To your chief constable and local police borough commander

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To your chief constable and local police borough commander. It is way past the time for the fight back against Islam. I want everyone to write as below and to send it to everyone on your list ask them to send it to everyone on their list and keep on sending it lets bury every chief constable and borough commander under paper. You can copy my letter and just top and tail it but better if its in your words but says the same thing
I am a natural born English man/woman. Who grew up to believe that our police were the best in the world they were so good and courageous many have not hesitated to risk their lives in our service a number giving their lives in our service.
Now I see day after day our police looking the other way as our young school girls some as young as eleven being raped and prostituted by gangs of Muslim rapists. Their parents threatened with arrest for asking the police to help protect their daughters.
Our police escorting thousands of Muslims marching through our streets with banners proclaiming all us infidels have to be killed yet not one officer makes one arrest for the major crime of threats to kill, whilst her Majesty’s natural born subjects cower indoors in fear alarm and distress. Waiting for the day they will come to rape our daughters and murder us.
The vast amounts of these Muslims do not work and live off our taxes which we work hard to pay. It is our rates and taxes which pays your wages you are answerable to the law but are employed by us her Majesty’s natural born working subjects. So as your employer I am giving you an instruction to do your job and uphold the law as it is written.
You will search out and arrest the actively criminal Muslim rapists and put them before the courts.
You will stop Muslim marches taking over our streets if that means buying machine guns and shooting to kill when they refuse to obey your instructions to disperse you have my support and my order to do just that.
You will search every Mosque and meeting place for weapons. On mainland Europe these searches has recovered thousands of assault rifles ammunition and other weapons of war.
If you feel that manpower prevents you doing this get the armed forces to support your officers. Fail to deal with this clear and present danger to the future of this Kingdom and rest assured I will be coming for your job.
Respectfully submitted  
Albert Burgess

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