Russia's man on the street survey: Replies from Novosibirsk

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Russia's man on the street survey: Replies from Novosibirsk
Fri 14/04, 22:28

Very interesting:

Our sincerest thanks to Stephen for his hard work in complying with my request for info regarding the way the Russian people feel and think. Stephen is a Brit who works in Russia. 
Save for reference. Don
Dear Don,

It has taken me some time to collect all replies to your and other questions.  I surveyed seven groups  of teens and adults, kids of 14 years, business people and professionals, whom I teach.  I also spoke to several friends who work in the Central Market - persons of lower status, you might say!.

1  --  Do they think the western resolutions represent the people of the west?

I think everyone agreed that the British people that  they had met were not representatives of the western regimes.In some cases the only Brit that had met was me!    However, one student, a S-7 pilot, said that his US teacher was firmly in support of Trump and the West.  When my student challenged him , this US patriot said that he did not need evidence about the bombing in Syria.  It was enough that his government - Trump - said it was true! All information put out by the US government was 100% correct.  This US man is a teacher in this city.

2 - Do they understand the difference between democratic capitalism and corruption?

The answer generally was that only the Brits don't believe in corruption.  In all European societies, corruption in rife.  Opinion was divided concerning corruption in the Soviet Union.  Older students tended to state that corruption was far less than today.   Also, please remember that 'democracy' does not have the same meaning in Russia than it does in the UK/US.  What do you mean by democracy? a businessman asked me!3- Do they understand why the UK said "no" to the EU?

Yes, almost all agreed that the UK would be better out of the EU. with opportunities to trade with China India and other countries.   Some cited the E.U. as fascist.  One businessman asked me where the money and art works taken from Greece in the war had been stored?  The implication was that it was in the German banks.

4- Are the Russian happier today than before Putin?

This was a difficult question, but easily answered by those who lived through the collapse of the Soviet Union.  

What should be understood is that many Russians blame the west (the US and the Jesuit Catholic Church - John Paul!!)  for the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Following these catastrophic events there was absolute anarchy in Russia.  I have friend who refused to have children until Putin came to office, because post Soviet Russia was a very dangerous place.  I can confirm this from my early visits in 2003.

Putin is credited for single-handedly restoring order and civilization to Russia.  This cannot be over-stated and accounts for his high popularity.  Russia is now a far safer place to live than the US.  Women and children walk the streets without fear of molestation or attack.  In which European country can the same be said?

5-Are they happy with military co-operation with Assad?

I have met no-one who believes the western version of events.  The illegal Trump attack has considerable hardened vies here, I believe.   Even if it were true that Assad bombed these site, people  say that it would be justified because if Assad were deposed an Islamic would be in power and there would be absolute chaos.
6 - Are they afraid that Russian co-operation in Syria is a threat to Russian Security?

This was difficult and I could only get  two replies.   Both said that t was necessary because if the west was victorious in Syria or the terrorists, it would be a threat to Russia.  There is a grave mistrust of western intentions here at the moment and Trumps' statements are only adding to this.   Russians will not be 'bounced' as we used to say in the from the  free UK.-  will not be bullied.

I Hope this is helpful.


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