Letter to Teresa May from Albert Burgess

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Letter to Teresa May from Albert Burgess
« on: April 24, 2017, 06:08:22 PM »
Rt Hon Teresa May MP                                                                    Albert Burgess
10 Downing Street                                                                            
SW1A 2AA                                                                                  
Ref Election
Dear Teresa
The trouble with politicians, especially those who have never had a proper job in industry or medicine. Is that they think their degree in political sciences makes them infallibly right. In fact they are invariably wrong. 
You have worked outside politics so could well have more of an idea how the rest of us feel, but I will explain it to you anyway from the point of view of the English man and woman.
First, Islamic immigration. The people of this ancient Kingdom welcome those who come here and learn the language and integrate. Islam does not only not want to integrate they want to force us to accept Islam as our evil and satanic cult. Government with their anti English laws protecting Islam which you class as a race wrongly, it is an evil and Satanic cult with a history of 1400 years uninterrupted rape murder paedophilia and slavery.  You are a white English Christian woman when you prosecute your own kind for objecting to the excesses of Islam in this Kingdom you are the worst kind of racist putting the interests of other foreign races before your own. I would remind you, you are not above the law. So let me tell you it is not going to happen. We are sick to the back teeth of government passing laws to protect Muslims who are currently and have for some time been constantly raping and prostituting our English school girls. Who are making parts of our beautiful Kingdom into Muslim ghettos where her Majesty’s natural born subjects are subjected to attack and abuse as they walk in our own towns and cities?
If government does not act and tell our police marches with Islamic banners threatening murder are arrested for incitement to murder. The rapists of our children are taken off our streets dealt with severely then deported; I can only have one wife Muslims should have to comply with English law and only allowed to bring one wife in and no concubines or sex slaves. Unless government do this or throw out all Muslims and close all mosques where Satan is worshipped which is all of them then the kick back when it comes WHEN NOT IF , our streets will run with the blood of Muslims and members of Parliament who have allowed their crimes to go unpunished.
Foreign aid. The boy David was told by the Indian government they did not want our foreign aid money. The boy insisted they have it so we gave them our taxpayers money which paid for them to re-equip their air force with the most modern aircraft, whilst at the same time he set about smashing all our early warning Nimrods which we had spent billions on revamping. And he sold our entire Harrier fleet to America for the cost of one Harrier. None of these aircraft belonged to the boy they belonged to the English taxpayer. So as a taxpayer I would like you to bill him for every aircraft, and recoup our money. In case you did not know it is our money Parliament only administers it. As if that was not bad enough we have that brain dead fool Fallon saying in two years we will be able to go to war with Russia. He obviously missed history in school or he would know Napoleon and Hitler tried it and both got slaughtered. 
You are now rebuilding the Indian navy with modern state of the art warships having destroyed the Royal Air Forces ability to defend this Kingdom you are now hell bent on destroying the Royal Navy. Which in any event has been reduced to an ineffectual coastal defence force,
The  Army had over 400 main battle tanks stored in Germany which I understand the boy also sold. It is a definition of treason to so reduce the Kingdoms armed forces so they can no longer defend the Kingdom. I request and require that you lay a charge of treason against David Cameron.
The NHS is at crisis point they need money and lots off it. Instead of giving it to foreigners most of whom hate us we should spend taxpayers money on our own people first, instead you are running down the NHS who have to subcontract our care to private hospitals who just happen to have amongst their share holders government ministers and members of both houses. Insider trading springs to mind. It is a total disgrace we have food banks because government are so worried about foreigners they watch our own people starve and live on the streets and do not care how many sick, elderly or unfortunate subjects of her Majesty’s suffer. Whilst they give our hard earned tax money away so they can look good on the world stage. Taxes collected in Her Majesty’s name can only be used to benefit her subjects or fight wars. The definition of theft if to misappropriate property belonging to another with the intention of permanently denying the owner its use. That exactly describes your taxing us to give it away to foreign countries whose people would cut our throats as soon as look at us. Maybe an allegation of theft should be laid with the police over the theft of our tax monies as foreign aid.
You need to tell the EU to get lost and stop all payments and spend them to upgrade the NHS and our armed forces, and get rid of Islam from our shores. Do that and you will not need to increase taxes? Our membership of the EU is illegal under our constitutional law. You agree to all I have spoken about you will have 600 Tory MP’s in the commons ignore it and prepare for the lash back which will come. And which no Member of Parliament will survive, the most dangerous animal on the planet is a pissed off Englishman and we are fast approaching that state.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess 

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