Letter to the Queen--Albert Burgess

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Letter to the Queen--Albert Burgess
« on: April 14, 2017, 06:38:17 PM »
H R H Queen Elizabeth II                                                             Albert Burgess
Buckingham Palace
12 April 2017
Ref The supremacy of England’s Kings
After undertaking considerable research into the history and development of the constitutional arrangements of England, and the position held in that constitution by England’s Kings. I have discovered that the House of Commons has been on a power grab from the day the common man was invited into government by that good King Edward I in 1297. The object of that power grab to assume ultimate authority in this ancient Kingdom. Today the House of Commons state quite openly sovereignty lies with them, and Teresa May stated when she uses the prerogative she is the Queen both clear acts of treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act. The Prerogative was given to England’s Kings to use only in our best interests and cannot be lent or given to anyone else. Ultimate Sovereignty lies exclusively with England’s Kings, this was decided by a vote in Parliament taken on the 8th March 1784 indeed any other result would have hanged them all.
There are men who are born to lead and whose natural ability will always take them to the front in any situation; it was from these men we first chose our Kings and our nobility. But natural leaders come from all walks of life, Nelson was the son of a vicar yet his natural ability to lead has left his memory indelibly implanted in the minds of the English. Boadicea was a Queen who is remembered with affection by the English 1500 years after her death. Her ability as a natural leader very nearly destroyed Roman influence in this Island Kingdom, and immortalised her name. Her suicide rather than live as a slave showed in a concrete way the aversion to being slaves your subjects have, whilst we are happy to serve our Kings even unto death we are not slaves to those Kings but freemen choosing to serve. But free at any time to walk away.
There are common men who are natural leaders who think first and foremost for the welfare of the common man and this Kingdom as a whole. But they are few and far between, to often the common man desires the wealth of others harder working and whose natural ability has put them where they are. These common men God forgive us we elect to Parliament far too frequently, and their greed knows no bounds. We have only to look at the cash for honours or the expenses frauds so recently investigated. It is patently obvious that the common men at the top of our police service do not have the moral courage to stick to their oath of office but instead choose to cover the crimes of those common men in authority they believe are over them, when in fact the only things over them are your Majesty’s law and God. They failed lamentably to deal with the expenses fraud in Parliament, and the rape and prostitution on an industrial scale of our children by gangs of Muslims. And VIP’s because they were scared of being called racist or upsetting those in the public eye. Whatever happened to without favour, fear, malice or ill will?
Majesty you are the fount of all honour in this Kingdom, we your subjects believe honours which should be earned through valour or real service to this Kingdom, are now scattered like confetti, for money or favours to the common men in government. You Majesty not the Prime Minster or his government, is the only dispenser of honours, these ministers are abusing their authority every day of their lives. Yet when you read the Queens speech on opening Parliament you begin by saying MY GOVERNMENT and in truth they are your government subject to your will, you Majesty are not subject to the will of Parliament. Today we have 635 members of Parliament. Even if all of them were against you, you have 60.000 000 natural born subjects the vast majority of whom love their Queen. If Parliament moved against you Majesty their would be 635 lamp posts bearing a load they were not designed for, but your subjects are the best in the world at adapting things to suit their need.
You will have been told the 1689 Bill of Rights transferred ultimate authority from the King to Parliament effectively to the elected house, it did no such thing Professor Taswell-Langmead in his history of the English Constitution fifth edition 1896 states it did no such thing it took the authority of the King to where it was before the Tudors and Stuarts usurped the Throne. The book used by the government written by Dicey on the constitution is provably wrong.
Majesty you cannot legally keep a standing army without the agreement of Parliament, but that army is your Majesty’s army not Parliaments. Parliament only agrees to your keeping an army in being. Its officers and men/women all took a personnel oath of allegiance to you their Most Sovereign Lady and all would obey your order. There is no restriction on your keeping a standing navy their very title states their loyalty to you the Royal Navy. The loyalty to you of the Royal Air Force is not to be doubted.
Majesty in 1420 the common man in the House of commons demanded and were granted the right in exchange for voting a tax, the right to initiate all legislation, in 1609 they wrote to the Lords describing themselves as the Knights, Burgess’s and Barons of the high court of parliament. The Upper house correctly replied they would never recognize them as Barons and without them they were no court at all. In 1667 the commons told the Lords they could not amend a money bill this has no basis in law, after a ten year battle the House of Lords gave way in a moment of madness only surpassed in 1910 when they gave way over the Parliament Act which effectively killed off the House of Lords. That excellent King Edward VII refused the assent on the grounds it was unconstitutional and removed a protection from his subjects. He ordered Asquith to go to the country. Asquith and his ministers toured the country lying as they went they the Peerage would not let the working man have a pension. The Peerage felt it beneath them to tour the country refuting the lie. King Edward VII on opening Parliament when he came to the Parliament Act said the only reason I am doing this is because my Ministers tell me I have too, but he could still have refused the assent. Shortly after this he fell ill and died. The constable in me would be very interested in the post mortem results especially the toxicology on King Edward VII if your Majesty would be so good as to authorise the post Mortem on your great grand father. We know your grand father King George V was murdered so his death would make the morning edition of the times by an overdose of drugs given by his Doctor. The question begs an answer who authorised that, I cannot imagine it was your grand mother Queen Mary. So who could authorise the murder of a King?
Majesty our forefathers set a restriction on naturalized subjects because in law their first loyalty is to the country of their birth they were refused orders of nobility, to sit on the Privy Council or in either house of Parliament or to hold any office of public trust military or civil. Your government claim these restrictions were removed by the 1949 Nationality Act, but are apparently unable/unwilling to say how this was done when the King is specifically refused permission to change this law, and Parliament are refused permission to make any laws on naturalization without putting in a disabling clause preventing a naturalized subject receiving any order of nobility, sitting in either house or on the Privy Council or from holding any office of public trust. Both houses are full of people who should not be there. As is the Privy Council and every government building in the Kingdom. This restriction was not placed there because our ancestors were racist bigots but to ensure we did not import a fifth column into government whose first loyalty was not to you or your subjects but to a foreign power. We have 40 Muslim purported Peers in the House of Lords attempting to replace your Majesty’s law with Sharia law which is totally alien to your natural born subjects and in its treatment of women, homosexuals and the infidel is barbaric in the extreme. Now because Parliament broke the law we have a fifth column in government setting out to subdue us and eradicate our way of life and religion. Not for nothing did our forefathers set ten generations on naturalized subjects all to be born here before they were considered English with full rights and privileges.
Majesty we your most loyal subjects ask for your help to restore your Kingdom to its former glory with a reputation for honesty and honour. We your loyal subjects see and feel everyday the corruption permeating across your government and the police service. We your loyal subjects ask no more than the restoration of English Law and the recovery of all English assets illegally sold to foreign owners. Majesty the crimes of government reflect badly on you.
We are told you have the right to caution or advise government but not tell government. Majesty your greatest right granted to your forefathers by mine is to say NO, NO, NO to government you have not only the right but a clear duty to refuse the assent to proposed action by government. If the Prime minister stood before you and refused to accept your NO to her intended action your correct course of action is to have her arrested and charged with treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act. And if your minister of justice refuses to prosecute your correct course of action is to have him arrested on the same charge. It might be true you cannot arrest a Parliament though I would argue that and doubtless your loyal subjects would give a rousing cheer, but you can most assuredly arrest individual government ministers. We your most loyal subjects would give you whole hearted support in that enterprise.
Majesty party politics has been the ruin of this great Kingdom as has parliaments meeting every day that only results in your subjects being buried under mountains of bad and frankly idiotic laws. Please prorogue Parliament and hold elections where current politicians are barred and a parliament of independent MP’s are returned with a power of recall by the voters in their constituency and a parliament meeting once every three months with Your Majesty Present should be sufficient. To deal with the day to day running of the Kingdom.
Majesty you should also repeal the 1829 Catholic Relief Act which imported a fifth column whose loyalty is to the Pope and I say this as a catholic whose loyalty is to my Queen not the Pope.
Majesty I was talking to a Scot who in every respect is loyal to this Kingdom but one. I asked him this question. If the Queen ordered you to shoot the Pope and the Pope ordered you to shoot the Queen, who would you shoot? Without hesitation he said the Queen. He would obey the Pope before you. I said wrong Answer. Majesty most British Catholics have a greater loyalty to you than the Pope, of that I have no doubt but I have no doubt far to Many British Catholics would obey the Pope in all things. This is precisely the reason they were removed from government and the Church of England was born. And the 1689 Bill of Rights excludes them.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess

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