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« on: May 24, 2017, 07:42:43 PM »
Posted By: Rodney Atkinson
on: May 24, 2017
In: News

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The US and UK mainstream media have covered up Muslim gang rape, Euro-Nazi football supporters, fascist regimes in former Yugoslavia and Ukraine, the murder of a Democratic party leaker, the horrors of the Donbass war, riots against the EU, the hatred and murderous exhortations in the Koran, the corrupt Clintons and NATO/EU interference in foreign elections and regime change. But CNN invented the violent fantasy news of the assassination of Donald Trump! The “fourth estate” has taken over and is destroying the democratic state!
When The Independent falsely claimed that Russia Syria and Iran had produced a document threatening the USA with retaliation for the bombing of the Syrian airbase it was immediately shown to be false. And since the Americans made a point of actually telling Russia that the attack was about to take place and the countries concerned completely denied any such threat this was an example of extremely dangerous “fake news”
When the same paper claimed that the recent ransomware cyber attack (which caused chaos in the NHS and around the world) was released through Wikileaks it was quickly shown to be false. Despite open claims or suggestion of Russian involvement in that attack it was shown that the virus had been created by the US agencies NSA and stolen by the cyber attackers – indeed something which Julian Assange of Wikileaks had been warning about for a long time! And of course Russian Government institutions and banks had also been affected – which was not widely emphasised!
These are particularly dangerous examples of fake news by British media, but the biggest fake news is non news – i.e. not reporting events which conflict with the media outlet’s or their Government’s political stance!
For years the BBC failed to report and investigate the rape and sexual abuse of white working class children by Muslim gangs in Rotherham where the local Labour Party not only failed to investigate but even attacked families who complained as “racist”.
For over 10 years as the worst effects of the Euro imposed crisis have devastated Greece, Italy, Spain and France the BBC virtually never reported the frequent riots on the streets – otherwise their support for the great “European project” would be somewhat compromised.
And when Aleppo in Syria was being cleared by Russian and Syrian Government forces of its ISIS fighters (who had terrorised the local population) the BBC and western media were full of horror stories about the bombing of the town – but not the peaceful aftermath. But there has been a virtual news block on exactly the same effects from western forces seeking to remove the same Muslim extremists from Mosul where thousands of civilians have died.
At home the BBC trumpets its Christian credentials giving prompt and extensive coverage to Papal speeches and national religious broadcasts. But when after the relief of Aleppo the Christians of that town were able to celebrate Easter in St Elijah Cathedral for the first time in years – not a word from the BBC, not a single picture of thousands celebrating in the streets displaying crosses. After all such coverage might have been embarrassing for a corporation so devoted to portraying Assad and Putin (whose forces brought peace and celebration to Aleppo) as evil warmongers!
So toxic has this bias become in the BBC that when buses full of civilians were being evacuated from Aleppo 127 were murdered by a suicide bomber. The were being evacuated under a mutual agreement between the Syrian Government forces and Jihadist rebels. Their village in Idlib province had been under siege by Salafist (extreme Sunni) rebels but they were Shia – like the Iranian forces supporting Assad.
Extremists had already burned buses carrying other evacuees under such agreements and only the extremist rebels had any reason to attack this convoy. And yet the BBC reporter suggested that the Syrian Government could have been responsible! Needless to say it was not long before the extremists were celebrating the murders on the internet. “These are the buses of the Iranian heathens! They burn to avenge the people of Aleppo!” Has the BBC ever stooped to such depths?
While not short of footage about bombs in (parts of) Syria the BBC shows no sign of the 10,000 deaths, civilian suffering and bombed homes in Eastern Ukraine. Why? Because they are caused by the Kiev regime brought to power by a US, UK and German financed and organised putsch supported by Nazi gangs in 2014 against a democratically elected Government.
2nd May is the 3rd anniversary of the obscene massacre of Eastern Ukraine civilians in the Trade Union House in Odessa by Kiev Government troops, supported by extreme nationalists and fascists. So awful is the reporting of the situation in the Donbass in Eastern Ukraine by the BBC and other UK media that hardly any Briton knows about the Odessa Massacre.
Equally when, as this civil war continues, journalists like Andrea Rocchelli and OSCE monitors are killed by Kiev Government shelling of its own people (who want no more than the devolution enjoyed by e.g. Scots today!) the BBC is silent. We have only internet reports from local journalists to tell the truth:
“Today, (23 April 2017) a car of the OSCE mission was blown up in the Luhansk Republic, with one employee killed and another three wounded as a result. When an investigation team arrived at the site, the latter was shelled from the Ukrainian side to prevent a proper investigation.”
The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee reported on the UK’s relations with Russia: “Refusal to engage with the Russian government is… not a viable long-term foreign policy option for the UK, because Russia is a European nuclear-armed United Nations Security Council member state”. Issues such as counter terrorism were vital said the Chairman Crispin Blunt:
“What we are trying to do is to produce a report that shows that we actually understand what has happened in the course of Russian history in the Soviet period, and how that has informed the Russian perspective of the west and the Russian narrative.The fact we have got to a place where our relationship is in a deep freeze … plainly something has gone badly wrong in strategic terms in the last quarter of a century.”
This was not reported by the BBC but on the same day they reported a warning from a UK military source about the threat from Russia! But of course there has never been a report by the BBC on the continuous advance of NATO and the EU eastwards since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the understandable historically based fears of Russians about German expansionism. But given the BBC’s historical appeasement of that expansionism and continuing Russophobia this should come as no surprise. When former British soldiers have travelled to Russia to celebrate the end of the second world war, (and the massive sacrifice of Russian lives to defat European Fascism) there has been little or no BBC reporting of this natural mutual friendship between Russian and British peoples.
When in February 2017 prolonged and violent riots disfigured Paris and parts of northern France (Nantes, Rouen – where the priest father Hamel had been murdered by a Muslim while saying mass – and Lille among many other towns) nothing was reported on the BBC. Over a period of three weeks cars were burned, police attacked, shops and banks attacked, over 40 vehicles burned and a coach of South Korean tourists attacked.
As in the Ukraine there was no shortage of available television footage of riots and their aftermath – but the British people were “spared” the truth! Nothing from the BBC, the Guardian, the Times, the Daily Telegraph! Nor did the BBC report in March when a man shouting “Allahu Akbar” slit the throats of a father and son walking in the streets of Paris.
The BBC has for decades deliberately censored the most blatant displays of fascism in Europe. No books like my own (the internationally praised “Europe’s Full Circle”, “Fascist Europe Rising” or “And into the Fire”) would ever be covered by the BBC or indeed any mainstream journalist and the displays of Fascist and Nazi chanting and insignia in Ukraine, Bosnia and Croatia have never been broadcast.
When in October 2016 Kosovo (a state recognised by only half of the world’s countries) played its first football match against Croatia there were chants from both sets of supporters “Kill the Serbs, Kill the Serbs” – something which Kosovo and Croat fascists had been very efficient at doing. The match, the fans and the centre of Pristina were all covered by the BBc report but not the chanting!
The BBC has also failed repeatedly to report the swastika formations taken up by Croat fans during football matches – even though FIFA eventually took action against the Croat football federation.
When the late Sir Alfred Sherman and I spoke at a demonstration outside 10 Downing Street in 1999 to protest against the NATU/EU attacks on Serbia I asked the BBC reporters where they had been during the biggest ethnic cleansing in post war Europe – the Croat attack on Serbs in the Krajina (Croatia) when thousands were killed and hundreds of thousands of Serbs driven out. No comment, blank faces!
There was no Russian interference in the US elections – as the Director of the US National Intelligence James Clapper confirmed. And there was no evidence of Russian interference in German elections – as the German security service BND confirmed. And yet at every turn, no matter what the subject, the British mainstream press infer, suggest and claim that Vladimir Putin is behind every political crisis!
While the BBC and British MSM repeat unsubstantiated claims against Donald Trump and Russians they fail to report fully the murder of a Democratic Party staffer Seth Rich who had sent 44,000 emails and 17,000 attachments to Wikileaks, who was shot dead in Washington DC but was not robbed and whose file is with the FBI and Washington police but with no action apparent! But to pursue this case might compromise the leftist accusations against “Russian interference”.
On the other hand we know for a fact that the US (spending $5 billion) and German Governments aided and organised the Ukrainian putsch, have planned and financed so called “colour revolutions” in countries whose leaders they thought were due for “regime change” and encouraged and funded the series of “Arab Spring” revolutions in Syria, Egypt and Libya – all with disastrous effects.
And none interferes in elections more than the CIA, be it in South America, Africa, Europe or even the 1975 British referendum on membership of the European Union. And in the USA it is the Democratic Party supporter and financier George Soros who funds street demonstrations, campaigns for LGBT, anti Republican campaigns and, in Russia and Eastern Europe, various political and regime-changing campaigns. And of course Hillary Clinton herself took funds from a Ukrainian oligarch and several Arab regimes who thereby “interfered” in the US presidential election.
One of the great US pedlars of fake news and political manipulation, CNN, has taken fake news to a new revolting level. We have had fake news, non news, censored news. Now we have fantasy news – used as a particularly nasty form of wish fulfilment.
CNN, after Donald Trump had been elected, imagined what might happen if Donald Trump, Mike Pence, The Speaker of the House of Representatives and the then temporary Senate leader, were all murdered. They then described how it would be Obama’s cabinet members who would be in-line to become President.
For CNN to engage in such violent political fantasy less than 24 hours prior to the inauguration of a democratically elected US President was beneath contempt.
As we British say: THE WISH IS FATHER TO THE THOUGHT or as the Americans say
The MSM in the West has sunk to abysmal levels. So bad has it become that the “Fourth Estate” as the press is called is in danger of destroying the entire foundations of the Democratic State.


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