An excellent 2 hour programme on muslim grooming gangs

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An excellent 2 hour programme on muslim grooming gangs
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:37:53 PM »
This is just a clip

Muhammad from Birmingham phoned Katie Hopkins to speak about how child grooming gangs have put his Pakistani community to shame.
The caller was in tears while speaking to Katie Hopkins about the abuse some children have been subjected to. 
He said: "I am a Pakistani, and I have identified 38 towns that have been affected, and there are a lot more, I guarantee you there's a lot more.
"And my Pakistani community needs to take stock of what's happened...because when I was a child, and as we grow up, we are taught, we are taught that the white girls are slags. 
"Now imagine that, being taught that as a child, and you grow up as a teenager, as an adult, and you see white girls as trash. Not only that Katie, this issue is also racially motivated, religiously, may I add, motivated."

Muhammad then referenced the recent BBC docudrama 'Three Girls', which followed the stories of three victims of the Rochdale sexual abuse.
He went on: "Because this is a no brainer, you don't see any Hindus out there, or Sikhs you know, and this has to be spoken about. And I think that the drama that was aired, it was a fantastic job done. 
"But they could not include all of the torture or the beatings because it was too horrendous. The drama on its own will put my community to shame, because shame and honour is more important to my community than these young girls.
"As soon as my community sees these girls as kids, and not adults, then we can move on. At the moment my community sees these girls as adults and it's their fault for being out late at night. 
"I think this has to be spoken about."
The caller then became very emotional. Watch the clip to hear what else he had to say. 

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