Letter to EU Directorate from Albert Burgess

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Letter to EU Directorate from Albert Burgess
« on: May 09, 2017, 09:18:12 PM »
Mrs L Kurt                                                                                        Albert Burgess
EU Directorate
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street
9th May 2017
Ref your email FOI#24035
(1) You state the UK has a Parliament whose members are elected to take decisions that affect the Nation.
My answer, This is a Kingdom not a nation. Parliaments are required to administer this ancient Kingdom within the guidelines laid down by the English common and constitutional law. (higher law)
(2) You state on our entry into the then European Community in 1973: that decision was made by our democratically-elected Parliament.
My answer, Under English common and constitutional law it constitutes an act of treason to import foreign law into this Kingdom and to allow any say by foreigners into the governance of this Kingdom.
(4) You say there was a referendum on UK membership of the European Economic Community in June 1975.
My answer, No there was not, there was a referendum on whether we wanted a trade agreement.
(6)You state thereafter, each Treaty change – including the adoption of the Treaty on the European Union which formed part of the Maastricht Treaty has been ratified by the democratically elected British government.
My answer, You seem to believe being elected allows our politicians to do things the King in our case Queen is not permitted by common and constitutional law to do. The signing and ratifying of every European treaty contravenes England’s common and constitutional law and constitutes act of treason against the constitutional arrangements for England.
(8)You state the Lisbon Treaty adjusts existing Treaty’s, in the same way as previous amending Treaties negotiated by Mrs Thatcher (she was not a Peer at the time), John Major (he was not a Knight at the time) and Tony Blair (although of course not as far reaching in scope as the Maastricht Treaty agreed by John Major. All these Treaties were scrutinised and approved by Parliament without the need for a referendum.
My answer, Every Treaty you have mentioned is illegal under English constitutional and common law and every Prime Minister you have mentioned is a traitor as is every Member of Parliament who voted in favour of any of it is a traitor under English law
(9) you state the Lisbon Treaty received the Royal assent.
It never ceases to amaze me just how ignorant of the English constitution our politicians and civil servants like you actually are. If you actually knew anything you would know that according to the House of Commons library no King or Queen has personally given the Royal assent since 1854. Every thing has been given the automatic Assent, which just happens to be highly illegal. You would also know the use of the Royal prerogative by Ministers is also illegal to the extent it imagines the death of her Majesty contrary to the 1351 Treason Act for which the death penalty is the correct tariff. You would also know that England’s Kings cannot be a citizen of Europe or anywhere else the only one over England’s Kings is God. You would also know the Estates of England which you undoubtedly have never heard of but who are the highest law giving body in England, ruled on the subject of giving England away in May 1366 I refer you to Stubbs (2) 435 the 1559 Act of Supremacy and the 1689 Declaration and Bill of Rights which should be enough constitutional law to prove the treason of every EEC/EU Treaty. I do require a sensible reply. Which at least shows you at least are not a traitor to Queen and her Kingdom?

Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess

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