The Courts Complaints Service Not working for you

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The Courts Complaints Service Not working for you
« on: January 26, 2013, 08:38:00 PM »
Note The Courts Complaints Service are another tax funded body supposed to investigate any unlawful acts committed in court by judges. Where the below and attached file shows in reality they actually unlawfully aid and abet the many corrupt judges in not fit for lawful purpose courts.

Just as it has been noted by the many ever-rising persecuted people how certain government employees are richly rewarded for these many unlawful acts continually committed against UK society

How does our or any PM such as D Cameron lawfully legislatively justify taxpayer funded bodies when constant unlawful dishonesty can be shown in ever-rising issues?

Help us to help you and sign our petitionto take PM D Cameron MP to court

4 January 08                            Rec Del Ref - DL 8294 5033 4GB

Personal & Private Attention
Paulette James OBE
Her Majesty?s Court Service
Customer Service Unit
5th Floor Clive House
70 Petty France
SW 1H 9HD                 Your Ref CSU/11672

Dear Paulette James OBE
Re ? Your letter dated 5 November 07

I apologise for the long delay in my replying, but I have been awaiting a further witness statement, (copy enclosed on disc) which has been delayed by two recent bereavements in the witness?s immediate family, plus then the Xmas period.  Another, of which I am sure you are aware, is of my having to go public with certain documentation.  Which is due to our home again being unlawfully entered and again incriminating documentation (to others) being unlawfully taken or exchanged.

Where I enclose to you documented evidence of unlawful criminal acts committed (by others) which has denied my legal lawful right to a fair hearing.  As well of which has therefore violated the basis of our society, which should be the law and its observance for all.

1 -I therefore write to you by complaint, with the law being the basis for our society, and in please requesting the law is observed by right of investigation into these unlawful criminal acts.

2 -I further write to you under the law, and please request either you or those lawfully responsible, to send me procedure and application forms for my lawful legal right to request trial by jury.  For much documented evidence and many witness testimonies will clearly show these judgements were unlawful in their hearings, and should never have been made.  For evidence will show of how district Judges Regan, Carson, Hendicott, and Hickinbottom perverted the course of justice to stop the truth of evidence from prevailing.  If this law has been changed and defers my right to trial by jury, (which violates my civil rights/ liberties and human rights) I would please be grateful if you would let me know at your earliest?

I now offer and enclose the grounds for my lawful requested rights
In you?re above letter you state in reading through all my correspondence that my permission to appeal was refused ?  In order to correct your mistake, and to ensure you have received the correct documentation, I further enclose, two separate indexes taken from the enclosed disc. The enclosed disc contains copies of scanned legal documents from two separate legal issues and a copy of this letter.  One of which is the disrepair issue, the other is of my eleven applications against the government for misconduct in public office.  Criminal offences (of fraud, deception, collusion, perverting the course of justice) committed by Wales and west housing association, and their solicitors Hugh James, and Rebecca Rees, are clearly shown in this enclosed documentation.  It also contains the set of false forged judgements from the Royal CourtsJustice, of which you refer, and those of true judgement, granting my appeal, from Lord Justice Sedley

Further unlawful criminal offences are (and will later be) shown committed by district judges, Regan, Carson, Hendicott, and Hickinbottom in both issues.  All of which and as further enclosed witness testimony (on enclosed disc) will show has prevented the law (the basis of our society) from being observed and my lawful right to a fair hearing.  The witness testimony further includes (and is shown in court document) testimony to two unlawful conflicts of interest, which further violated my right to a fair hearing.  Where judge Hendicott in the middle of a housing disrepair hearing passed a judgement on my applications against the government, which was contrary to the hearing being heard. 

The other was in my government applications, judge Hickinbottom (unlawfully) sitting as an additional high court judge passed an unlawful order of civil restraint against me, in regard to my housing disrepair hearing.  Again which was contrary to the government application being heard, and of which he was in unlawful violation of the courts directions in the government applications.  For documentation shows the eleven defendants were given until the 24 July 06 to file any defence, yet none filed until (circa) 5 August 06 ? (As example, please see enclosed filed defence of Mr T Blair and Mr J Prescott dated 5 August).  Therefore there should lawfully have been under the law, no case to answer; instead I received further unlawful malicious vindictive persecution from judge Hickbottom.  Where as enclosed documentation and witness statement further shows the law was not observed or upheld. He further to my complaints of his unlawful judgements openly stated in court, ?It is a known fact, that no government department of complaint works on behalf of the public ?   

He again unlawfully violates my right to any appeal, as he states I have to apply to him (which evidence shows he will unlawfully refuse) for what should be a normal lawful requested right of appeal ??  It may be stated by the overwhelming media stated cash strapped government, that this was for the common good or purpose ?  Under the law (the basis for our society), how can fully documented unlawful malicious vindictive persecution to the any, in the ignorance of the truth, where documented unlawful malicious injustice is to be stated, for the common good or purpose ?

Please  Note The enclosed disc is guaranteed to be virus free and has been programmed to open under any format ? If however papers by document are required in evidence, please let me know at your earliest.  I also have much more documented evidence of many more criminal offences and unlawful malicious persecution available to your request as evidence.

Glamorgan Aluminium issue ? I was owed ?22000, twenty two thousand pounds by this company who had also not paid any of my (stopped by them) income tax to the Inland Revenue ? It took nine years to gain a hearing date, with the barrister stopping my legal aid the day before the hearing, on his gut feeling ? The Truth is Riley, Mumford, and Rausa solicitors previously left a charge on my then house, which they were previously paid cash to remove.  So this issue should have then gone through their insurance (did they have any) for their negligence. To cover it up I have had nothing but unlawful malicious persecution in all my issues ? (found at Amendment to this letter this site conveniently taken down by A Yianniddes

WWHA housing disrepair issue Eleven years to gain a hearing date, where all evidence has been unlawfully ignored to pervert the course of justice, to unlawfully maliciously persecute me.  Where again all documented evidence has unlawfully been suppressed by the courts due to my complaints of the legal services in this and the above issue.

Eleven applications against the government for misconduct in public office, due to the law not being observed or the government/persons not fulfilling their public duty eleven applications were issued.  From the outset evidence will show judge Hickinbottom perverted the course of justice to suppress the truth. To where he then unlawfully appointed himself to sit as an additional high court judge to further unlawfully pervert the course of justice.  Where there should under the law have been no case to answer due to all eleven defendants filing their defence nearly a fortnight out of time, he again perverted the course of justice, to cover his own another judges criminal actions.
Twenty years of solicitors taking taxpayers money as legal aid and not observing the law ?

If you or the court service, do not intend to uphold the law, or allow me my lawful rights, please inform me within twenty-one days.  Any non-reply within that time will be taken as further unlawful malicious persecution.
I await your earliest reply

Yours faithfully

P Ronald
Note I had not mentioned in the above letter the ?17000 pounds owed and no stopped tax paid to the Inland Revenue by Turner Aluminium. That was then taken over by directors from Glamorgan Aluminium as this company was a long while prior put into receivership. Where I knew I had no chance of any recovery at this time. For my initial solicitors at the start of all these issues (then Riley Mumford and Rausa) now Rausa Mumford had not acted in my best interest as they were conveniently covering up the previous Inland revenue charge they had unlawfully left on my then property

Where when one also peruses the attached Index and chronology of my 2nd application and the actaul amount of evidence that was made available (Sory for size as not very conversant with PC and had to copy from pdf file scanned docs) One can see the evidence that was made available intitially as well as many of the later criminal offences and cover ups committed?

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