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Note ? Carwyn Jones Barrister & First Minister for the Welsh Assembly Government was deemed by PM D Cameron MP to be responsible for the many unlawful ever-rising issues we continually see unlawfully committed in Wales. He just as PM D Cameron was requested to honour his public duty to uphold the acts of UK law, he did not.
Rather than go through the ever-rising corrupt Welsh courts to only treat part of our unlawful governmental issues. The Committee on Standards in Public life, advisors too all ministers state, the issues to which I refer are the responsibility of the PM and his current ruling political party.

Help us to help you in fighting this ever rising seen government corruption in getting PM D Cameron MP into court and out of public office

21 July 12
Personal Private Attention
First Minister for Wales, Right Honorable Carwyn Jones
Welsh Government 
5th Floor Tŷ Hywel
Cardiff Bay CF99 1NA

Dear Sir
   In apologising for any late reply due to ill health caused much by unlawful degrading treatment, I wrote to you on the 11 March 2012.  Which was in response to a reply from current P M D Cameron stating the complaint matters I had raised were the legislative/lawful responsibility of the Welsh Assembly? Wherein I received a reply on your behalf as First Minister from a Mary Evans of Government Business Team, of the Department for health and social services, dated 9 April 2012. Stating my comments from both letters to yourself and the PM had (only) been noted?
   Yet this letter contained much irrefutable documented on (disc due to volume) of the unlawful malicious vindictive degrading persecution like an ever-rising many I have and am still unlawfully suffering. Where you were requested by me via the Prime Minister, D Cameron directions to honour your stated public duty as well as uphold the UK acts of law of HM Queen Elizabeth II. For the evidence you were sent shows much criminal corruption within the legal service as well as much unlawful procurement/misuse of taxpayer?s money by the many in the legal services.
   Where you were shown and in the all again enclosed first attachment (Glamorgan Aluminium (GA) issue) of how corrupt Cardiff courts and solicitors to cover up their negligence, stole my then home? Despite my many continual complaints, just as you?re only noted, there has never been any investigation into these many, many fully documented complaints. How did it take solicitors nine years to gain a hearing date of money owed in lieu of wages, with only a small proportion (pursued by me not my solicitors) of my stopped income tax by GA ever paid to the Inland revenue?
   Where the all was unlawfully carried out to cover up a charge my initial solicitors (then Riley Mumford and Rausa, now Rausa Mumford) had left on my then home in 1983 which they had been paid to remove. Where instead of this being placed through their insurers which is obvious they never had? The whole of this degrading malicious vindictive persecution has been unlawfully designed to continually protect them and their corrupt ilk from these criminal offences. How does a barrister lawfully stop my legal aid the day before hearing on his gut feeling? - When there is eight (yes eight) other separate other barristers reports in the GA file, ALL stating how really strong the issue was for prosecution?
   In the further enclosed 2nd application of housing disrepair it is again rife with documented evidence showing many more criminal offences as well as the same malicious degrading persecution. Where not only is there documented evidence of Wales and west housing solicitor Hugh James and solicitors clerk Rebecca Rees. Conspiring with the Cardiff civil justice centre to pervert the course of justice, the same may be seen of my then acting solicitors also. Where they all conspire to hide a structural survey report placed through the Cardiff civil justice centre court, and this was not the first one? Then there is the false forged judgments said to be from the RCJ denying my later appeal, along with the true others I obtained also allowing it? ? Is this not under the law perverting the course of injustice with malicious intent by someone in the court service, where surely you as a barrister would know this? Should it not be lawfully/legislatively questionable when again it may be shown it took well over nine years to gain a hearing date for this housing disrepair hearing? Where again solicitors just used the taxpayer funded legal aid system as their personal cash machine?
   Two witness testimonies further enclosed also testify to the unlawful acts committed by judge Hendicott not only in this housing disrepair issue, but also in another of my later heard applications. Which were eleven separate issued applications against the then Blair government for misconduct in public, for each had an entirely different job description. Where no one contacted acted in any honest way in which they are documented to act, in regard to the acts of UK law or their legislative stated public duty?
   Where the enclosed court documents showed how district judge Hendicott unlawfully sitting as a supposed high court judge, not only unlawfully suppressed the documented evidence/film in my 2nd application. Which part evidence and film can be seen on crooked ? lawyers and shows his judgements to be degradingly unlawful, he then also unlawfully passes judgement on my eleven applications against the then government. Where again as a barrister, I am sure you know this malicious act is unlawful as it was contrary to the WWHA listed housing disrepair hearing being heard. For how can a WWHA housing disrepair issue have any lawful common particulars of claim too the unlawful veil of government willing blindness to any corrupt injustice? Judge Hendicott also informed me in front of witnesses present he would not accept my 2nd application or the enclosed film (on crooked-lawyers) until I removed all the documented shown criminal offences.
   (Please Note Judge Hendicott also passed these same unlawful remarks in my earlier GA cost assessment hearing, saying he would not accept my then file, until all criminal offences were removed. ? But he refusing to give it back, kept the file, as he did the WWHA issued application?)
   Where I was also informed if I appealed any of his not fit for lawful purpose malicious degrading acts he would make me a vexatious litigant
   These same enclosed court documents, show how in court document how judge Hickinbottom colludes with this unlawful act. As well as not taking any notice of the court documented fact in later hearing all eleven government defendants had filed their defence nearly a fortnight outside the courts instructions. Where again as a barrister I am sure you know under the law, there should have been no case to answer in any defence, where judgement should have been awarded to me. Instead high fines and civil restraint orders were the name of the day with any permission to appeal having to have the permission of judge Hickinbottom   The enclosed witness testimonies will show, on my stating to judge Hickinbottom of my taking his unlawful acts further he replied. ?Mr Ronald it is a known fact that any government department of complaint does not work on behalf of the public?   

In any regard to UK society having a stated taxpayer funded courts complaints procedure an ever-rising many persecuted like me can confirm there is none? The enclosed court complaint file again shows this in full indisputable documented evidence.
   Where in having sent all the documented evidence, with a letter in lawful complaint to the courts complaint service, the evidence alone with no explanation was then returned to me in a plain brown registered envelope. I then a little later receive a letter from Paulette James OBE of the court service stating I have sent no evidence to substantiate my complaint and should not say these things. Exactly the same unlawful wilful blindness as happened all those many years ago when I first started complaining of the solicitors services of the Glamorgan aluminium issue.
   So where is this a lawful/legislative taxpayer funded service for the people and where is any lawful redress at what can be shown of ever-rising not fit or lawful purpose unaccountable judges?
   In continually sending several box files of evidence to the police in reporting all this white collar fraud and deception, not only of the many, many criminal offences. But also including that of the sheer wastage of taxpayer?s money, unlawfully procured by these same corrupt not fit for lawful purpose solicitors. The police when they could not unlawfully fit me up many, many times by their still continual malicious degrading harassment and due to my continual ongoing lawful documented complaints. The police in being found guilty by the IPCC of making malicious degrading telephone calls to me, - Stated to the IPCC they were taking no action against the officer and would the IPCC give them a hand in making me a vexatious litigant.

Where to show further lawful cause to these statements it was the same when my late father was dying of cancer he had arranged and paid all in regard to his demise with his sister, sister in law and me. My sister and her solicitor husband also convicted slum landlord, with then various bank accounts in different names. Told him a complete pack of lies on his deathbed just to get him to change his will and of which caused him much unnecessary unneeded discontent which aided his demise. Then forged documents (copies available) saying she was the eldest child (when I am) to steal his body for a Jehovah funeral which he certainly did not want to then plunder his estate. Where again I am sure you know as a barrister, this under the acts of UK law is the criminal offences of, acting with malicious intent to commit fraud and deception to unlawfully procure. The police said it was a civil matter?

I could also have enclosed much other documentation which shows how this malicious persecution is carried out in many other various forms. Not only in regard to myself but also an ever-rising many who have irrefutable documented evidence of such various natures. Such as from the DWP benefits department and many other government departments when anyone attempts to pursue their lawful legislative stated rights. Where the DWP will not lawfully/legislatively answer to any of the malicious persecution they put anyone through and just as they will not answer any other simple enquires. Such as how and why our poll tax is in my name when my partner is the one that is working and not my disabled self?

Where the latest issue of this continual degrading persecution is how I was recently taken to court by the NHS on evidence they state in letter they cannot confirm.
   Please see enclosed NHS defence Merthyr Court of which the documented evidence will again verify.  Where it will also be seen how the NHS violate not only our 1689 Bill of rights but also act degradingly to violate UK societies human rights. In my then writing and requesting a full investigation into their allegations of these said owed unconfirmed dental charges by the NHS. They then prior to any outcome of my legislative request then place two cash penalties of ?100 pound each for non (quick) payment. Then they send us a certificate entitling us to free NHS treatment as well as a more recent another after that. Where if it was not for four other witnesses in court with me, and the deputy judge adjourning the issue to make a telephone call (obviously to now take further orders). I believe yet again malicious degrading persecution or possible unlawful abduction to jail or sectioning (it is not the first time it would be tried) would have been the name of the game instead of the dismissal it was given. For again I am sure as a barrister you know what the term means, when they say they will not turn up in court and rely on the courts judgement. Where if you are not familiar I can get evidence of the ever-rising persecuted like myself who can confirm this? For how can anyone gain a lawful hearing on unconfirmed evidence and stating they will not turn up in court?
Another I believe degrading issue I would like to bring to your attention is in regard to government legislation which now deems my working partner has to become my keeper. Where all my benefits except my DLA benefit has been stopped, where I am not entitled to any rent benefit or any other benefit and my good lady has to keep me as well as pay what should be my share of the rent. Yet she earns just over 20 K a year prior to tax and which is well below the government stated average wage of 26 K a year?
   My partner is my partner; she is not my keeper, where if she is then why is she not allowed her own as well as my tax code for you expect us to both live off one single wage do you not? What you and the rest of our continual greedy government expect in this issue of your continuance to deprive certain UK people is maliciously degrading to all UK society.

Where I now like an ever-rising many cannot even defend myself in a court of law on any such trumped charges as the NHS issue unless I pay full court fees? - Where how can I financially do that under these circumstances? Unless I further degrade myself and beg my partner for money, when on several occasions we have already had to borrow money to save us going overdrawn (& exorbitant bank charges). So where is any lawful right to a fair hearing, where despite government/lawful statements to the contrary, it is the same as in all the above, there unlawfully is none
Whilst I can in certain circumstances many times empathise with the government words, ?Your comments have been noted? as well as ?I have done all that I can? and even many more. Under what lawful/legislative right do you or the PM D Cameron chose to ignore the enclosed blatant unlawful documented evidence, where there is so much of it... Without it lawfully being deemed as misconduct in public office?

Where under such circumstances one then also has to mention why it has taken so long of government in regard to legislatively/lawfully addressing the banker?s continual bonuses, with all the indisputable documented evidence available? For if one were to mention besides what is now available that irrefutable documented evidence has been around for many, many months in the DVD film Inside Job. Rather than the evidence you as a government seem to be acting on at the present, but of course this evidence irrefutably shows of the UK government?s full knowledge. To the malicious criminal fraud and deception which caused this UK recession deriving in further malicious deprivation to UK society does it not?  Where it again only answers the questions of why the bankers are still being paid exorbitant bonuses. Golden handshakes and many other perks while owing billions to the taxpayer, just like the many, if not all now in government who unlawfully procure money under false pretences.

Where in you still not wishing to carry out the Prime Ministers directions in lawfully/legislatively acting on all this sent evidence to him. As well as his then given instructions in regard to yourself as First Minister to the Crown, in charge of the Welsh Assembly and it being your responsibility. One can therefore only inform you by your unlawful dishonest malicious degrading actions this evidence and much, much more, from others will be used in our forthcoming application against the current PM and others for misconduct in public office.

I carry out this without malice lawful intent with no other intent than the lawful/legislative facts it may be shown in ever-rising evidence that there is no honouring of stated public duty by the many if not all in government. Or the upholding of HM Queen Elizabeth II acts of UK law by those supposed to be working on our behalf. Where the advisors to the all in parliament, The Committee on Standards in Public Life have informed me the matters I raise are the responsibility of the current PM and his ruling party.
   In further view of showing lawful cause to all these statements I enclose to you a recent letter from Mr Peter Bellett to current PM D Cameron.
I therefore await your earliest reply

Paul Ronald
Stop the UMDVP (Unlawful, Malicious, Degrading Vindictive Persecution)
Cc PM D Cameron

11 March 2012
Personal Private Attention
First Minister for Wales
Carwyn Jones
Welsh Government
5th Floor
Tŷ Hywel
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1NA

Dear Sir
Re Attached letter & Reply to the Prime Minister D Cameron MP

It will be shown from the attached letter & reply I had written to the current Prime Minister in relation too much of the continual malicious vindictive persecution (UMVP) I have been continually suffering since the early eighties. (Part of this on crooked-lawyers website)Amendment NoteThis site now conveniently now taken down by A Yianiddes
   As will be shown by the attached reply the Current Prime Minister deems this is the responsibility of the Welsh assembly. Where I would please request of you the same as was requested of that of the Prime Minister. Where I would please request of you as First Minister of Wales to honour your public duty in upholding the acts of HM Queen Elizabeth II acts of UK law in these enclosed on disc issues.

I have enclosed due to volume the evidence on disk and would please request you would follow the directions given in the enclosed letter to this letter. Which was to the Prime Minister, in order too fully access this irrefutable documented evidence as well as his reply.  Where much of the enclosed on disc evidence is in corrupt court documents and solicitors statements and letters which show the malicious unlawful collusion deception and fraud against me,

It will be further shown from the enclosed I am currently being taken to court by the NHS on evidence they openly state they cannot confirm. An issue that any solicitor the Crown Prosecution Service or the police under the acts of UK law would never allow a lawful hearing, which the enclosed maxims in law also further confirm.
   That the NHS while their investigation was still ongoing, and with no due (lawful) process unlawfully maliciously placed two cash penalty fines of one hundred pounds each, because I had not paid?  Which I believe our ?1689 Bill Of Rights? further confirms my statements to this unlawful malicious action of these unlawfully placed fines/penalties.
   Where there has been some remarks passed in regard to my issuing a counter claim, where one would then suggest how would those like to be treated in such a malicious vindictive way? Where Mr Scholte of the NHS had the same unlawful malicious attitude as the enclosed witness testimonies will show when it was pointed out this was unlawful to the judges ? ?I do not care I am doing it anyway?.  Which I believe is a further violation to my human rights and shall also be lawfully pursuing if there is no lawful redress, when my health permits.

It may be further shown from the enclosed of exactly the same unlawful malicious vindictive persecution in my other enclosed legal issues. Which although I have used as an example to show further lawful cause to this ongoing UMVP I would also please request you would address them also. For you will see unlawful collusion to pervert the course of justice by defending solicitors, acting solicitors with courts not fit for lawful purpose. Presided by corrupt judges who openly do not honestly uphold the acts of UK law too pervert the course of justice, to cause this UMVP. This can be quite plainly seen from the enclosed disc in the Glamorgan aluminium issue as well as by that of the 2nd application in the Wales and west housing disrepair issue.
The enclosed court documents also show of what an ever rising many are now facing in these ever-rising corrupt Welsh courts and on any lawful/legislative honest complaints. Where the all contacted in my legal and other issues has been met in my constant complaints by an unlawful willing blindness to any honouring of any public duty to uphold H M Queen Elizabeth II acts of UK law. Where one must please request is this the current ongoing (unlawful malicious) intention of the Welsh assembly against Welsh society?
   I apologise I have taken the lawful stance I have set out in the enclosed letter to the Prime Minister and again have to lawfully suggest to yourself.
   Where one once again one has to refer to that unlawful willing blindness to any honest justice. Which again may be seen in my enclosed complaint to the court service of these unlawful corrupt not fit for lawful purpose malicious actions too any making honest lawful/legislative complaint. Where again all documented evidence is unlawfully maliciously ignored?
   Where I act without any malice or any other intent than requesting an honouring of stated public duty in upholding the acts of law of H M Queen Elizabeth II ? Which should be my lawful/legislative rights, or again without malice is that not the intention of the Welsh Assembly and yourself as First Minister?
I await your reply as requested of the Current PM
Yours Faithfully

P Ronald

3 April 12
Personal Private Attention
First Minister for Wales
Carwyn Jones
Welsh Government
5th Floor
Tŷ Hywel
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1NA

Dear Sir
Re my signed for delivery letter of 11 March 2012

I am still awaiting reply from you of my above mentioned letter which was in regard to the current Prime Ministers D Cameron response to me. Of which a copy amongst much other evidence included my current filed NHS court defence was included in the above letter to you. Where the Prime Minister stated in his reply the Welsh Assembly is responsible for reply in all my lawful complaints. Which is why I had then written to you on the 11 March 12 in lawful complaints as First Minister to the Crown of the Welsh Assembly?
   One of these complaints was in regard to currently being taken to court this month for NHS dental charges which the NHS openly state cannot be confirmed.
   I had also stated in this same letter of how the NHS had also acted with further unlawful malicious intent toward me. In regard to maliciously placed unlawful cash penalties/fines against me while my complaint into these charges were ongoing for my non payment. Where despite the lawful fact that our 1689 bill of rights which is enclosed showed these cash penalties/fines is maliciously unlawful Mr Scholte of the NHS maliciously insisted they were right. Yet the enclosed 1689 bill of rights on pages 2 & 3 as well as the below it declaration of Rights, page 9 (all of which is highlighted in yellow and underlined for your easy reference) show he is maliciously unlawfully wrong?
   In regard to these unlawful malicious facts I had further enclosed copies of much other irrefutable documented evidence also to you. This documented evidence consisted of my various other previous legal issues, which showed much other unlawful malicious vindictive persecution (UMVP) I have had to continually maliciously unlawfully suffer. Where the laws of H M Queen Elizabeth II acts of UK law were again not upheld in these previous issues of which its irrefutable documentation including witness statements show. This irrefutable documented evidence also included unlawful court judgments which show and add further lawful cause to all my statements. Where I stated this unlawful NHS issue is just again part of that UMVP I have had to maliciously unlawfully endure since the early eighties and as was again shown to you in evidence in the above letter.
This was further highlighted by the again shown fact in the above letter that I have been refused my lawful request to the court for my lawful right of trial by jury in this NHS issue. Just as I have in all my previous issues and as the previous enclosed witness statements further confirm there was never any honest lawful justice.  Where to show further lawful cause to these statements I further enclose to you my lawful rights under common law. (Again highlighted to you in yellow for your easy understanding).    Which I shall be using in court this month to again request for my lawful right to trial by jury in the NHS issue unless you as requested honour your stated public duty to lawfully intervene in this as well as all other previous enclosed issues.
Where if you and the others contacted in regard to this still ongoing UMVP do not honour your public duty to uphold the laws of HM Queen Elizabeth II.  Then you leave me no choice but to commence my issuing of liens as well as taking out court applications for misconduct in public office against all concerned and contacted. For these unlawful still unaddressed ongoing malicious acts
   I also believe that despite the fact the ombudsman has been shown lawful cause the actions of the NHS are maliciously unlawful. I believe they are having undue government influence placed against them not to honestly deliver their true findings. For despite my being informed they would shortly be in touch they just like yourself have ignored their public duty and just like you have not replied.
   Plus I shall then be going fully public and to certain media with the title ?The letter that the First Minister of the Welsh Assembly refuses to answer?, showing all contacted and how there is no honour or honest justice in the Welsh assembly.
   I shall also be writing to HM Queen Elizabeth II in complaint and showing how you as First Minister to the crown are not fit for lawful/legislative purpose. As well as further contacting PM D Cameron with my second stage of lawfully issuing my lien against him and his properties in your not legislatively or lawfully fulfilling his directions
   Where I carry out these lawful intentions without malice or any other intent than requesting you honour your stated public duty in upholding the laws of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Which you are obliged by law and legislation oath to carry out for UK society and obviously so far have not
   I await your earliest reply
Yours Faithfully

P Ronald

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