Magna Carta and our Constitution by John Bingley

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Magna Carta and our Constitution by John Bingley
« on: May 19, 2017, 10:16:41 PM »
The Constitution
The best talk on the constitution I have seen is that given by John Bingley at the British Constitution Groups conference in London. The British constitution Group was given that name not because there is a British Constitution was not because it exists it doesn’t was to be inclusive of all parts of the United Kingdom.
John Bingley refers to the British Constitution this mythical beast does not exist we have two constitutions in this United Kingdom the English Constitution which covers England and Wales and the Scottish Constitution which applies in Scotland only.
When King Edward I got fed up with the Scots and Welsh raiding into England he took his army into Wales where he killed the last Welsh Prince of Wales and installed his son as Prince of Wales and he imposed English law on Wales. His army trashed the Scots army but he did not replace their King or impose English law on Scotland.
King Edward III like his grandfather got fed up with the Scots raiding into England he took his army north and trashed the Scots army in the process he captured the Scottish King David, the Scots refused to pay the ransom money so King David resided in the Tower of London at that time a Royal residence for eighteen months. After eighteen months King Edward III allowed him to return to Scotland to rule as a vassal King to King Edward as a part of the deal David was allowed to keep Scots law the only English law imposed on Scotland was the 1351 Treason Act.
Scots law is similar but not the same as English law, so whilst a constable from Wales has full police authority in England, a Scottish constable has none, now obviously there will be times when a Scots constable needs to come to England or Wales to make an arrest or vice versa. They get around that by the simple expedient of being sworn in as special constables when they cross the border in either direction.
John Bingley in his talk infers that the Declaration of Rights 1688/9 oath of office of the King of England places Parliament over the King because the King swears to govern us according to our laws and statutes made by Parliament. Neither the Declaration of Rights 1688/9 nor the Bill of Rights 1688/9 places Parliament over the King, in the first place no statute can become law unless it receives the Royal assent, so any statute has the full approval of the King. And neither the declaration nor Bill of Rights imposed any new restrictions on the authority of the King, those things it says the King cannot do English Kings have never been allowed to do. Kings who tried to do them were either Killed like William II (Rufus) or Edward II and Charles I. Or they were forced to obey the laws by being forced to sign charters guaranteeing our rights and freedoms like the 1100 Charter of Liberties by King Henry I, or 115 years later when King John was forced to sign a reissue of the Charter of Liberties as Magna Carter 1215. Or in 1688/9 when King James II had been forced to flee the Kingdom and William and Mary were forced to accept the terms of the Declaration of Rights.
The oath taken by Queen Elizabeth II was rewritten by the cabinet ministers and she was not required to swear to govern us by statute as passed by Parliament.
King Alfred the Great gave us our English Constitution all the constitutional documents referred to above are quite simply reissues of King Alfred’s laws. Having said all this I would recommend you all watch John Bingley what he tells you in a school masterly way is 98% correct. And you will see on screen original documents for example when he asked to see the original Declaration of Rights and Bill of rights they had to break the seals put on them when they were written no one in government had looked at them for over 300 years.
Albert Burgess
Talk by John Bingley

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