The price of treason-“The New Amoral Global Elite”

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The price of treason-“The New Amoral Global Elite”
« on: June 04, 2017, 06:47:55 PM »
The price of treason

Suck it up N.A.G.E.! Your sinecure is over!!
Posted on June 4, 2017 by Julian Farmer in Culture // 7 Comments

I have a new name for the ‘Politikal Klasse’ – “The New Amoral Global Elite” or ‘NAGE’, hence the term ‘Nagism’.  Moslems call the non-Moslems of the wordl ‘Najis’ or ‘The Unclean’; strangely enough I do not regard Jeremy Corbyn a nagist.
Jeremy Corbyn is an old time Socialist who does not believe in globalism or Neo-Con warmongering. He voted against and warned the Blair government and the Tories where interference in the Middle East would lead but especially where attacks upon Libya would go. Despite the press demonisation of Corbyn, he has been 100% correct and indeed Libya is the up and coming hub of ISIS or ‘Islamic State’.
Gadaffi was a safety valve and a block on mass migration and Libya a natural land cork in the Greater African bottle. Hillary Clinton, the worst Secretary of State ever to hold the office in the Obama administration, thought otherwise so, along with the ‘Euro-state’, she allied herself with Cameron and Sarkozy. They attacked and left a wasteland for the very worst of the various infighting jihadis to step into the vacuum left by such a short sighted action; indeed it was a ‘double-cross’ that may have cost Europe its civilisation, as floods of refugees leaked into the void.
Now let me make it plain to my readership. I am not a politician but a student of history and archaeology but also I come from a time where surviving war-time politicians still held the  political power and common-sense to know what to do in a dangerous world. The generations of the Great War and even the Second World War have now been succeeded by people and groups that have no real understanding of the world, its peoples or cultures.
When I was in my 20s, people still lived who had been on the Somme, including my old Uncle Harold, commissioned in the trenches as a Brevet lieutenant. Harold had ended up opening one of the first concentration camps after Germany collapsed in 1945. He was a colonel and like myself an old time Tory, not a pseudo apology for one like May or Cameron. I was, though, a bit of a ‘Lefty’ in that I believed in a proper welfare state set up to support the survivors of the wars. Socialism has penetrated every institution of the state in its long march and now we see the baleful results –incompetence and greed unprecedented in European or global history except in the former USSR.
According to my late friend John Moran of UKIP, they are little more than ‘Campus revolutionaries’ who never grew out of their first childhood, let alone their second childhood that most of us more sensible 60-year-olds plus may reach due to the superb NHS care we have had. The median for death in uncle’s days was around 75 years; now it is 85 years.
Unlike our current NAGE I have worked in commerce and ‘got my hands dirty’ and have seen enough of life and travelled enough to understand and admire other cultures without wishing to bomb them into democracy or pay them to do what they should do to support themselves. Some of those cultures are far older than ours and maintain their cultural ‘horse-sense’. They are well adapted to continue long after Europe expires in the current catastrophe that looms as I write. They are also family-orientated and respect their elders but especially their wisdom. Gadaffi was a dictator but he was wise enough to adapt his policies to the ancient tribal conditions he found. Libya had the highest per capita income in Africa and was the most literate.
Child Cameron destroyed it all – a war-crime in fact.
We populations in the West are tired of the warmongering and greed that fed the coffers of those like Hillary Clinton and co as they bombed their way around the Middle East. They were also tired of constant ‘spin and lies’ of the same, now termed ‘fake news’.
Trump, now President, was the result, as is Corbyn. ‘Chairman Mao May’ failed to comprehend the Corbyn phenomenon and it will have cost her the latest election. Her government’s demonisation of the old threatened with a ‘dementia tax’, but especially her tendency to blow with the wind in political matters, has almost guaranteed her loss of her majority that was a solid 22 points above Jeremy Corbyn.
The large and increasing Moslem vote that now dominates 82 constituencies will deal the final death blow. We are now at a crossroads in Britain’s 1500 years of history. As the consul and orator Cicero said around 63BC: “Those that favour aliens over their own kind are doomed ….”
Karma is a b*tch isn’t it? Let us hope younger generations learn its lessons. The NAGE have stolen the future that belongs to our children. They sold out to the banks and access to millions of incomers, most of whom are fighting age men. Only 20% of them or less are true refugees. These we should assist but not those seeking a free ride and travelling on fake documents – or none at all.
The most wicked act of all was to rob those in older wartime generations of the wealth they created and saved, or a welfare state they paid into. Faced with the loss of their entitlement after long industrious lives, coupled with heavy taxes on homes they struggled to buy in the 1950’s, as they enter care is it any surprise Corbyn appeals to even the old, faced with such an awful prospect?
Chairman May has also brought in punitive legislation and troops onto our streets – unknown even in the last world war. Yes there were guards on the streets but not heavily-armed uniformed Thought Police ‘Stasi’ patrolling our thoughts and speech on internet media, or handing private homes to incomers who can afford to pay £5,000 to people traffickers.
To his credit, Corbyn voted against all this ‘keeping us safe’ security state and insisted that a judicial watch be created to ensure state abuse was checked. Corbyn is no real radical like Blair. He is also a Parliamentarian and actually, far from the intellectual ninny his detractors describe.
I shall not vote in the election. I value my soul.

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7 Comments on The price of treason
Sonya Jay Porter // June 4, 2017 at 5:33 pm // Reply
When you see them all there, with their bottoms in the air, it makes me long for a bag of itiching powder…
Vivian Evans // June 4, 2017 at 5:58 pm // Reply
I’m afraid I’m not as gentle as you – it makes me itch for darts – throwing one after the other, into every so temptingly presented backside …
Panmelia // June 4, 2017 at 3:45 pm // Reply
Julian, I have to agree with you that today’s leaders are noticeably sub-standard compared to those of earlier times. They are all steeped in the false ideology of Political Correctness, which paralyses them and stops them doing the right thing or even the commonsense thing.
When WW2 broke out, did Churchill think it would be politically incorrect to intern Germans and anyone else who might not be loyal to our country and its war effort? Of course not, he took no avoidable risks with British lives or the future of our country in an emergency situation, on a war footing.
We have an emergency situation now and a war with a dangerous enemy within, but has the government made a decision about internment, or are they wittering to each other about being seen as discriminating against muslims? – SO un-PC! Mustn’t upset the muslim population, y’know, they’re SO sensitive to any criticism of their violent, utterly immoral religion that urges jihadis to kill unbelievers.
The politicians were the blithering idiots who let these troglodytes flood in and set up muslim ghettoes, hotbeds of subversion and terror-planning, disloyalty and treachery. The British voters were given no say and no choice about the level of immigration since the last war, or where it came from. The PTB had better start listening to what the majority of British people want to see happening now, and it won’t be politically correct!
Time for traitorous Leftard PC whiners to shut the hell up; if they’re so fond of muslims, let the libtards and leftards join them on the planes back to whatever islamic hell-hole we’re returning them to – soon, I hope.
Alan // June 4, 2017 at 3:15 pm // Reply
Excellent article. Who will speak for the dead? If not us?
Panmelia // June 4, 2017 at 2:57 pm // Reply
CK, agree with you 100%.
If there is danger of an epidemic, or the risk of drink-drivers killing people, or an outbreak of crime such as scammers cheating old folk out of their life-savings, every effort is made by the government and authorities to warn people, advise and support them, make medicine available, put frightening ads on TV, broadcast radio messages, send out leaflets etc etc.
WHERE are the national warnings to parents, teachers, schoolchildren, teenagers, children about the muslim paedophile grooming and rape gangs?
WHY haven’t there been adverts showing what can happen and how it happens?
WHO is responsible for stopping children falling prey to these monsters and WHAT are they doing about publicising the threat in order to neutralise it?
HOW are gullible children going to be put on their guard when EVEN NOW the authorities describe this filth as ‘a number of men’ instead of unequivocally stating who and what they are, what their names are, where they originate (none of them should be called ‘British’ when they are really Pakistanis or from some equally misogynistic, sexist, racist muslim country).
There is only ONE possible explanation for this neglect of the vulnerable: the authorities would rather sacrifice the physical and mental health, and the lives of our own British children on the altar of disgusting political correctness than tell the truth and the whole truth about what has happened, is still happening now and will continue to happen while they are pussy-footing around being ‘sensitive’ about the religion and culture of perverted criminal scum.
What kind of warped, distorted, perverted thinking is that? It’s the thinking of cowards and traitors who would never think of putting our own people first for fear of being accused of ‘discrimination’. Time to be a lot more discriminating in this country, especially between right and wrong; between the Britons to whom this country belongs and the alien dross that has been allowed in to pollute it.
citizenkain // June 4, 2017 at 1:19 pm // Reply
GO AND VOTE Even if it is to spoil your ballot paper or write in UKIP or NATIONALIST.
Zero percent of the asylum seekers in the UK are genuine refugees. Where on earth do you find 20%?
There are at least 1,500,000 overstayers living clandestinely in the UK most of them in islamic ghettoes. There are a further 4 million living in families primarily dependent upon benefits (inc a significant percent of the so called Roma community from Eastern Europe).
Russia Hungary Poland are all in important ways our natural allies.
This is not going to be easy – we have to defeat ideologically/politically etc the elites of the media/politics/academia. We can do it.
It is unacceptable and indeed a crime for all those in authority to do nothing/very little regarding 25 years of grooming of native children to be sex slaves and gang raped by primarily people of foreign origin ( we all know this).At least 100,000 white working class children. It beggars belief – imagine the natural reaction of the working class if this had happened in 1957.
Evert single one of us must – I repeat must -do something about it.
Next Saturday there is a demonstration to help Chelsey Wright get justice. This is in Sunderland. The police might start using intimidation by arresting people on trumped up charges. If they do then those in command are breaking the law. What are you going to do about it?
Thinnish FreeThinker // June 4, 2017 at 12:48 pm // Reply
Excellent article. All true.
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