Your Children's Future in Islamic Britain Kindle Edition  

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Your Children's Future in Islamic Britain Kindle Edition

2030: Your Children's Future in Islamic Britain Kindle Edition
In 2015 a study produced by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) based on the 2011 census entitled British Muslims in Numbers revealed that between 2001 and 2011 Britain’s Muslim population had increased by 75 per cent. It also revealed that 10 per cent of all children under-five in England and Wales are now Muslim.
The Muslim birth-rate is not declining and the politicians who claimed that the birth-rates of Third World immigrants would eventually conform to the British average have been proved wrong.
Because of political correctness and hate law legislation the welfare state is unable to record the true financial cost of resources used up by new migrants. Slowly at first but now with increasing rapidity every aspect of what we once viewed as our traditions and culture are being removed and replaced. Look around at those who now inhabit large areas of London. Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford, Dewsbury and Rotherham and we see people who have no cultural or historic ties to Britain, many living in workless ghettos.
Who decided that the British taxpayer would pay the bill for the Third World’s poor and guarantee the human rights of the world’s asylum seekers? Who decided our children had to be diversity brainwashed by the state school system in order to conform to foreign cultural norms?
Where once the Labour Party said it could see no limit to the number of migrants it would be willing to allow into Britain it is now the European Left and the European Union (EU) that is facilitating a new wave of immigration from outside of Europe.
The majority of the one million refugees now waiting to cross the Mediterranean from Libya into Italy and then on to the welfare states of Britain, Germany and Sweden are Islamic. Many of them could be terrorists intent on killing innocent citizens and yet they are encouraged to make the crossing with the help of the Royal Navy. How many millions more will continue to gain entry in reply to the open-ended invitation extended to all comers from the EU? What we have now is the next wave of open door refugee immigration into Europe from Asia and Africa, mandated by European bureaucrats. Can we remain safe in the land of our birth? That is the question all of us will want an answer to for the sake of our children and our children’s children.

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