MADNESS-Letters to the Queen and Teresa May from Albert Burgess

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HRH Queen Elizabeth II                                                                  Albert Burgess
Buckingham Palace                                                                          15 Parliament Road
London                                                                                              Thame
SW1A 1AA                                                                                       South Oxfordshire
                                                                                                           OX9 3TE
Ref Russia
I and I know a lot of your most loyal subjects are extremely concerned at the quality of government we have had to put up with. Each successive government has exceeded your Majesty’s law to suit themselves. The Royal Prerogative was stolen by the Asquith government when King George V came to the throne. I was a child when your father died; King George VI was a great King who I still remember with love. I have grown to full manhood during your Majesty’s reign. Your Majesty is greatly loved by your natural born subjects as well as in the greater world.
I have for some years now been researching the English common, constitutional and Royal Law as it applies to England and its Kings. Majesty you are by law the Supreme Governor of England and on the 8th May 1784 this was confirmed by Parliamentary vote after a debate on sovereignty which started in the January. Any other result would have been to imagine the death of your great ancestor the very good King George III. Majesty any attempt to deny you as England’s Supreme Governor would be to imagine your death as a fully sovereign Queen a clear act of treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act which is still fully in force.
Majesty every time one of your ministers uses the Royal Prerogative to do anything they imagine your death as a fully sovereign Queen and they commit treason against your Majesty. Your Majesty has an absolute right to forgive personnel treasons against you, but if that treason affects even one of your subjects you must by law prosecute the treason. By the law only England’s King may use the Prerogative it cannot be given or lent to anyone or anything.
Majesty your illustrious predecessor that truly great Queen Elizabeth I demonstrated this principle of law when she forgave the Earl of Essex’s personnel treason against her. But when he attempted revolution which affected all her subjects she removed his head.
Majesty your government seem hell bent on taking us into a major war against Russia. Majesty I ask in the name of your loyal subjects that you assume your rightful position as the Supreme Governor of England from which all your titles superiorities and supremacies flow. And you instruct your government by Royal Command to take no action which takes us into a war with Russia.
Majesty I most respectfully request an audience to discuss with you the full legal reach of your Royal authority
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess

Rt Hon Teresa May                                                                          Albert Burgess
10 Downing Street                                                                            15 Parliament Road
London                                                                                              Thame
SW1A 2AA                                                                                       South Oxfordshire
                                                                                                           OX9 3TE
Ref The insanity of ministers
Dear Teresa
I cannot believe the sheer insanity of your foreign office minister and minister of defence, there are undoubtedly times when sabre rattling is in order. But sabre rattling requires the ability to use the sabre to effect.
Russia is not our enemy, before the 1914/18 war a fleet of 50 Russian Battle ships went on a world cruise, off the Shetland Islands one of then used one of our trawlers for target practice. The Admiralty ordered Commodore Roger Keyes who was commanding a squadron of 6 light cruisers to arrest the offending ship and take it into a British port to be dealt with by an Admiralty court. The Russian Admiral commanding the 50 Battle ships ordered the offending ship to accompany Commodore Keyes into a British port to be dealt with by the Admiralty court. I am not aware of any other anti British actions on the part of Russia since then.
During the last war 1939/45 Russia was our ally and paid a colossal price in Russian dead to help us achieve victory. It was not the Russians who precipitated the cold war but those who adhered to General Patton’s views in America. Patton wanted to turn our armies east and for us to invade Russia. Patton was a good General albeit a touch mad.
Johnson and Fallon are just stupidly mad with no redeeming features. You do not threaten a bear unless you have a big gun capable of putting that bear down. We do not posses such a gun.
Due to the sheer incompetence of previous governments our armed forces have been decimated our the Royal Navy is no longer equipped to operate as a coastal defence force let alone go to war against a major superpower with an extensive modern navy. If you attempt it you will be signing the death warrants for the men and women on our ships.
The Royal Air Force has no aircraft which are good enough to compete with the latest Russian Air Force fighters. If you attempt it you will be signing the death warrants for all our pilots.
If you pit Her Majesty’s Army against the Russian army good though they are they will be over run in a day. Do you really want to be responsible for their deaths?
Do not even contemplate using the nuclear action that will only result in the deaths of our entire population.
I fully expect this to fall on deaf ears because past experience shows of the 635 members of parliament has shwn not one of you has more than one tenth of a brain and that probably between the lot of you.
Let me make this perfectly clear to you, you do not have the authority to go to war all the occupants of both houses cannot take us to war. Blair committed treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act when he did it, and every Prime minister since has compounded that treason.
Only Her Majesty has the right to take us into or out of a war. Only her Majesty has control of the Royal Prerogative. The clue for the dim witted lies in the word Royal. There is no one in government or parliament as a whole who is in any way shape or form Royal. What is more important is unless Her Majesty is actually in the Palace of Westminster you are not a parliament without her presence you cannot by the common and constitutional laws of England either make or unmake law. Parliament is only sovereign when the Queen is in the building.
There is nothing in the 1689 Bill of Rights which transfers sovereignty from the King to either or both houses. Whoever told you that lied, it might be a lie you want to believe but it is none the less a lie. All the 1689 Bill of Rights which incorporates the 1689 Declaration of Rights made by a meeting of the estates of England does is repeat those restrictions placed on English Kings from the Time King Alfred came to the English Throne.
You have recently stated you will incorporate European law into English law using a Henry VIII Power, I have previously told you Henry VIII powers were illegal when Henry VIII an arrogant bully used them and they are still illegal now. Should you attempt to use them I and a lot of other people all of whom are loyal subjects of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will report you for treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act, the 1848 Treason Felony Act and Treason against the constitutional arrangements of this ancient Kingdom contrary to the Common Law. Do not forget Tyburn still has lots of trees to hang convicted Traitors off.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess
Queen Elizabeth II
Boris Johnson
Sir Michael Fallon  

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