The Great Social War has commenced….  

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The Great Social War has commenced….  
« on: May 03, 2017, 07:32:12 PM »
The Great Social War has commenced….
2nd May 2017
Forget about a fat overgrown attention seeker in North Korea threatening war because nobody has noticed him. Eventually he’ll go back to his toys. China will soon tire of his tantrums-indeed they already have made their anger known as has Putin, with Kim Telly-Tubby and his ridiculous nuclear pretensions. The US, or Russia, even China could erase NK is minutes, through conventional or nuclear means. They can take their time too but the writing is on the wall for this failed state. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely!” runs the maxim. From the daft haircut to ongoing “selfie shots” of this idiot, this paranoid psychopath will soon be history. Even polite Chinese  and Russian foster parents will tire of Kim’s tantrums… and they have.
The real news is 5,000, miles West in France, now in the full throes of a Communist-Islamist revolution-one fat worse then that attempted in 1968 Summer Of Love”. The BBC is reporting none of it, or telling it in a sanitized version but this is potentially way beyond 1789 and the France we once loved and respected will be history should the French authorities fail to halt this revolution, that is spreading to Germany too. A Le Pen victory, if the French hold their nerve will simply send the Communists into a mass hysteria of violence on steroids. 

Students and “luvvies” are involved, as well as the migrants, that now exceed the native displaced Parisians that once lived there and seem only too happy when a police officer charged to keep the peace, rolls on the ground in flames as a Molotov cocktail engulfs him. This is civil war-real war- not some “protest”. So far things are “quiet” in London but the Police have raided several Islamic groups over the last week-numbering in their hundreds and potentially 10,000 of them, many actually caught in the process of planting nail and ball bearing bombs on the London tube trains.
Our Intelligence services in the UK remain very good and I will always acknowledge talent when I see it. My pal Sati phoned me late last night to say that the country is literally on the verge of collapse. Even in far of Nantes the revolution is under way. 

He and his wife Dominique are scared. Who can blame then? Yesterday was “Worker’s Day” and it is obvious that a well coordinated plan for a Communist insurrection is now underway across the globe Just as we warned, even in the timid and apathetic UK. The latter is now breaking apart as I write, as “wannabe”  Queen of Brexit Gina Millar and the Mummy of Anthony Blair attempt to foist the same ideology of feudalistic Globalism on the UK, where the Referendum has all but been ignored. Once the UK population realises the fact that “Brexit” is fake, then all hell will break loose,even here.
In The US, patriots prevented the Antifas from reducing their major cities to copies of Paris. Now watch this video. You may circulate this piece.
Then this….
Lives will be lost ….

Julian Farmer

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