BBC supports Israeli regime in its news coverage

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BBC supports Israeli regime in its news coverage
« on: January 28, 2013, 09:37:50 PM »

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been accused by a researcher on Press TV?s political program ?the Monarchy? for its uneven stance of supporting the Israeli regime.

In the interview, researcher for the Islamic Human Rights Commission in London, Reza Kazim slammed the BBC for its ongoing biased approach on not giving any news coverage of Palestinian prisoners.
?The BBC fundamentally is biased against the Palestinians. You can even see that and we?ve had a situation where a Palestinian hunger striker in Israeli jails has been kidnapped by the Israelis and he?s been on a hunger strike for over 160 days, has lost half of his body weight, has not been given any coverage by the BBC?, Kazim said.
The researcher?s comments counter the BBC?s constant coverage of former soldier Gilad Shalit of the oppressive Zionist troops, who was captured by Palestinian fighters on 25 June 2006.
Kazim then referred to a dog that was given coverage by the corporation and had its picture put on the BBC website after it lost half of its body weight, whereas the Palestinian ?a human being? who has been on an intense hunger strike has been suffering for a long time in an Israeli prison and has not been given any coverage ?whatsoever? by the BBC.
The Islamic Human Rights Commission researcher also claims that the British corporation isn?t allowing the public to know what politically goes on as well as it providing misleading content.
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Jan 28, 2013 8:28 PM

BBC, the oldest and the craftiest of the fox in the pen, has always been the mouthpeice of the British government and is heavily influenced by the Jewish lobby in Britain. This so called "broadcasting" enterprise has for decades disseminated misinformation and subterfuge and played his grand role in feeding the British population rubbish only to get them to churn out rubbish. I am not exaggerating to say that an average British man on the Clapham omnibus holds less grey matter between his ears than an Iranian school boy. I rest my case.

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Jan 28, 2013 7:5 PM

The bbc is owned and run by zionists and the moronic english just love that !They just do not believe that they stole Palestine and murdere 150,000 of them. Mostly children But they believe that a guy called god spoke to these zionists and he said that's fine, for it is your promised land. Even although the Palestininiand have lived there for over 2000 years. They were just saving it for you.Umm, do they have a recording of that statement, for I want to hear it ?

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tonyin reply to Brigand

1/28/2013 7:17:42 PM

totally agree, i noticed in my library they had many books on the jewish holocaust on display when i asked why wasnt there books on the other people who died in the camps i was told they had none,they did have a book by Rachel Corrie on the shelves this past summer until the woman in charge realised who Rachel Corrie was. no books on Palestine,


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