It is time to begin the fight back for Britain 

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It is time to begin the fight back for Britain 
« on: June 05, 2017, 04:08:34 PM »

KATIE HOPKINS: You’re right, Theresa. We cannot go on like this. But do you have the balls to do what’s REALLY needed and lock up the 3,000 terror suspects tomorrow?
By Katie Hopkins for MailOnline
Published: 12:56, 4 June 2017 | Updated: 15:53, 4 June 2017


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Two weeks ago, in the wake of the Manchester bombing, I mistweeted and it cost me.
Everyone knows what I said and I’m not going to repeat it here.
The wording was horrible. Loaded with unintended meaning. Quickly deleted, amended to make clear, and apologised for live on TV and radio.
I have no excuses. And I take full accountability — disasters, triumphs, I must treat them just the same.


Pictured: Police and paramedics attend to a victim of the attack on London Bridge last night


Pictured: Armed officers stand patrol at a police cordon on London Bridge after the attack
In truth, I woke up to the news of the terror attack in Manchester on our young girls and I saw red. As a mum, I felt fear. And I raged.
And now I am raging again. And now, more than ever, I stand by what I MEANT those words to say. This. Cannot. Go. On.
Whatever we are doing now is clearly not working. We need a radical rethink.
It is a pure rage against a leadership so castrated by fear of offending anyone not specifically wielding a machete or a bomb, that they are impotent to take action.

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So frightened someone might cry Islamophobia, they peddle anything but the facts. They talk about 'the evil' that motivated the attacker, they talk about hate. They condemn 'the attack'.
But still refuse to acknowledge the massive elephant in the room. They refuse to acknowledge any link between these attacks and Islamic extremism. Imagining that by failing to give such horror a label, they can somehow mystify it away — and distance Islamic extremism from blame.
Even when ISIS called for these attacks in the ninth, Ramadan edition of their magazine, Rumiyah, urging their supporters to target civilians with edged weapons, firearms, vehicle ramming and fire, in locations such as shopping malls, restaurants and clubs.


Our process for dealing with terror cannot be words or vigils. It must be internment and deportation, writes Katie Hopkins
Even when an eyewitness, Eric, heard the attacker cry, 'This is for Allah,' we are supposed to swallow the news feed that the motive is unclear.
Decent Brits are capable of understanding that these individuals do not represent all Muslims. (Though it would help us if ALL imams would stand up to denounce unequivocally these attacks committed in the name of their religion.)
But the terrorists do represent a strand of Islamic extremism and the twisted beliefs of ISIS. They are motivated, determined, and not limited by fear of their own mortality.
I say again: we need a lasting solution to terror.
It is urgent. Imperative. We cannot go on like this. No one is carrying on as normal when our own Met police tweet for us to RUN, HIDE, TELL.
Can you kid yourself you are 'carrying on as normal' as you are evicted from a bar with your hands on your head, running for your life? When our hospitals are in lock-down to protect even the sick from terror, no target is too soft. There is no humanity here.
We have reached the ultimate tipping point, where even the hardy believers have lost hope, and those keen to cling to the narrative 'we stand defiant' are lying heartbroken on the floor. Even the most tolerant liberals are emailing me privately to let me know they doubt everything they believed before, that they can't tell their friends, but we have made mistakes and are paying the price.
But you can take action. You are in control of your truth.
Do not let them tell you we stand united. Do not let them tell you we are not cowed. Do not let them tell you we fight cowardice with British spirit. Do not buy into this propaganda, circulated by those who have failed us, the fascist liberals.


Pictured: Armed police officers march around Borough Market and the Shard in central London this morning
Their words are meaningless.
If this is terror losing, I don't think victory matters. It is time to fight back.
The question is, how do we ensure this never happens again?
Today Theresa May stood outside Downing Street and articulated what everyone feels today. Enough is enough. We can’t go on this way.
What she DIDN’T offer was much concrete to change things on the home-front beyond a crackdown on Islamic extremism, tougher sentences and another assault on the social media giants’ role in allowing terrorists the means of communication and propaganda.
But I’m sorry, Prime Minister, neither of the last two things is going to make much difference at all and the first will only work if you follow through with real, tough action.
Before the Bank Holiday weekend Mark Rowley, the UK’s most senior counter-terrorism officer suggested they’d rounded up much of the Manchester bomber’s ‘network’ and advised us all to: ‘Go out and enjoy yourselves.’


Today Theresa May stood outside Downing Street and articulated what everyone feels today. Enough is enough. We can’t go on this way.
Well that’s exactly what the victims of last night’s attack were doing. Enjoying the multicultural heart of London, drinking and eating. Right up until someone stormed into the restaurant and stabbed them in the face with a 12-inch hunting knife.
We can’t just respond again by organising a benefit concert and waiting for a sympathetic world to light up its landmarks in red, white and blue. We, the British people, the good people of Britain, need to stand united in demanding drastic measures.
Firstly, as Tarique Ghaffur - Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard when the 7/7 bombings took place - proposed last weekend, we need to round up the terror watch list, all 3,000 of them, and intern the lot.
And secondly, we need to lock down the 650 jihadis we allowed to return to the UK or get them out. If they went to Saudi or Syria to train, they can go back there. And their passport and right to British nationality hits the incinerator on their way out.
I know all the arguments against internment – the camps become universities for terror, it will alienate other Muslims and help radicalise extremist sympathisers.
And a few weeks ago I’d probably have said that tipped the balance. But we are way beyond that now.
Our security services clearly cannot cope in monitoring all the threats out there against us so it’s time we took the most obvious ones off the streets.
If we breed more homegrown terror, we incarcerate or deport. A or B.
Thirdly, Theresa has to mean what she says about cracking down on extremism.
She has to drain the swamps of hate. That means zero tolerance of the people in the Muslim community peddling this breed of hatred, the ultra-conservative imams, the extremist mosques that encourage new Jihadi recruits to seek vengeance on the British way of life. Close down Saudi-funded mosques, charge ultra-conservative imams; incarcerate or deport.
Do not let the liberals speak to you of protecting British values of tolerance and decency. Many extreme Islamists are fighting against the very values we cherish. They want to oppress and frighten our women and girls indoors. Islamic extremists are at war with our culture. They have no wish to integrate and are proud to live apart in ghettos of extremist hate.


Pictured: Terrified people flee as they are caught up in the terror attack in Borough Market 
And they signpost themselves clearly. They are not hard to find. They are against the Prevent Strategy. They are the sickening preachers of CAGE, given platform by fawning liberals. They are monsters hiding in plain sight. And they are known to the authorities.
To the police, the politicians, the people in power, I say this: we are sick, SICK, of hearing that these animals are known to the authorities.
Why are we the casualties in a game of war where the human rights of the terrorists are prioritised above the right to life of our baby girls and regular Brits out with their families for a meal and a drink?
Our process for dealing with terror cannot be words or vigils. It must be internment and deportation. And we keep deporting until our house is in order.
And broader than that, we need to rebuild broken Britain into a secular nation that is host to many religions and none. Where true leadership from those who integrate — such as the beautiful Sikh community — is rewarded. And those who seek to carve out enclaves guided by their religious identity are not housed or funded by the British taxpayer.
If leaders think our fantastic emergency services are the ANSWER to co-ordinated terror attacks, they are asking the wrong question. If Sadiq believes, as he said, that voting on Thursday shows we are not cowed, we are scraping new depths of desperation. London Bridge has fallen down on his watch, and the whole world sees us fail.
We are under attack. It is co-ordinated and determined, and the attackers’ own mortality is no deterrent.
It is time to begin the fight back for Britain 

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