Former PM Tony Blair Not working for You

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Former PM Tony Blair Not working for You
« on: January 29, 2013, 05:25:31 PM »
Note ? These just few sample letters should have been placed as an attachment with Your Corrupt Government and Corrupt courts not working for you. As part of my eleven applications against the government, however as they yet again show another PM definitely not honouring his public duty to uphold the acts of UK law. I believe they should stand in their own right in showing the ever continual unlawful oppression and unlawful denial to UK society.

Help us to help you in restoring honest public duty and the upholding of the law in the UK in getting PM D Cameron into court for the good of all

23 October 06
                                                                           Your ref PT6/0963G/CLJ/1A
Personal & Private Attention                              For the treasury solicitor
Mr T Blair                                                               Claire Jones
10 Downing Street                                              1 Kemble Street
London                                                                 London
SW1A 2AA                                                           WC2B 4TS
Rec Del Ref  DH258191176GB                            Rec Del Ref DH25819118oGB

Dear Sir

   On the 14 October 06 I forwarded to you, as I have for nearly a decade, a recorded delivery (DH 2581 9120 2GB) five-page letter of complaint.  Which is in regard to the unlawful malicious vindictive persecution I have suffered from the legal service.  Where all evidence has been unlawfully concealed by oppression from the courts, where the many complaints to the government have been unlawfully totally ignored.

The result was that under the law, eleven applications were issued against the government (yourself included) for misconduct in public office.  That the courts then went on to further unlawfully oppress these applications, in order to protect themselves of their unlawful acts in my other legal issues. That these applications were unlawfully struck out at a hearing on the 4 October 06, prior to any lawful interrogatories of documents of disclosure, as having no merit ?  Which is not all as to the Supreme Court Practice, which are the laws of this land, and which is the basis of our society? 

To where again witness testimony will show from the now forwarded judgement of this hearing, that the judge has stated many blatant lies.  As well as again many unlawful acts committed by the courts in their unlawful malicious persecution of myself, including unlawfully awarding the costs of these applications against me.   That further testimony will show of these government costs of thirteen thousand pounds, an objection was placed to the court.  Of where I requested a cost assessment hearing as they only consisted of one single hearing with one single representation in court, and of two statements made for all eleven applications ?  That your defence was also filed out of time by your defending solicitors, and that under the law should not have been struck out, or even lawfully had a hearing to be struck out?

That in order to stop the truth and justice from prevailing a civil restraint order has unlawfully been passed on me, with costs to be paid before any commencement of issue ?

That the court has carried out the same unlawful procedure of concealment of evidence by suppression of DVD films, which show and clearly prove my issue in the Wales and West housing disrepair issue?

Where under the law, ?which is supposed to be the basis for our society?, is anybody induced in judgement to pay costs prior to any disclosure of evidence, or any lawful hearing?

That in regard to the above letter of complaint regarding these unlawful issues of the 14 October 06, you were again requested in your public duty to reply within twenty-one days.
   On the 20 October 06, I received a one page letter dated 19 October 06, from your solicitor, Claire Jones, (please see enclosed copy) of the treasury department.  Which is a threatening demand for five thousand pounds by the 27 October 06 ?  That it further goes on to threaten if I do not pay this money by this date, you will seek a detailed assessment. Of where the costs are then going to be considerably higher and you will enforce them for payment?

Again it must be stated of how the law is being abused in this threatening letter, for as yet there has been no cost assessment hearing?.  There has been no comment passed from yourself regarding my above letter and the unlawful acts you have been shown in previous documentation. 

There has been no comment on how a lawful adjournment was requested of this above hearing, and was not granted?  Despite the judge being given evidence of the files of this issue and the Wales and West housing disrepair issue that has been sent to the ECHR, showing these many unlawful acts? 

Where in the housing disrepair further submitted documented evidence will show of two DVD films, one made and broadcast by a television company and one made by myself (served to you with the application documents). Which included petitions from well over ninety percent of the residents agreeing to this non attended housing disrepair.  Which clearly show the legality of my issues, and of where further documented evidence show of judges using a false name to unlawfully ignore all evidence.  With forged judgements from the Royal courts justice, undisclosed structural surveys being concealed by the Cardiff courts, and much more.  Including documented medical evidence which the court state they did not receive, to hold hearings in my absence, yet I have sent you copies with the court stamp of acceptance on? 

All of which you and many others were shown in evidence and requested in your public duty to intervene, but you did not?  Where your reply to this, is further unlawful malicious vindictive persecution, to myself in the unlawful demand for these high costs? 

Where despite being previously notified of my attendance at a meeting in Camarthen, where a named male freemason and named female partner solicitor were present.  Where both admitted by statement in front of well over fifty people, that it is the all-common practice of the persecution they cause to any individual.  Of where they cause as much stress as possible to make the complainant ill, cause as much expense as possible, and try to bankrupt the complainant?

Is this again those words ringing true, because I wish the law to be upheld on documented evidence of which it is supposed to be, and is the basis for our society ?  To where my legal right, my civil liberties, my civil and human rights are to be ignored, like the thousands of others that are constantly complaining, with our present government doing nothing ?

It has been stated to you and many other government officials/departments in much previous documentation of how I was made disabled through a spinal fusion operation.  Which was followed by corrective surgery a year later, which has led me to many further complications.  To where I have had further operations and of how I have been left with a deteriorating disabling condition.  That further previous evidence to you showed of how my benefits were unlawfully stopped due to my continuing complaints of the legal service.  That even after having a medical examination by a DLA employed GP, stating I was 100% disabled it took me over two years with only the threat of going public before they were restored.  That I have owned nothing since my home of twelve years was unlawfully taken away in the court, to cover my former solicitor?s negligence, which was the start of this persecution. 
That I have lived with my partner of nine years, who looks after me and provides for me as a disabled person and all goods in our accommodation are her own, yet you still want to unlawfully persecute me?
   That in evidence to the ECHR, I have submitted evidence from the DCA of where there is an ever rising figure of complainants, of which there is no government redress?  That due to further complaint, there is further comment from the office secretary of the present Shadow Home Secretary, David Davies MP. Of where it is stated, strict parliamentary convention prevents his taking up my issues of injustice and the wastage of taxpayers money?  Where does, or should any parliamentary convention rise to stop any wastage of taxpayers money, if the present government are supposed to be working for the good of the country, people and taxpayer?  

Where does parliamentary convention rise above the basis for our society which is the law?

Then there is that of the witnessed statement of the judge in the hearing of the 4 October 06, of where he states, ?It is a known fact that government departments of complaint do not act on behalf of the public??   Why under this statement are they displaying false government advertising, using taxpayer?s money, when this is not for the good of the country people or taxpayer?

The police also in not taking any action on being supplied evidence of these and many other unlawful acts, only further add to a given conclusion of these issues.  Where coupled with this now threatening letter demanding five thousand pounds within seven days or we will further unlawfully persecute you more?  Only further show that these are not the acts from a democratic society, and of a government working on behalf of the country, people and taxpayer. 

That these issues coupled with the many other similar issues continually forwarded to the ECHR, and that of the many other persecuted websites displayed on the Internet. Only show and demonstrate the acts of a dictatorship present government, of where the law is not upheld, and thus we do not have a basis for society?

That as the law is supposed to be the basis for our society; they are therefore under the law, crimes against humanity, of which is a complete contradiction to the human rights act within itself. 
Which under the law is a complete violation to the civil liberties and civil/human rights of every person in the United Kingdom.  On who?s behalf as the present Prime Minister of the controlling government you are supposed to be acting for their own good?  Where all this documented evidence legally shows you and your departments are lawfully not carrying out this public duty? 

That in ignoring this public duty, it is not for the good of the country, the taxpayer or public.
That documented evidence will show in any enforcement of these unlawful costs they are due to unlawful judgement, which is a violation to the basis of our society.  Which affects not only myself, but also that of every person in the United Kingdom, on whose behalf you are supposed to be acting.
Or is it your solicitors intention to procure money for these costs from my disability allowance, which in legality is to help me have some sort of betterment of life?   Which you and they do not want me to have, and only further confirms the statement of the freemason and the solicitor partner, as being the normal procedure on any complaint?

Where further non - intervention from you, will only further confirm we are not living in a democratic society? But that of a present government, who have no lawful concern for the people of the United Kingdom, with no basis of society?

Where the government and their departments have placed themselves above the law, but the public has not been made aware?
Yours Faithfully

P Ronald

14 October 06
Personal and Private Attention
Prime Minister                                          Rec del ref  DH 2581 9106 5GB
Mr T Blair MP
10 Downing Street

Dear Sir

Re Disregard to above recorded delivery letter previously sent on 13 October 06

On the 13 October 06 you were sent a letter of enquiry and notification with the above recorded delivery number.
   In view of unsigned, unlawful documentation of judgement received by myself on Saturday 14 October 06.  I would please request you disregard this letter for the new amended letter, enclosed with this brief notification.
   For the enclosed letter now contains more facts of enquiry and notification of which you as the current leader of the political party, and the person in charge of this country, are bound by law and public duty to answer.

I enclose with this letter of one page, the new amended letter that is of five pages, five pages of statement of judgement of 4 October 06 and four pages of civil restraint/costs order.

Yours faithfully

P Ronald

14 October 06
Personal and Private Attention
Prime Minister                                          Rec del ref  DH 2581 9120 2GB
Mr T Blair MP
10 Downing Street

Dear Sir

Re - enquiry of Present Government Directions

I write to you again in your capacity as present Prime Minister who is in charge of running this country, and in your public duty in holding that present position.  Where your previous non - action of your public duty, shows under the law you are guilty of misconduct in public office.  To where on the 8 June 06, under the law I issued applications in the Cardiff civil justice centre, against yourself and eleven other government departments.
   Which was due to eighteen years of wastage of taxpayers money and the unlawful malicious vindictive persecution I have suffered by the legal services.  Where your records will show for nearly a decade there have been many communications sent to you and others from myself.  Which also enclosed documented evidence that clearly and concisely displayed these true facts.
   You were notified and sent evidence of several issues concerning the unlawful acts of Cardiff solicitors, and their unlawfully using the legal aid service as a cash machine, whilst doing nothing to progress my issues. 
You again and others were further notified that through these unlawful acts, I lost the right and have not seen my son in over sixteen years.  Which was due to these solicitors deliberately losing files to cover up their illegalities in another of my issues.  Which was the Glamorgan aluminium issue, of where I was owed money as a sub contractor for unpaid wages.  Also my income tax stopped by this company had unlawfully not been paid to the Inland Revenue, which affects my future government pension.  To where it took nine years to gain a hearing date, with the barrister stopping my legal aid the day before the hearing, stating he had a gut feeling?  Where the real truth of evidence will show, it was to hide the unlawful fact of where despite being prior paid to remove; solicitors had left a charge on my then property.  That in order to cover up their negligence and place it through their insurers.  I unlawfully lost my home of twelve years in a county court hearing and not as lawfully should have been a high court hearing.   
   You and others again were notified of facts, where in 1991 of my having a spinal fusion operation, where I was left disabled and had to have further corrective surgery in 1992.  Where again being left disabled I ended up on benefits, where due to my continuing complaints of the legal services, these benefits were stopped.  Stopped vindictively by Cardiff solicitors on the appeals service board of the disability benefits system, yet they had evidence of their own employed GP stating after examination I am 100% disabled?  That further evidence of examination by a biomechanics specialist was again furnished, showing two later operations on my feet due to further still existing mobility problems.  Further medical evidence was shown to you and them of other medical opinions all confirming mobility problems.  Yet even after many, many appeals again at the taxpayer?s expense, my benefits were not restored for over three years.  Which was only due to the fact that my records were before the commissioners and I threatened to go public?
Again you and others were notified of my eleven-year housing disrepair issue, against Wales and West housing Association (WWHA) which again took eight years to gain a hearing date.  Where all evidence has again been ignored to further persecute me, with the Cardiff court denying receiving my medical evidence.  Where due to this denial they unlawfully held hearings in my absence to unlawfully maliciously persecute me and unlawfully award costs against me.  Yet copies of this medical evidence are available with the court stamp of acceptance clearly visible?  That you and others were notified of forged contradicting judgements from the Royal courts of justice.  Where my legal right to a rehearing was refused and this forged documentation was again used to unlawfully maliciously vindictively persecute me.  Again you all were sent copies of non-disclosed structural surveys, which had been placed through the courts by acting solicitors of WWHA.  That you were further informed of the criminal offence of the courts, WWHA and their solicitors covering up these undisclosed structural surveys?
   That on each of these complaints to yourself, your office stated it was the responsibility of the various departments, to which they and more were contacted over various periods.  Not one carried out their described public duty, and you were notified on several occasions of my proceeding to the ECHR.  That due to this constant failure in public duty under the law eleven applications were served on the 8 June 06, for misconduct in public office, against yourself and your present departments.
   That I now further inform you of this housing disrepair issue of a witnessed hearing (six people) of the 2 August 06, where many of these criminal offences were outlined and I had requested a high court hearing. 
That for this hearing the defence issued a late application to have this issue struck out and unlawfully requested a civil restraint order to be placed against me, again to stop the truth from prevailing. 
Witness testimony has shown this was not a high court hearing, where the judge using a false name, again unlawfully suppressed evidence to conceal the truth.  Which was by way of a DVD film of this housing disrepair, with petitions signed by and confirming this housing disrepair of over ninety percent of the residents who were in at the time. 
Further refused evidence of petitions showing other residents had damp and mould of housing disrepair, which WWHA deny.  Further refused evidence to show these repairs were not being carried out by the qualified trades people required.  Refused to accept copies of the medical evidence the court initially denied receiving in striking out my issue, to unlawfully maliciously persecute me.  Refused to take into account that WWHA had admitted of a period to having no insurance of which they had charged their residents in their service charges, and under the law is fraud? 
   Then in the middle of this housing disrepair the judge unlawfully remarked of my applications, which were issued against yourself and the eleven government departments?  I replied they were irrelevant to this housing disrepair issue, to which the judge using a false name stated he did not care but was staying these applications. 
   That previously on July 4 06, this same judge stated they had common links and gave instructions to the defendants they may apply to have these applications struck out as having no merit.  Yet there had been under the law, all as to the Supreme court practice, or court procedure rules, no documents of disclosure issued, which show the truth of statement in these applications?
   That it will be further shown in evidence that in issuing these applications all defendants had until the 24 July 06 to file any defence.  Not one of these defendants including yourself filed any defence until after this lawful given date and until after the hearing of the 2 August 06 ?  That it will be further shown by statement that your defending solicitor denied you had received copies of evidence?  Yet I have on record all the recorded delivery numbers to show you all received the full application and DVD film showing this unlawfully denied housing disrepair?
   That in one of the witnesses writing twice to the court for confirmation of the true identity of the presiding judge, the court has failed twice to reply to him?
   That in my writing recorded delivery twice to the court for a lawful statement of case reasons of this hearing of the 2 August 06, the court has again unlawfully refused their legal obligation?

That in this time I wrote by way of complaint to the Shadow home secretary MP David Davies, who?s office states, ? Strict parliamentary convention prevents him taking up my issues of the wastage of tax payers money and unlawful injustice within the legal service?  Where does parliamentary convention arise above the law,  which is the basis for our society ????

The government defendants now single solicitor (Bevan Britton) then call for a hearing which was granted for the 4 October 06.  Which was to follow the courts advice, to have these issues struck out as having no merit, and to again unlawfully request a general civil liberties order against me?
   That on the 11 October 06, a televised programme by Wales this week showed the true facts of this housing disrepair issue.

Where on the hearing (In brief) of the 4 October 06, the judge refused to comply with several requests in proving his identity, for another judge on the hearing of the 2 August had used the same name?
That one of the witnesses present also stated he had suffered in his legal issues the same unlawful experience of the Cardiff civil justice centre where a judge used a false name. That in regard to this statement and the question another judge had used his or the same name stated as today, he replied, I am Judge Hickinbottom and I am a judge, you will take my word for it ? 
He further in the hearing openly informed myself and several witnesses that it was a known fact that the present government departments of complaint were not there for the general public? 
Refused to allow my request for an adjournment, when he was furbished with index chronology of the files disclosed to the court and which he was advised had now been sent to the ECHR?  Further disallowed my statement of these applications should all be heard separately as each has their own job description and present government separate function?  Further disallowed the statement that under the law in singular representation they produce and show a conflict of interest?  Did not take into account that MP Jenny Willott had not replied to the court in her defence, and that the police had not filed any defence until just prior to the hearing of the 4 October 06? 
Did not reply when I questioned of the hearing of the 2 August 06, which was not held in a high court, yet showed criminal offences?   Berated me for not showing enough evidence, in this application of the 4 October 06?  Then it was pointed out and confirmed by the witnesses present that his counterpart using the same name on the 2 August 06 had berated me for showing to much evidence in that application?  That I should have waited until the documents of disclosure rule had been applied, when informed of this the judge did not know what to state?  Just as it was witnessed noticed the stenographer was not copying all which was stated by myself at this hearing?
   He took no notice of many other lawful facts that were requested by myself to be taken into account, and unlawfully struck my issues out.  Awarded costs against me for (?13,000) thirteen thousand pounds, to which I objected and stated only two statements were made on behalf of the defendants, and there had only been this short hearing?  To which the judge replied that he would place the costs for assessment before a district judge, and ignored my question of would it be a judge I have suffered previous experience of unlawful malicious vindictive persecution? 
   He again took no notice that I stated I would be issuing no more applications against the present government for misconduct in public office.  Which was due to my issues now being placed in the ECHR, and ordered that I am to have a general civil restraint order against me for two years?
   That on my request, I would be provided at public expense a statement of case/ reasons for this judgement.
   That I then stated to my witness colleagues we would proceed this same day to the Cardiff central police station to make complaints of these issues, which we did to constable Peter Ashby.
   That in writing to the court recorded delivery for a request of the statement of reasons of judgement, I did receive this day the enclosed unsigned documentation. However there was no documentation of order of judgement and none has been received prior to this date?

That of the enclosed documentation I would please pass comment thus ?
1 ? That in being unsigned there is no legal validation to this statement of reasons?
2 ? That in the judge not placing his name to this document, it legally causes for a public enquiry into witness testimony to the true judges identities of the hearing of the 2 August 06 and the 4 October 06.

3 ? That it has been shown there is doubt of the hearing of the 2 August 06, of whether this was a high court hearing, or the district judge listed as Hendicott, but verbally when requested giving his name as Hickinbottom, had legal right to hear such an issue ?

4 - That in paragraph three of this statement of reasons of judgement the judge states of my unsuccessful proceedings against Wales and West housing?  Yet he was informed by witnesses of the previous courts hearing of the 2 August 06, where the judge refused to take possession of documentation with the courts stamp of acceptance on it, which the courts deny receiving.  This under the law is concealment of evidence by unlawful suppression, and in staying the order of the DVD film is again the same unlawful act.  All of which would prove my issue by evidence which the courts have unlawfully failed and is a violation of my civil liberties, civil and human rights?
   That again in issuing any further applications (as long as I have the evidence, which I do) under the law is my legal right, and again is a violation of the above-mentioned rights.
   However with the above overwhelming evidence against the Cardiff court and the Royal Courts justice, it has to be asked if the judges were acting unlawfully to protect themselves.

5, 6, 7, - Again these comments of the statement of judgement only add further proof to the fact of the courts unlawfully protecting themselves and the present government.  For no disclosure stage has ever been reached in these proceedings, so how may a judge strike an issue out as having no merit, if he has seen no disclosure of evidence. ? Unless it is to unlawfully conceal other issues, such as the unlawful acts evidence will show have been committed by the courts.

8, 9, 10 ? That again in these comments of a civil restraint order, evidence of an unlawfully suppressed DVD film will prove my issues?  How do you also deny a televised DVD film showing this housing disrepair, unless it is to pervert the course of justice? 
9 iv ? Is a complete and utter lie by this judge, for in front of witnesses, he and the defending solicitors, were given a copy of the Index chronology which had been sent to the ECHR which also contained the statement of alleged violations to my human rights?
10 ? Again this judge is making unlawful assumptions as no disclosure stage has been reached, so the court has not seen any documented evidence.
10 ii ? Again another blatant lie, for I informed the judge in front of witnesses that due to the unlawful acts committed in these proceedings and as my issues were now in the ECHR, I would not be making any further applications ?
10 iii ? Again another blatant lie for at this hearing in front of witnesses the judge passed a general civil restraint order against me. 

Please note - However in passing any order and to award costs against me as he has done in the four-page costs order is unlawful prejudice against me.  For by his own statement (9v) of reasons, the judge was aware of my disabling condition and being on state benefits?  That by this judgement of my having to pay costs he knows I cannot afford, has left me unlawfully wide open to have any appeal to defend any application refused.  That in the refusal I am again at the liberty of unlawful malicious vindictive persecution, of which I have experienced in this and the WWHA issue.   
All of which again is a violation of all my rights and a complete contradiction to the human rights act? 

Please note - That this judgement is based on the unlawful staying of these orders, in the middle of a housing disrepair hearing of 2 August 06.  Where the name of the judge is in lawful conflict, and was lawfully irrelevant to the issue being heard?  So it has to be shown this is again unlawful malicious vindictive persecution, to where again all my rights have unlawfully been violated.
That in furtherance of these statements I have offered to the ECHR, the witnessed statements which were made by a named female solicitor partner and a named male freemason.  Who were present at a meeting in the Boars head public house at the end of August 06, which consisted of over fifty people like myself, who have faced unlawful vindictive persecution?
Where they both stated it was common practice on any complaint, to cause the complainant as much stress as possible in delaying their issues?  To cause them as much further unnecessary stress and expense as possible, and to hope they die before their issue reaches court?  With the solicitor partner in front of all these people openly admitting she carries out this procedure?

Where further evidence will show I will never gain justice in this country and have requested of the ECHR for an amendment to my object of application.  Where I have requested the ECHR to please consider awarding my requested damages (to the Cardiff civil justice centre) against the present government.  For I wish to leave this country of which I was once so proud and previously always defended to my utmost.  Yet now I fear in learning of other previous experiences of the same complaints, for my safety, and to which I have had to take precautions. 

I therefore now write to you not as an individual, where it may be stated the government do not enter into singular correspondence, neither do I write to you, to have the reply this is not your department.  I write to you as the present ruling Prime Minister whose political party is in charge of this country, and ask on behalf of every unlawfully persecuted (of which your own department documentation has shown, there is ever rising thousands) person of this country. To where our civil liberties, civil rights and human rights, are now being continually violated, which in term are therefore crimes against humanity, to where -
To form the basis of any society, one has to have a ruling government, in order for that society to exist and survive; one has to have laws, which are the basis for that society.

Under these circumstances of fact, as the ruling Government, Prime Minister, who is in charge of the country and in your public duty of working for the good of the country, the taxpayer and public, would you please explain why we have no basis for society?

Or are we now slaves without the shackles, but have just not been informed

For in failing to answer this letter within twenty-one days, under the law a request will be made to the ECHR for you to answer for crimes against humanity.  For the basis for society is the law, which is supposed to be based on truth and justice, clearly this is not the issue for thousands like myself. 
Where you in your ruling role as Prime Minister have clearly and under the law, failed in your public duty.
Awaiting your earliest reply
Yours Faithfully

P Ronald

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