In Memory of Harry Hammond Martyred in Bournemouth 2001

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In Memory of Harry Hammond Martyred in Bournemouth 2001
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In Memory of Harry Hammond Martyred in Bournemouth 2001
Dear friends,
Allow me to show you what will happen to anyone, in Britain, who dares
 to defend truth, reason and public decency, especially in the
 education system, with places like Bournemouth and Winchester
 Universities, after the government has fulfilled its promise to break
 down all barriers, protecting marriage, the family and children. Once
 gay marriage has been forced through Parliament, it will not only get
 rid of words like ?husband,? ?wife,? ?father? and
 ?mother? but it will pave the way for making children the property
 of the state who, in time can be trained to turn on the moral values
 of their own parents *[1]*
Peter Tatchell, neo- Marxist, gay rights activist, last year 2012,
 declared to the World: /?There are no borders or boundaries when it
 comes to Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender human rights. No
 nationality, no culture, no belief system can stand in the way of the
 historic quest for LGBT freedom.?/ *[2, 3]*
I was to discover the truth of this statement when in 2012, I was
 assaulted by academic staff, at the end of a lecture, in front many
 students, for merely objecting to obscene language being uttered by
 the lecturer, Dr Eric Anderson. This took place during the LGBT
 History Month, February, *[4]* when I had attended a public meeting,
 entitled, ?Open Lecture: ?Changing the Game - Gay Athletes then
 and now,? held in Bournemouth University. The talk was given by a
 ?homosexual? professor, Dr Eric Anderson from Winchester
 University (WU), who came to tell around 70 sports students why gay
 sex is better than straight sex. I had heard Dr Anderson before, in
 2010 at the pre- launch to the 2011 LGBT History month at Twickenham
 Rugby Ground, suggesting that ?straight? men were now imitating
 homosexual behaviour. *[5]* This revelation from Anderson was
 confirmed when I saw an ITV programme, dating back to 2007
 ?Generation Xcess,? showing Sandbach Rugby team on a night out in
 pubs with players performing sexual acts on one another. *[6]. *More
 recently On ITV?s Breakfast show, Dr Anderson expressed the view
 that monogamy and fidelity within marriage is a form of ? sexual
 incarceration? and that men, in order to keep their marriages alive,
 should cheat on their wives. *[7]*
But what I had not realised, before attending the meeting at
 Bournemouth University, was that the previous year, 2011, Dr Anderson
 had given a talk at Oxford University, in which he seemed to throw all
 caution to the wind. This talk appeared in the ?Oxford Student,?
 entitled, ?Lecturer or Lecherer at LGBT Talk.?
It reported:
/?Professor Eric Gumby Anderson?.opened his lecture by stating:
 ?My intention is to offend you, I?m going to cuss a lot and I?m
 going to break down all kinds of hegemonic structures. If you?re
 offended by discussions of anal sex, vaginal sex, rimming, cheating,
 having cum all over you face then you should probably leave.?/
/The lecture was hosted by //Oxford// //University//?s LGBTQ society
 and many members of the audience had been attracted by the deliberate
 title, which //Anderson// said was designed to ?pxss people off and
 get a big audience?./
/Dr Anderson said the talk was intended to ?empower people?.to
 cast off conservative ?Oxfordian? beliefs?. During the two-hour
 lecture, topics covered ranged from anal sex, bestiality and incest to
/Anderson, a sociologist in the department of sports studies at the
 University of Winchester, came out of the ?closet? in 1993 as
 //America//?s first openly gay high school coach./
/When it was suggested that //Anderson// is a sexual ?predator?,
 he said ?yeah? and laughed. //Anderson// claimed to have had had
 sex with ?easily over a thousand people?. He said: ?I like sex
 with 16, 17, 18 year old boys particularly, it?s getting harder for
 me to get them but I?m still finding them?.I hope between the age
 of 43 and the time I die I can have sex with another thousand, that
 would be awesome, even if I have to buy them, of course, not a
 problem, you pay for all kinds of entertainment and pleasure.? /
/When asked whether he thought he had taken emotional or physical
 advantage of some of the thousand people he had slept with, Anderson
 replied that he thought that team sports were ?more damaging? to
 adolescents than sex. He went on to claim: ?The damage that?s
 caused by child molestation is socially constructed by the western
 world;? he contrasted this to other cultures where children engage
 in sexual activity with adults as a rite of passage./
/He said that he and his boyfriend like to travel on cruise ships
 because ?it?s like sex tourism, which is just amazing? and ?I
 always screw the dancers?. He went on to say ?we stop at a
 different port every night, go to a gay club every night and have sex
 with people?.you don?t need to know their names?./
/On the topic of religion, Anderson, an atheist, said: ?Islam is a
 horrible, homophobic, awful, disgusting religion?, when asked by a
 member of the audience how he could tar the whole religion with the
 same brush, //Anderson// responded: ?the whole religion is
 predicated on the inferiority of women?. He said that Christianity
 was: ?the most disgusting religion in the history of mankind?. He
 called the Archbishop Rowan Williams an ?arxxle?, ?a total
 bigot? and ?a fxxxxxg liar.? /*[8]*

If I had been aware of this information, I might have been better
 prepared for what was to happen. Apart from lacing his talk with
 obscene language he attacked Christians and the older generation for
 being the main obstacle to the gay agenda. I felt threatened in my own
 country. After a one hour, uninterrupted diatribe, there was time left
 for just two questions from the floor. Only one student was prepared
 to respond and so I offered to pose the second question- an offer duly
 accepted. But before I asked, I felt the necessity to object to his
 obscene and threatening language, especially in a public place.**
I said, /?First I want to object to the obscene language, slander
 and insult.?/
The words were barely out my mouth before Professor Anderson screamed,
 with volcanic fury from the platform, /?Out! Out! Out!? /He then
 rushed upon me, arms outstretched, smothering me with his body,
 shouting into my face. I was quickly surrounded by half a dozen
 academic staff, including a woman who all joined in, forcing me
 backwards. As I was being driven out of the lecture room, I called out
 to the 70 plus sports students who sat silent and motionless, /?Open
 your eyes; this is //Britain//; this is your freedom of speech.?/
I had not forced entry to the lecture, disrupted the talk, expressed
 any view about homosexuality, advanced in a menacing way towards the
 speaker, or have time to leave quietly when shouted at. All I had
 objected to was his language, but I was ejected in less than 15
The completion of which was executed by Dr James Palfreman- Kay, the
 Equality and Diversity Advisor, the organiser of the event, and Dr Ian
 Jones, Professor of Sociology, a large man whom I mistook for being a
 personal body guard of Dr Anderson. They then both accused me of
 deliberately upsetting him, but immediately quietened down when I
 offered to come back to the university and present an alternate view.
 This was apparently accepted, for ten or fifteen minutes later,
 outside the building, I was having a serious, academic discussion with
 Dr Ian Jones, when Dr.Anderson passed us both and screamed
 uncontrollably at me again. No! No! No!
Does anyone believe, in view of this, that I would be free to present
 an alternate view that challenges LGBT orthodoxy without my lecture
 being descended upon, by all the gays of Bournemouth and who would
 threaten me with the same kind violence, visited on Harry Hammond in
 the centre of Bournemouth, in 2001, with the full approval of the
 Police and Crown Prosecution Service? Harry Hammond died not long
 after this. *[9]*
On my arrival home, I telephoned two Christian barristers who assured
 me that I had been assaulted; but the Dorset police, because I had no
 physical injuries, were not interested. Both John Vinney, the Vice
 Chancellor of BU and the Vice Chancellor of WU, Tommy Geddes, denied
 that I any cause for complaint:

/?As indicated in my letter of //the 2nd March 2012// your
 allegation of assault at the Open Lecture, ?Changing the Game- Gay
 Athletes then and now? has been investigated. As a result of this
 investigation we have concluded that no further action will be taken
 by the University and as a result we now consider the matter to be
 closed.? ? John Vinney/
/???.representatives of the organisers and other members of the
 audience as well as Professor Anderson proceeded to manoeuvre you out
 of the lecture room. While the event took place elsewhere, the
 //University// of //Winchester// regrets any upset this incident may
 have caused through the manner of your expulsion and any role that its
 member of staff may have played in it. It does not, however, in any
 other respect uphold your complaint.?- Tommy Geddes/
When I related this event to someone at BU his response was very
/I have now read your attachments and you have my support, I am
 frankly shocked on numerous fronts. I will not take any action on
 this, but if there is anything you think I should know could help you
 vis a vis BU then please let me know and I will see that I can do. If
 you hear that Eric Anderson is speaking again at BU in the future,
 would you please let me know and I will ask some internal questions,
 without reference to your case./
/Kind regards? ????./
I then wrote to him again, asking if he were able to find witnesses,
 prepared to speak up. He replied,
/?While in principle I am happy to help, I could only find the names
 of those present at the meeting by openly enquiring. I could do this
 but I am not sure where it would lead.?/
But this is not the end of the story. It appears that homosexuals,
 like Eric can have it all. The BBC1, /Inside Outside/, programme in
 the South that was broadcast on Monday 10th December 2012, described
 how Eric?s sperm was used to fertilise the egg of an Egyptian donor,
 which was then placed within an Asian surrogate. This resulted in twin
 boys who were then seen being "nursed", in bed by Eric and his civil
 partner Grant, as though they had just given birth. Eric even had one
 breast exposed, in a crude attempt to normalise the unnatural.
 *[10]*The BBC, like Stonewall?s bus advert, is telling us ?Some
 People Are Gay. Get Over it!? *[11]* Will these children, raised in
 such an environment, ever be allowed to tell a story that is by no
 means an isolated case [*12, 13]? *In a society that sees children as
 an accessory and a commodity* *their voice is the last to be heard -as
 we are seeing with the Jimmy Savile case and many more like it, due to
 be exposed.//
There are those who might think that I had deliberately gone along to
 disrupt the talk and that Dr Eric and the staff must have had a
 legitimate reason for acting the way they did. The truth is that ten
 days before the lecture, not knowing details of the time and location
 of the lecture, I made enquiries from both BU and WU, but neither of
 them was able to help. Eventually I was put through to Dr
 Anderson?s? office, where he immediately started to quiz me as to
 why I wanted to attend the meeting. This was not a conversation that I
 had invited, I merely wanted to the details of the venue.
I felt I had no option but to engage in conversation with Dr Anderson;
 and for about five minutes we discussed the findings of his scientific
 research, one of which was that gays are the key to women gaining more
 influence in society and that homosexuals are making men more
 sensitive, accepting, less macho and less violent. He said that he
 wanted to get rid of contact sports like boxing, rugby and American
 football that he saw as perpetuating stereotypical masculinity. *[14]*
 I responded by saying that my observation was that society was
 becoming more nihilistic, more violent, less stable, secure and
 cohesive- witness the riots on the streets of London in 2011, with
 crimes committed by teenagers of a type rarely seen amongst adults. He
 responded by saying that this was nothing more than media hype
Somehow we started to discuss the causes of homosexuality. I began by
 quoting Peter Tatchell, a prominent, gay rights advocate, who claimed
 that homosexuality was not a result of genetics but that of many
 influences: including environment; ideology and the surrounding
 culture- nothing to do with genetics. Dr Anderson dismissed Tatchell,
 instead pointing to his own academic accreditation and the fact that
 he was guided by scientific research. I therefore asked him to name a
 peer reviewed scientist who upheld the genetic theory. He answered,
 ?Simon le Vay,? to which I responded that Le Vay?s research had
 been discredited by the scientific community because of its flawed
 methodology; and, besides which, Le Vay himself had said that there is
 absolutely no evidence for such a gene. *[15]* Dr. Andrews? mood
 abruptly changed.

/?I am getting hostile vibes from you! Are you gay??/ he asked.
I replied that I am a man. This did not satisfy him for he then asked
 aggressively, /?No, do you like having sex with men??/
I responded that all things are possible, especially if I were put
 with a lot of men in a prison, a submarine or even being with one man
 in a lighthouse.
Because I had not reacted with something like, /?Yuk, I am a red
 ?blooded heterosexual, and I would never in engage in such a
 detestable practice,?/ [*16]* this infuriated him and he slammed the
 phone down. I must emphasise that this telephone conversation was
 where the only debate occurred and not at Bournemouth University. I
 believe that after our conversation he was determined that I would be
 silenced and convinced the BU staff that I was a potential trouble
 maker. Indeed, as soon as he had cried ?Out! Out! Out!? he
 identified me as one who had harassed him on the phone, with the
 resulting uproar.
But this was not the end. What followed over the next nine months
 should send warning signals to everyone, especially to parents or
 anyone in education after gay marriage is passed and ?safe?
 homosexual, bisexual and transsexual practices are compulsorily taught
 in schools.
After my lawyer had managed to secure from a Magistrate the authority
 to serve a private prosecution for assault on Dr Anderson, I tried to
 get it sent to Winchester University, but two police officers called
 at my home and accused me of intending to send him a parcel bomb! And
 under no circumstance was I to set foot or go anywhere near WU. All
 this was done without any supporting paper work.
Notwithstanding, Dr Anderson did receive the summons and was supposed
 to have appeared at Bournemouth Magistrates, in September, to put in a
 plea of ?guilty or not guilty.? Instead of which, he appealed to
 the Crown Prosecution Service, Wessex Division. On 22nd November 2012,
 Nick Hawkins Chief Crown Prosecutor, writing to the Magistrates at
 Bournemouth and my lawyer, wrote,
/Dear Sirs,/
/Following careful consideration of this matter, I write to inform you
 that the DPP?s Principal Legal Advisor and I have concluded that
 whilst the evidential stage of the full code test is met by a narrow
 margin, we are both of the view that the public interest does not
 require a prosecution in this case. In accordance with //CPS//?s
 legal guidance I write to advise you of that decision and of the
 reasons for it, which are as follows./
/In passing sentence, a court would be required to consider the
 factual background of the case. A court is likely to find that Mr
 Skinner was fully aware of the likely content of the lecture before he
 attended it and that he had decided to be deliberately provocative
 when called upon to ask a question;/
/The views expressed by Mr Skinner were, or might be considered to be
 homophobic: given the subject matter of the audience it would have
 been plain to him that they would have been likely to cause offence or
 upset to Dr Anderson and to the other members of the audience.
 Additional material obtained by //Dorset// Police in the form of
 student feedback forms and statements from students indicate that none
 of those present during the lecture supported his views or welcomed
 his intervention. Indeed it seems that they were pleased that he was
/ The battery alleged in this case involved a minimum level of
 physical contact: in many cases such contact is described, as a
 ?technical assault.? No injury was caused. To the extent that
 there was physical contact, it is plain that the sole purpose of this
 was to encourage Mr Skinner to leave the lecture theatre./
/Mr Skinner reported the matter to the police and they did not
 consider that the allegation was sufficiently serious to justify an
/The incident can properly be described as minor. The //CPS// legal
 guidance on prosecuting minor offences indicates that prosecutors
 should be guided by common sense and should stand back from the
 particular facts of the case and look at the alleged offending in the
 context of everyday life. Applying the letter of the criminal law to
 the facts of each individual case, is of course, entirely appropriate,
 but so is looking at the alleged offending in the round and
 identifying the right disposal in the circumstances; /
/Dr Anderson is man of previous good character/
/A court would be liable to impose a nominal penalty in this case./
/Conducting the balancing exercise required, a prosecution is not
 required in the public interest in this case. Accordingly the
 prosecution will be taken over and discontinued. /
/Yours faithfully/
/Nick Hawkins /
But I had expressed no views beyond objecting to his language and
 neither my lawyer nor I were allowed to see the witness statements or
 challenge them.

What would Mr Nick Hawkins make of comments made by gay and lesbian
 students who had attended Dr Anderson?s lecture at Oxford, referred
 to above?

Gay Commentators in the Oxford Student, like Annis Stead, the
 president of the University LGBTQ society, acknowledged that
 Anderson?s comments had been controversial, she said: /?We do
 understand that some people may have been offended by the talk?. As
 with any invited speaker, the LGBTQ society does not necessarily
 endorse his views. *We would hope that audience members and the
 community at large recognise that Eric Anderson speaks only for
 himself and not for any wider conception of the lgbtq community.?*/
Katie Colliver, OUSU LGBTQ Officer said that Dr Anderson
 */?perpetuates a false and dangerous stereotype with which the LGBTQ
 movement is rightly no longer associated?./*
Edmund Davison ? of the OxStu comment team said
/?/*/Anderson/**/?s academic arguments did not mask his flawed
 moral views/*/. His argument rests on the belief that in essence
 everyone is the same as he is but is impinged from showing it because
 of social customs and archaic institutions. *To claim ?the damage
 caused by child molestation is socially constructed by the western
 world?, reeks of hypocrisy*??So whilst we must remain open to
 hearing unconventional views and challenging our entrenched stances on
 certain social issues, *there can be little place in the LGBTQ cause
 to one so polemical and morally questionable.* Sexual diversity and
 exploration can be great things but when expressed in a context to
 lambast other institutions, we must be wary of adopting such radical
Do not be surprised dear friends if you hear that I am dragged into
 court on a charge of inciting hatred, for merely stating the truth.
 *[17]* And little wonder that Mr Hawkins is prepared to conduct a
 secret court, with secret witness, producing false and slanderous
 statements, when the CPS appears at No 45 on Stonewall? s Top 100
 Employer?s Workplace Index List, along with the Home Office at No 2,
 the Secret Service at 62 and any amount of Police forces. *[18]*
Dear friends, the only remaining obstacle to the queering of Britain
 are the Christians -and I am not talking about those infiltrators and
 wolves in sheep?s clothing who masquerade as such. Real Christians
 have been described by a lesbian QC, Karon Monaghan, working for the
 Equality and Human Rights Commission, as an *infection!* *[19,20]* She
 is a member of the Fawcett society*,[21]* whose chair is Angela Mason,
 civil partner to Elizabeth Wilson, who, with Peter Tatchell, wrote the
 preface to the Gay Liberation Manifesto, a document that vowed to get
 rid of the family centred around a mother and father. Angela Mason is
 an ex- anarchist, Marxist, lesbian, IVF mother and was first chief
 executive of Stonewall. *[22]* In 2003 she became Head of the
 Women?s Equality Unit of the Department of Trade and Industry, where
 she oversaw the Civil Partnership legislation, the Sexual Orientation
 Regulations, Gay adoption and the setting up of the ECHR. *[23]*
Finally let us be reminded of what the Earl of Arran had to say in the
 House Lords, in 1967 on the occasion of the decriminalising of

/ My Lords, I beg to move that this Bill do now pass????I ask
 one thing and I ask it earnestly. I ask those who have, as it were,
 been in bondage and for whom the prison doors are now open to show
 their thanks by comporting themselves quietly and with dignity. This
 is no occasion for jubilation; certainly not for celebration. Any form
 of ostentatious behaviour; now or in the future, any form of public
 flaunting, would be utterly distasteful and would, I believe, make the
 sponsors of the Bill regret that they have done what they have done.
 Homosexuals must continue to remember that while there may be nothing
 bad in being a homosexual, there is certainly nothing good. Lest the
 opponents of the Bill think that a new freedom, a new privileged
 class, has been created, let me remind them that no amount of
 legislation will prevent homosexuals from being the subject of dislike
 and derision, or at best of pity. We shall always, I fear, resent the
 odd man out. That is their burden for all time, and they must shoulder
 it like men?for men they are/. *[24]*
To appropriate the words of Churchill, in his famous Munich Agreement
 speech in 1938, this will be
/??the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will
 be proffered to us year by year, unless by a supreme recovery of moral
 health, martial vigour we arise and take our stand for freedom as in
 olden times.?/
 World Pride - London 2012
[3] Thoughts from World Pride London 2012
[4] LGBT History month is designed to be taught in every subject in
 school in order to normalise being gay. Teachers are supposed to claim
 a historical personality related to their subject and highlight what
 was gay in their character. For example, Jesus Christ, all the
 apostles, Ruth and Naomi, Queen Elizabeth 1st, Isaac Newton, Abraham
 Lincoln, Elizabeth Nightingale and Winston Churchill have all been
 claimed as being gay. The following clip is worth watching to see the
 kind of things to which our children are being exposed.

LGBT History Month 2010 prelaunch. 04. John Harold - No Outsiders
[5] LGBT History Month 2011 Pre-Launch - 8. Dr Eric Anderson (University of Bath)
 (at 4minutes 15 seconds)
[6] Rugby Generation Xcess Part 2
 (you need to sign up)
[7] Why Do Men Cheat? Eric Anderson's book, The Monogamy Gap

[10] Grieved to the heart
[14] Professor Eric Anderson's Forum Network Lecture 10 min version
[16] Interview with Dr. Eric Anderson University of Central Missouri 11 Nov 2006
[21] Jenni Russell (Guardian), Karon Monaghan QC, Bronwyn McKenna (UNISON)
/ /

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