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Dear Chief Constable

I write to report treason against the English Constitution,  Her Majesty The Queen,  her subjects the British people and the United Kingdom as a nation state.
The English Constitution remains in lawful force as it was written in 1689.  It comprises among other documents,  the Common Law of England,  Magna Carta 1215,  the 1351 Treason Act,  The Petition of Rights 1628,  The Bill of Rights 1689,  Habeas Corpus 1679 and the Act of Supremacy 1559.  As treason is not a geographical crime but one which effects the entire nation,  each and every police force has a lawful duty unlimited by their administrative boundaries,  to investigate and expose treason for the most serious crime that it is (more grave even,  than any murder),  as it severely effects every individual in the United Kingdom.
1.  Tony Blair,  Nick Clegg and David Cameron are all holders of a British passport and have each taken the parliamentary oath.  This means they have a firm duty of allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

2.  For her part,  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at her Coronation,  took an oath to her subjects that she would rule us according to our laws and customs  -  including English Common Law and the English Constitution.  Each of the above named Tony Blair,  Nick Clegg and David Cameron by virtue of their holding British passports (being British subjects) and having each taken a solemn oath of allegiance to Her Majesty have an absolute and clear duty to support Her Majesty in upholding her oath that she took before God and to her subjects.
3.  All Hereditary Peers in the House of Lords have a Letters Patent which is a lawful written order from the Sovereign to advise and assist the Sovereign in the government of the Kingdom by scrutinising legislation on Her behalf to ensure that only legislation which benefits the subjects and the Kingdom shall pass into law.
4.  When Tony Blair put through the 1999 House of Lords Act,  he placed himself above Her Majesty and set her lawful order to her Barons to assist her in the government of her country,  at nil.  This,  for Mr Blair then Prime Minster of the United Kingdom,  was to imagine the death of Her Majesty as Sovereign Queen and was thus a major act of High Treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act and the Common Law of England.
5.  Nick Clegg,  Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in his many public statements of clear intention to close the House of Lords has conspired with others to subvert the Constitutional arraingements of Parliament,  an unambiguous act of High Treason against the English Constitution,  Her Majesty,  the Common Law of England and the people of the United Kingdom.
6.  David Cameron,  Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in his public utterances in support of the changes to the structure of Parliament and in support of the changes proposed by Nick Clegg his deputy,  has conspired with Mr Clegg to commit High Treason against the Constitutional arraingments of parliament contrary to the English Constitution,  English Common Law and against Her Majesty and her subjects the British people.  It is NOT under any circumstances whatsoever permissible for any government or government minister to change the House of Lords.  The form of government explained below,  is irrevocably set in stone for the express purpose of protecting the United Kingdom,  its Sovereign,  its laws and its people against despotism.
7.  The Constitutional arraignments of parliament were laid down many hundreds of years ago by our forefathers to ensure that we the inheritors of their blood and their country of England should be able to live free of the despotic government they had on occasion to endure and to fight to change.
8.  They devised a government consisting of a tri-partite agreement now enshrined in the Common Law of England.  Under this agreement,  the House of Commons as you know originates legislation which is then passed to the House of Lords for approval,  amendment or rejection.  If approved,  it goes before the Sovereign to be given Royal Assent only if believed to be in the best interests of the people of the Kingdom.  No one party to this tri-partite agreement may make,  amend or repeal a law or change the agreement in any way.  Indeed it would be highly treasonous to attempt to do so.
9.  The tripartite agreement was so designed as to prevent for all time,  any unlawful power-grab by any person or persons against the wishes of the other parties to the agreement.  The clear intention of Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg is to remove power from the House of Lords to the House of Commons for their own purposes fully in contempt of the tripartite agreement and the English Constitution.
10.  In publicly claiming on TV that ?Parliament is sovereign?,  Mr Cameron openly committed treason against Her Majesty (The Sovereign),  the Constitution and the people,  all of whom are party to the tri-partite agreement.  Sovereignty as you know,  is held by the Monarchy.  This was established by George III when he won his 20 year battle with Parliament as to who was sovereign,  the King or Parliament.  The then Prime Minister William Pitt the Elder, said that it was better to be ruled by one despot than by many.  In 1713,  Sir Matthew Hale wrote the ?Prerogatives of the King? which sets out precisely what the Sovereign can and cannot do.  Any attempt to change this arrangement would be considered high treason.
11.  We have been governed by this method of tripartite agreement for hundreds of years and this small Kingdom has successfully governed 25% of the land mass of the planet and kept its sea lanes safe and secure in such fashion for all of that time.  Remember,  the will of the British people is in law,  supreme over Her Majesty and Parliament.
12.  You will find reference to the tri-partite agreement in Chief Justice of the King?s Bench Sir Mathew Hales? book ?The Prerogatives Of The King? 1713 and Chief Justice of the King?s Bench Sir William Blackstones? ?Commentaries On The Laws of England?.  Professor Tawell-Langemead,  Professor of Constitution History in his book ?English Constitutional History? 1896 states that parliament in its then present form was made in 1295 as did Professor F W Maitland LLD in his book,  ?The Constitutional History of England? 1908.
13.  Since Edward Heath signed the Treaty of Rome in 1972,  wilfully and knowingly signing control of Britain over to the European Community under the guise of the Common Market,  successive government ministers and in particular,  Tony Blair,  Nick Clegg and David Cameron have for a matter of years and without any clear mandate from the British people whatsoever,  openly and expressly acted for,  toward and in support of the membership of the United Kingdom within the European Union (EU),  a foreign power,  contrary to the terms of the Act of Supremacy 1559.
14.  This Act deals with the crime of High Treason.  The following is an extract from the Act.  For potential convenience,  I have highlighted in red that which particularly applies to the above named and to the EU as a ?state?.
?And for the more sure observation of this act and the utter extinguishment of all foreign and usurped power and authority, may it please your highness that it may be further enacted by the authority aforesaid that, if anyperson or persons dwelling or inhabiting within this your realm or in any other your highness's realms or dominions . . . , shall by writing, printing, teaching, preaching, express words, deeds, or act, advisedly, maliciously, and directly affirm, hold, stand with, set forth, maintain, or defend the authority, pre-eminence, power, or jurisdiction, spiritual or ecclesiastical, of any foreign prince, prelate, person, state, or potentate whatsoever, heretofore claimed, used, or usurped within this realm or any dominion or country being within or under the power, dominion, or obeisance of your highness, or shall advisedly, maliciously, or directly put in ure or execute anything for the extolling, advancement, setting forth, maintenance, or defence of any such pretended or usurped jurisdiction, power, pre-eminence, or authority, or any part thereof, that then every such person and persons so doing and offending, their abettors, aiders, procurers, and counsellors, being thereof lawfully convicted and attainted according to the due order and course of the common laws of this realm [shall suffer specified penalties, culminating in punishment for high treason on the third offence] . . . .?'
15.  On Sunday 11 December 2011 Nick Clegg as a guest on the BBC Andrew Marr Show,  said,  ?I will fight tooth and nail to prevent that. . . ? (Britain from leaving the EU).  And he also said that he,  ?will oppose any attempt to remove, already surrendered power,  back from the EU to the UK?.  This is evidenced in the BBC TV video http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-16130435.  By uttering these words,  he most clearly and irrevocably commits High Treason against the English Constitution (Act of Supremacy 1559),  Her Majesty,  her subjects the British people and the United Kingdom.
16.  On Sunday 5 February 2012,  a TV programme of BBC Parliament recorded on 1 February showed the annual session with the Deputy Prime Minister,  Nick Clegg MP.  One of the main topics of the session related to the House of Lords Reform,  basically turning it into an elected senate.
17.  During the debate Lord Norton of Louth and Lord Crickhowell of Powys informed Mr Clegg that the Government should ask the people?s opinion in a referendum (as would be required under the terms of the English Constitution).  After much diversionary portrayal of democracy,   Mr Clegg said that the Government has NO intention of doing this.  Mr Clegg therefore unmistakably committed High Treason by subverting the English Constitution.
18.  Given the research,  there will be many more such instants of treason being committed by all three of the above named.  However to save much time and a very lengthy letter,  the above should suffice in making clear the these gentlemen have all committed treason against their own country,  Her Majesty The Queen and her people.
19.  In any trial for treason,  the points to prove beyond reasonable doubt are :-
Did the person do the acts alleged in the charge ?
Does the person have a duty of allegiance to the head of state (Her Majesty The Queen), her subjects the British people and the United Kingdom as a nation state and as their own native country ?

Only when both points are satisfied beyond reasonable doubt can the accused be found guilty of High Treason.
You?ll know that failure by the police to investigate a report of treason is itself an act of ?Misprision of Treason? (wilful disregard of report of treason) which carries the same penalty as the treason itself.  Under the terms of the English Constitution,  this currently stands at death by hanging.
This is a most grave issue of major and serious consequence which effects our country,  its future and every present and future individual in it.  I look forward to receiving a reply of your intended action as these issues are recorded in history and are not going to go away.
Yours sincerely,
Rex xxxxxxx

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