee for Europe.
19 May 72. Alec Douglas Home, FCO, to Jean Monnet. "I agree with your method for European unification" 
FCO 26/1214 25th Oct 1972 JM Crosby, EU integration dept, tells Redaway & Logan to implement town twinning.
FCO 26/1215 15 February 72 Anthony Royle, FCO, SECRET to William Whitelaw, cc Geoffrey Rippon, Sir Denis Greenhill. Long document summarising successes of the disinformation campaign for future pro EU battles. Govt spent �461,400 on it.
FCO 30/1573 18.172 Jean Monnet, Comite D'Action pour les Etas-Unis D'Europe, To Sir Alce Douglas Home. Common monetary policy, Political prospects.
FCO 30/1061 Snooping on copy of speech by Geoffrey Rippon, in which he lied HMG would not settle for the current common fisheries policy. Lied Britain would still be ruled by the Queen in Parliament, at the same time when he's implementing the Monnet "EU Etats Unis". 
1st Aug 71 List of MP's for and against EU, with "persuadables".
FCO 30/1048 How to put the EU across. A manual of deception covering: Sovereignty, the monarchy, influence (strengthened!), don't worry about withdrawal, courts, common law, all lies.
FCO 30/1065 Tracking the Britain Out campaign. 10th May 71: 17% in favour of EU.
26/797 Tracking Women Against the Common Market WACM, and Enoch Powell. Anti EU speeches to be given to the government before party seniors deliver them. "Times" on HMG's side? 
797 16 April 1971 Tracking Powell in Italy and Frankfurt, plans to counter attack his speeches.
1065: 31 08.71 WK Slatcher Lying to Frere Smith, Anti CM League, that texts of EEC legislation are not available. Then changed their minds in two draft replies?

A quick summary of treasonous secret government documents  3
26/1213. 26 May 71 The plan in advance. William Whitelaw wants a single person coordinating publicity campaign. The Mirror cooperating with Maitlan, The Sun soon. Give ProEU TV producers more access. Persuade TV to use pro EU presenters. Recrut Pro EU footballers, entertainers; (This was stunningly successful; it went right through the nation)
FCO 26/1212 EU disinformation: the public are the priority target. Names missing.
26/1212 6.10.71 to Reddaway: All of it, incl. Letter Writing campaign to newspapers by civil servants pretending to be the public.
17th precursor, then 30.9.70 Reddaway to a list of departments: Secretary of state has approved the campaign.
1212 Privy Council writes to Joseph Gober MP asking him to exploit every opportunity to speak in favour of the EU. Sample phrases follow in 'THE MESSAGE" - a restricted document.
1212 6.8.70 Miss JC Petrie, EC Information Unit to Mr Ford: Mr Royle describes the team, campaign of letter writing. Conservative Party Research Dept on side.
Geoffrey Rippon was Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in 1970, then Secretary of State for the Environment 1972.
David Noakes.     http://eutruth.org.uk 

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