Before you vote tomorrow, please read this  

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Before you vote tomorrow, please read this  
« on: June 07, 2017, 09:05:19 PM »
Before you vote tomorrow, please read this

Published Jun 06, 2017
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Even when the establishment attacks us, we will continue the fight to keep Britain safe

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall MEP held his final press conference before polling day in Westminster this morning with a strong message on national security and a rebuke for those who have attacked the party for wanting to protect Britain.
This is what Paul had to say:
It is clear from the terrorist atrocities over the past month that the government is struggling to protect its own citizens.
And during this election campaign it has emerged that our security and intelligence services are at any one time engaged in thwarting five hundred potential terror plots.
They are monitoring three thousand hard-core Jihadis around the clock and keeping tabs on another 20,000 extremists who have given cause for concern.
These are truly shocking figures.
For a long time those services and the police foiled plot after plot in the nick of time thanks to some incredible work.
But now they are being overwhelmed by the impossible scale of the task that they face.
That the task has reached this impossible scale is a damning indictment of a profoundly complacent British political establishment.
An establishment that adopted way back in the 1980s a mindset that said Islamists should be allowed to set up home in Britain because they would surely never attack the place that was giving them refuge.
An establishment that has allowed hundreds of Jihadis to return from fighting for Islamic State in Syria and elsewhere in recent months.
An establishment that abolished control orders and replaced them with weaker T-PIMs even as the Islamist threat was getting worse.
And an establishment that was content to whip up cries of “racism” against those of us who warned that we were on a disastrous course and called for a much tougher approach to both security and integration.


On Sunday, the Prime Minister finally took a step towards acknowledging the problem. For far too long politicians have lacked the courage to name the source of terror within our midst: Islamist extremism.
When I cited this fact in the leaders’ debate last week, I was roundly criticised by the leaders of the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats, the Greens, the SNP and Plaid.
The fact that these leaders are not prepared to acknowledge the source of the problem means that they cannot even begin to start solving it.
I want to make it clear: Islamist extremism is a cancer within our society and a cancer that needs to be cut out.
We must also be prepared to reverse recent cuts to the police budget. This has led to 20,000 fewer police officers on our streets.  
We told you before these atrocities had taken place that those cuts need to be reversed. In these times of heightened terror we need more bobbies on the beat and an increase in community policing.
We must also be prepared to reverse the cuts to the prison service and that is why UKIP is prepared to recruit 7,000 more prison officers in an effort to curtail the rampant radicalisation within our prisons.
We must also properly control our own borders. Therefore we are committed to recruiting 4,000 more border guards and I want to make it clear here today, that any British citizen who goes abroad to fight or support Islamic State should have their passport revoked, their citizenship removed and never be allowed back into this country.
I also call on all parties to commit to a major increase in resources for MI5 to help it in its brilliant work in infiltrating, disrupting and detecting Islamist terror plots.
We must open a debate as to whether we routinely arm our police force, particularly in major cities.
At the very least, we must double the number of armed police officers as soon as possible.
Some have said that some of my proposals have been extreme, however, I make no apologies for taking nothing off the table to keep our people safe, whether that includes tagging or detention orders.
And we must demand more from the Muslim community when it comes to reporting extremism.
Here the Labour Party is incredible culpable, with people like Andy Burnham pushing the idea that the Prevent strategy should be scrapped because it is uncomfortable for some in the Muslim community.
It is clear that there has been a breakdown of trust between Muslim leaders and the Prevent strategy. Indeed reports have suggested that only one in eight referrals to the Prevent strategy come from within the Muslim community.
This is not good enough.
It is in no way unreasonable to expect any British citizen or resident to report concerns that another may be on a path towards committing horrific violence. In fact, it is the bare minimum we should demand from any decent person in our country.
UKIP believes that Prevent should not be dropped, in fact, it should be re-doubled.
Six weeks ago, at the beginning of this General Election campaign, UKIP launched its integration agenda.
At the centre of this agenda, was a determination that every young person from every community should have the chance to enjoy the full fruits of British society and make their maximum contribution to it, that is the way forward.
Many of our suggestions including a banning of face coverings, Sharia councils, mandatory checks of girls at risk of FGM and longer sentences for grooming gangs were widely derided by the Westminster establishment.
By that, I not only mean the Westminster politicians but many of the Westminster journalists too.
Let me give you a few examples.
Caroline Lucas of The Green Party accused our integration agenda of being “full throttled Islamophobia”. The Lib Dem, Lynn Featherstone said that our politics to stamp out FGM were “outrageous”. And we were even accused of going to war with the entire Muslim religion.
I utterly refute that our integration agenda is in any way Islamophobic or divisive.
It is about bringing communities together and ensuring that community cohesion is improved.
I predict history will prove that we were ahead of our time in highlighting these issues.
Finally, it is clear, that we need to do more to prevent impressionable young minds being influenced by extremist ideas. The authorities must now get a grip of Saudi funding of radical Imams and mosques. It is now time to close down mosques where extreme Wahabi or Salafist versions of Islam are preached.
We know that the government has conducted research in this area and we therefore call on the Home Office to release its findings.
Moreover, I repeat my call, which I have made for many years now for the banning of all Saudi and Qatari funding to mosques in Britain.
For all the criticisms I have of Mrs May, who I believe has been complacent at best during her time as Home Secretary regarding these issues, they pale into insignificance in comparison to the prospect of a Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbot led government.
It would be reckless in my opinion to have, as Prime Minister, in these dangerous times, someone who has opposed every single piece of anti-terrorism legislation put forward.
Someone who has gone out of his way to befriend terror groups both in Northern Ireland and the Middle East.
Someone who has opposed allowing the police to shoot to kill when confronted with armed terrorists.
So I have no hesitation in saying that out of more than 200 constituencies where UKIP has stood aside in this election, there are only a handful where I would recommend a Labour vote: Kate Hoey, Kelvin Hopkins and Frank Field are three that come to mind.
But in the vast majority of other seats Labour candidates cannot be trusted on Brexit and cannot be trusted on national security either.
The same is by the way true of the Liberal Democrats everywhere.
However deficient Mrs May has been, the deficiencies of Mr Corbyn are of an entirely different order.
So, where UKIP is not on the ballot, I hope that those who voted for us in 2015 will bear that in mind as they make their choice on Thursday.
Whatever the result, I will be proud of UKIP’s campaign. We have set the agenda, as before, on Brexit and immigration.
But we have also marked out new priorities for our country and been the one party with the guts to tell it like it is on integration and on security too.
I never had any doubt that we would be vindicated on these issues.
In fact I am only sorry that the vindication has come so soon and has involved so much innocent blood being shed.
If the terrible events of the spring and early summer of 2017 mark a genuine turning point in political attitudes, the moment when moral relativism and political correctness are ushered off the stage and a new, muscular, no-nonsense approach takes their place then at least some good will have come out of the slaughter.
In any event, UKIP under my leadership will continue to be the patriotic party that speaks up for our wonderful country and sounds the alarm whenever the interests of its people are jeopardised.

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