Template to be adapted for your own use(By Albert Burgess)

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Template to be adapted for your own use(By Albert Burgess)
« on: August 29, 2012, 09:49:29 PM »
Chief Inspector Green

I fail to see the logic of your reply, this is my local police force and I have placed before you information that has come into my possession of the major crimes of High Treason against the constitutional arrangements of Parliament, which unless I am to incur the risk of being tried as a traitor for the Major crime of Misprision of Treason at Common Law, I am required by the Common Law of England to place this information where I believe it is best placed to go.

As the holder of the office of constable it is your clear duty to record any and every reasonable allegation of crime. Failure to do this constitutes a serious neglect of duty contrary to the police discipline codes, and because of the nature of my allegation you also lay yourself open to the charge of Misprision at Common Law. This is Higher Law which cannot be set aside by any statute law.

I note you do not say no crime exists only that it is outside your jurisdiction or authority to investigate. In this you are very mistaken as the holder of the office of constable your authority extends throughout England and Wales, the Palace of Westminster, and Downing Street are in England and therefore within your jurisdiction. As the holder of the office of constable you have authority to investigate crime anywhere within England and Wales. Your only restriction is that imposed by the Common and Constitutional Law of England. You are answerable to the laws of England as they are written; you are required to take your lead from the constitutional and Common Law of England. Any statute which clashes with the Constitutional and or Common Law will be struck down by it under the mischief rule as declared in Hayden?s Case 1584.

The actions of Anthony Lynton Blair one time Prime Minister in allowing and conspiring with others in Parliament with his 1999 House of Lords Act the unlawful removal of the Hereditary Peerage from the House of Lords contrary to the Common Law Cognisance of the House of Lords to conduct its own business in its own way and to decide itself who does or does not sit in the House of Lords. This is a clear act of High Treason against the Constitutional arrangements of Parliament. 

Nick Clegg Deputy Prime Minster and David Cameron Prime Minister of the United Kingdom are conspiring together with others to close the House of Lords and replace it with a weakened Senate unable to carry out the duties imposed on the House of Lords by the Ancient English Constitution, duties designed to bring security and peace to Her Majesty?s subjects, subjects you are on oath to protect. From all danger within this Kingdom.

If you consider Merseyside police are not best placed to carry out this most urgent enquiry into acts of treason at the highest levels of government you are free to record my allegations as a crime and refer them to another force you consider better placed to conduct this enquiry. What you are not free to do is to fail to record the allegations without risking the most serious penalties for your Misprision and Compounding High Treason at Common Law. I have a clear duty placed upon me by the Common Law of England to ensure I do all in my power to see this treason is dealt with. I have no desire to see you or the Chief Constable suffer through your lack of knowledge of the Treason and Common and Constitutional Laws of England. But rest assured if protecting the country of my birth means prosecuting you both to the limits of the law I will do exactly that. To avoid this it is only necessary to crime my allegation with a major crime book number and transfer it, I will of course require the number and where you have referred it to so that I may ensure it is properly dealt with

Respectfully Submitted



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Re: Template to be adapted for your own use(By Albert Burgess)
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2012, 02:14:12 PM »
I assume that if we get a negative response to our own letter, that this example of Albert's is the one to respond with in order to get them moving. I've got a few lined up myself.  ;)

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