Justice for Chelsey

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Justice for Chelsey
« on: May 16, 2017, 07:56:42 PM »
Justice For Chelsey

In September 2016, Chelsey Wright, a young mother of three, suffered a depraved and violent sexual assault, perpetrated by multiple assailants. 

Police collected medical, forensic and eyewitness evidence, and arrested six Syrian and Iraqi refugees, who were later released and moved to a safe house. 

Despite further witnesses coming forward and offering testimony, the police have recently dropped the case. 

The People's Charter Foundation exists to promote and defend British interests and values for all Britons, regardless of their race, gender, sexuality or religion. We expect all UK Government ministers - including Home Secretary Amber Rudd and Attorney General Jeremy Wright - to do the same. 

If the rule of law is not enforced equally and without prejudice, then the integrity of the UK police, UK justice system, and UK law itself becomes seriously undermined. 

The British public expect the rule of law to be properly and effectively upheld. The heinous and sickening assaults on British women by Muslim men are often being ignored and minimised by the police and CPS, who avoid prosecuting accused individuals despite extensive evidence, out of fear of offending cultural and religious sensitivities.

The 2014 Rotherham Scandal exposed the failure of the British police and CPS to enforce the law and prevent the sexual exploitation of over 1400 British children by Islamic grooming gangs. The case of Chelsey Wright demonstrates that the UK Government has since done little to address this critical issue which affects communities throughout the UK.

People's Charter Foundation Researcher Natoya Raymond stated earlier: "The police and CPS are letting young girls be abused and raped because they want to be politically correct. For fundamentalist Muslims, anyone who isn't Islamic is an infidel and can be treated as chattel. These women are not seen as human, as worthy of respect and dignity. For anyone to deny that there is a link with Islam; I think it is sad that we have got to a point where we can't criticise ideas or religions."

The problem of Islamic grooming gangs who target young and vulnerable British women and girls must now be fully recognised by the British Government in clear policy, and actively challenged by the police and CPS.

The People's Charter Foundation needs your support to pressure the Government to address this problem. Please visit our website and support us at the link below, or visit our Facebook:


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