Gina Miller’s is going to block Brexit!

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Gina Miller’s is going to block Brexit!
« on: April 28, 2017, 06:00:18 PM »
Gina Miller’s is going to block Brexit! She has just launched a BLOCK Brexit campaign, and she has already raised £300,000 to fund ANTI-Brexit candidates at the upcoming general election.
Martin, this is the most dangerous threat to Brexit yet. If we lose a substantial amount of Brexit candidates, then the ANTI-Brexit alliance will be able to reverse Brexit, and destroy our democratic rights.
Ms Miller arrived in London on Wednesday morning to launch 'Best for Britain' after raising £300,000 in six days through a crowdfunding page to support politicians who will push for a "real final vote" on Brexit.
Ms Miller told the event: "Only tactical voting at this election will ensure that Parliament plays its full role," before ruling out standing in the election as a candidate herself.
She said it would be “the biggest tactical voting effort in our history” and vowed to tour marginal constituencies to ensure the government does not have a mandate to "destroy our rights and relationship with Europe"

We simply can not allow this to happen. Gina Miller is mocking you, she is mocking us and she is mocking the very idea that ordinary people like you and I have any role in the political process. We are just too insignificant.
Labour Leave is standing up against this bully. We are launching a campaign to defend as many Brexit MPs as possible.
We can not allow people like Gina Miller and Richard Branson to steal our democratic rights from right under our nose to suit their own political agendas.
Martin, will you stand up for democracy right now? Can you stand up for Britain and demonstrate your passion for democracy and freedom by chipping in £40 today? Let's put an end to this ANTI-Democratic madness, and let's win this fight!
With your donations we will make sure volunteers blitz areas that need our support the most with canvassing and leaflets to counter the ANTI-Brexit alliance. We will support MPs like Kate Hoey and and will make sure that your vote, and our democracy remains unbroken.
Giving any amount - small or large - sends them a clear message. You can not buy our Brexit, you can not buy our children's future, we will push back, and we will win. Because together, there is nothing we can not achieve.
Yours sincerely,
Brendan Chilton
Labour Leave

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