Letter to D.I.Granville -Homicide and Major Crime Command re Treason

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Gail Granville                                                                                    Albert Burgess
Detective Inspector                                                                           
SCO1-Homicide and Major Crime Command                                
Special Enquiry Team                                                                       
Room 205 3rd Floor                                                                          
230/232 Putney Bridge Road                                                             17-05-2017
SW15 2PD
Ref Allegation of Treason                        
Dear Gail
Congratulations on your promotion.
I received your letter this morning I have to say I was not surprised by your reply. I am saddened that serving police officers are so deficient in knowledge of constitutional law and offences against the state and the Crown.
For my sins I joined the Metropolitan Police Service at a time when Moriarty’s Police Law, the last book of police law to deal with treason sedition and all offences against the state, was in use Moriarty’s was by far and away the best book on police law I have seen, and constituted my bedtime reading throughout my service. Probably because it was written by officers of Chief Constable Rank and not by lawyers with an agenda. I wrote to Professor Card who wrote Butterworth’s Police law and I asked him why he had not included offences against the state. His reply was they only included the most common offences. He did not reply when I asked him how is a constable going to recognise an uncommon offence when he sees it. I am still several years later waiting for his reply.
The first time I reported the Heath Treason it was to Thames Valley Police at St Aldate’s Police Station in Oxford 11 years ago, They sent Detective Chief Inspector Howard to my home with a DS he refused to deal with treason on the grounds they did not want Chief Constable Sarah Thornton on the front page of every newspaper as being the Chief Constable investigating the government for treason. I replied you cannot use that as grounds for failing to deal with treason, and in any case I am not asking you to investigate the government but retired government ministers. And I am not asking her to appear topless on page 3. DCI Howard then said on the information I had supplied they could probably get convictions. Which belies your statement there is no evidence of treason? But they were not going to investigate because if they convicted anyone who worked with Heath they would then have to arrest every government minister for the last 40 years and charge them with treason and that they were not prepared to do. I was hoping they would not notice that. I pointed out to him he could not use that as grounds for not investigating the Heath treason, and if as a result of information produced by the Heath enquiry he found evidence of other crimes he had by law to follow the evidence trail where ever it led. I asked him how he liked knowing I knew he was a liar. I had to explain to him he swore an oath to uphold the law to the best of his ability without Favour Fear Malice or Ill will. He was not prepared to arrest government ministers who had committed treason that meant he was foresworn and a liar.
In exactly the same way that your letter is a false instrument, contrary to the 1981 Forgery and Counterfeiting Act sec 1 and constitutes good evidence of your Misprision of Treason at common law.
The Maastricht Treaty purports to make her Majesty a citizen of Europe. English Constitutional and Common law states quite clearly as defined by Chief Justice Henry DeBracton 1235 who ruled the King is beneath no man but he is beneath God and rules England as Gods Lt and according to Gods laws, and he is beneath the law for it is by the law he becomes King. The Acts of Supremacy of Henry VIII Elizabeth I and Richard II confirm the King/Queen as the supreme governor of England. Elizabeth II is the lawfully anointed Queen of England from where all her other titles supremacies and superiorities flow. Since they were first invited into Parliament by King Edward I in 1297 the common man in Parliament has been on a power grab so much so that they claimed as the elected house sovereignty lay with them not the King. After a debate which started in January 1784 a vote was taken on the 8th March 1784 as to where ultimate sovereignty lay with the Commons as the elected House or with the lawfully anointed King, King George III the vote confirmed ultimate sovereignty lay with the Lawfully Anointed King. No act of Parliament or the express will of the people has occurred to alter that position. Queen Elizabeth II is the lawfully anointed Supreme Governor of England, answerable to the indigenous people of this Island Kingdom and God. To attempt the constitutional impossibility of making her a citizen of Europe is to imagine her death as a fully Sovereign Queen of England, contrary to the 1351 Treason Act. John Major one time Prime Minister Douglas Hurd one time Foreign Secretary and Francis Maude one time Treasury Minister. Conspired to make her most Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. A citizen of a foreign power contrary to the laws and customs of England, and they committed High Treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act.
As the holder of the ancient office of constable it is your clear duty to investigate these offences and place the offenders before the courts, should you receive instructions not to carry out this duty your correct action is to arrest those responsible for obstructing you contrary to sec 89/2 1996 Police Act and attempting to pervert the course of Justice and Misprision of Treason at Common Law. Should the government’s law officers decline to prosecute the case your correct action should be to arrest and charge them with attempting to pervert the course of Justice and Misprision of Treason at Common Law?
Parliament may lay down regulations which contravene common sense or the Common and Constitutional Laws of this ancient Kingdom, you are charged with ensuring the safety of Her Majesty and her natural born subjects and any foreign nationals’ resident or passing through. You have been charged with the greatest office of responsibility in this Kingdom you answer to the law and only the law. There are only two over you Her Majesty whose laws you uphold and God who gave Her Majesty those Laws.
Respectfully submitted 
Albert Burgess

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