The game's up for the 4th Reich

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The game's up for the 4th Reich
« on: May 04, 2017, 06:17:09 PM »
Here is part of a SKY News report:
“Senior EU figures are expected to react later to Theresa May's combative speech in which she accused some in Brussels of ‘not wanting Britain to prosper.’ Launching the Conservative Party's general election campaign after the dissolution of Parliament, she suggested leaks and threats had been ‘deliberately timed to affect the result of the general election’.”
Allow me to translate this journalese for you ,please, into something that resembles the way we speak in the street:
“The unelected EU Commissioners and others in their gang of apparatchiks and bureaucrats are in a state of panic and emotional shock because it has dawned at last on their sluggish collectivist minds that Britain is determined to leave their corrupt and disastrously inefficient and destructive political project. They will use every dirty trick they can think of, every lie they can invent and every false statistic they can manufacture to prevent our exit from the EU. Deceit and deception are the only ways of working known to them. Like the devil himself, these vile, self-promoting Eurocrats  have constructed an empire of lies. So we should not be surprised when we notice their meddling in our elections with the intention of perverting the results – as they pervert everything else they touch.”
But why are the leaders of the EU in such a flap about Brexit?
Because Britain is a massive contributor to the EU budget and our leaving might be enough by
itself to bring about the collapse of their whole rotten project.
Because when other European nations see the success of Britain’s Brexit policy, they will be emboldened to leave too. Already there is strong support for Leave in a number of EU member states.
Because the people of Europe have come to see that the EU is not the benign keeper of the peace and bountiful distributor of funds which it pretends to be.  By obliging all member states to adopt the Deutschmark – that is the Euro by any other name – EU economic policy is run by the Germans and for the Germans, with the deliberate result that the non-industrial nations of southern Europe are impoverished to keep the Germans in the prosperity to which they have been accustomed ever since the USA pumped billions into their country’s restoration after the collapse of the Third Reich.
As the direct result of EU economic policy, the people of Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal have been made poor. Youth unemployment in these countries varies between 25% and 50%, a disaster producing a lost generation
Britain’s determination to make a success of Brexit is stirring these impoverished peoples and teaching them that they do not need to continue for ever as vassal provinces of Frau Merkel’s Fourth Reich .
The dictatorship of the EU Commissioners – Frau Merkel’s politburo – are terrified out of their wits by Brexit. Thus they have retreated to the bunker from where they issue all manner of foul threats and noises as Hitler did in 1945, when he too saw the writing on the wall.
That was a good speech yesterday, prime minister. Now don’t go all wobbly on us!


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Re: The game's up for the 4th Reich
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2017, 11:48:50 AM »
Are you being conned? Is Theresa May playing a devious game?  She was
> a strong advocate of remaining in the EU. Is she an honorable woman
> who respects the mandate of the referendum? Me?. I don't think so.
>  Why; because she supported draconian methods of controlling our
> freedom of speech. This has been difficult to get through parliament
> because of her low majority of MPs. So bandwagon jumping on the public
> mood for leaving the EU.  Oh! I hope that I am wrong, but past
> experience shows that I am not.
> Do you want some proof? Then ask yourself why one of our basic
> freedoms guaranteed at Magna Carta has gone. There are your
> compatriots languishing in prisons and so called caring mental health
> hospitals, imprisoned or sectioned who are normal people, imprisoned
> for expressing the truth. Habeas Corpus has been abolished Only by
> fighting individual cases, which causes much harm to myself, can I
> sleep peacefully each night. Please advise me how you can ignore such
> cries for help and sleep without these crimes affecting you. JohnT


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Re: The game's up for the 4th Reich
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2017, 11:50:05 AM »
Yes John, we are being conned. How do they con us ? . . .  Let us count
the ways . . . then again, let's not . . . for it is a task without end.

I have never voted in an election nor will I vote in this one. One
should not give agreement to those who betray you. I voted to leave the
EU as that was for my nation and race, the only time I have voted.

Every non indigenous racial group temporarily residing in our nation,
jews, muslims, pakistanis, africans etc all work toward building their
own power base and state within _the_ state. It is not _our_ state -
that ship sailed long ago. They are of course aided and abetted by the
liberal, globalist, talmudic, masonic self appointed dead souls that
purport to be our leaders. The brexit vote included a rejection of these
people and their toxic scenario of a one world odour.

Would we not better serve our interests if, instead of wasting more time
and energy reacting to and opposing the traitors and hirelings, we build
_our_ state within this rotten, corrupted one? Britain 2.0 as it were. A
revival and regeneration of and return to and active application of
common law? . . .  scriptural law made practicable through the hard won
experience of our forefathers.

Non Japanese can live in Japan for as long as they like but they never,
_NE__VER_ get the vote. So Japan remains Japanese. Why should a muslim
or a jew have the vote? Their law is in direct opposition to our law and
so is a direct threat to our way of life and our race. Not to mention
all the subsequent vote rigging and pleading and whining that is spewed
out across the Fake News MSM. Barely a mention of the plight of our own
people. Us. For as we all know, the BBC and the rest lie in the hands of
the enemy.

We are at war, with democracy a weapon used to disarm us. A mechanism
whereby "they" get in, lie and deceive and then get the electorate to
pay for it all. /*Poli = */many, /*ticks = */parasites.

Common law needs to be made easily and readily known and understood by
our brethren. Janet and John levels of simplicity and clarity are
required so that the Common Law becomes literally, Common Knowledge and
revives the fading force of Common Sense.

We do not need democracy. We need to get back to the law. And to do
that, we need to know it and also know that it is known by our brethren
. . . Britons from the varying anglo saxon, celtic, gaelic, nordic,
scandinavian, teutonic branches of our race.

Buckminster Fuller said:  *"You never change things by fighting the
existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the
existing model obsolete."**


We're in a better position than that. We don't have to build a new
model, but simply dust off the hidden (to most people) treasure that is
Common Law and apply it.

We must know what we are working FOR. But whilst we spend our time
fighting AGAINST them and their deathly ideas, we merely, judo like,
give our energy into their hands for them to use against us.

I need someone to teach me, show me the Common Law in a simple and
readily understandable format. We need a chirpy, cheeky, witty online
training course on it.  We need all 17 million brexit voters to know it
and we need to make the process concise, crisp and above all FUN.

When we vote for these parasites we con ourselves and keep the sham
going. Time to stop all that and get back to the law, the way our
forefathers did.


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