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Note ? We have all listened to the false misleading promises to society in regard to a referendum, where now one will show further falsehood to our current Prime Minister. In his not honouring his public duty to uphold the acts of UK law on behalf of UK society.
This small selection of letters and the further attached to this file irrefutably shows him unlawfully non-legislatively working for UK society.

It should not be for this shown dictator to refuse when the people have demanded a referendum, just as it should not be for him to degradingly unlawfully decide not to uphold the acts of UK law on behalf of society. Help us to help you in signing our petition to get this unlawful shown tyrant into court for the good of all.

9 11 12
Personal Private Attention
Right Honourable D Cameron Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Dear Sir
Re ? Your letter dated 15 October 12
Irrefutable Evidence of Welsh Government Corruption

I apologise for my late reply which is due to my awaiting the outcome of other outstanding issues which will be reiterated later in this letter.
   In your reply to my letter as one of the ever-rising persecuted people by the Welsh mafia of corrupt courts, solicitors and government departments. You state the matters I raise are the responsibility of the Welsh Assembly Government. Yet previous evidence I had shown to you shows I had written to the First Minister & Barrister Carwyn Jones in a letter dated 21 July 12. I had in this letter included by disc due to volume of evidence irrefutable documented evidence to show lawful cause to these statements.
    In receiving a reply dated 1 August 12 from Jeff Godfrey Director of legal services, he states the issues I raise are not the responsibility of the Welsh Government. Where his reply generated a further letter to you dated the 7 August 12 and these letters may be found on the again enclosed disc (due to volume) under the Welsh Assembly heading.
   Due to further continuing unlawful police persecution I had again cause to write to you in further public complaint in a letter dated 9 October 12. This letter also contained two copies of e-mails I had sent to our MP Anne Clwyd. Requesting a parliamentary enquiry of yourself in how you are persecuting UK society for others criminal actions in causing a UK recession. Copies of these are included in the enclosed disc and may be found in the Welsh assembly file under the letter.

In your recent statement to the UK public through the press in regard to the disgusting abuse and paedophilia that has been ongoing for many years. You announced there is to be an honest full enquiry, where how can you legislatively or lawfully justify your given statement?

For where the many abused are now stating how they tried too make statement and were continually unlawfully ignored, so are the ever-rising many other unlawfully (mentally) persecuted? To show lawful cause to this and the statements of the continually abused I write and supply documented evidence as follows -

In your reply you state the irrefutable documented evidence I supplied is the responsibility of the Welsh assembly. Yet you were shown from the enclosed previous letters and reply the First minister of the Welsh assembly deems it is not their responsibility? The enclosed Welsh assembly reply from legal director Jeff Godfrey deems I should write to the Ministry of Justice. Yet evidence by way of the again enclosed self explanatory 16 pages of complaints to the court service was enclosed with my previous letters. In how amongst much else corrupt, in unlawful denial to pervert the course of any justice Paulette James OBE of the court service returned my evidence to me with no explanation. Then a few days later sent me a letter stating I have sent no evidence to substantiate my allegations and I should not say such things. 
   It will be further noted from the complaints to the court service enclosed of how in letter the Committee on standards in public life deem this injustice was the responsibility of the then Prime Minister and his current ruling party. Where in taking into account nothing has changed in this legislation is why you and the First Minister were constantly contacted with yet again no lawful or legislative avail?

In contacting you all you were sent that which I enclose again on disc, which is a statement of my issues and the unlawful corruption entitled Glamorgan Aluminium issue. Where it may be noted of mention of being placed on website crooked-lawyers, which has in raising the unlawful Welsh corruption just been vindictively taken down. This however is being rectified and will shortly all be replaced with full documented evidence on another website.

In order to show the continuing persecution the ever-rising many unlawfully face by the Welsh judicial mafia I had also included to you all a further enclosed self explanatory issue entitled 2nd application. This was of a later Wales and West housing disrepair issue fully explained in my enclosed Glamorgan Aluminium statement.
   This second application displays the further unlawful criminal actions of the Welsh mafia of the justice system. Where the courts my then acting solicitors, defending solicitors as well as judges unlawfully pervert the course of justice too further unlawfully persecute me. (Photos of just some of the disrepair included on disc)
   So where in irrefutably shown corrupt not fit for lawful purpose courts is anybody going to get any justice which protects its own. I say protects it own because I further enclose 133 pages which show lawful cause of how many government figures including lords were and sill are involved in this abuse and paedophilia.

In regard to the unlawful criminal intent I and the ever-rising many are unlawfully facing I had also written of the sheer wastage of taxpayer?s money. My Glamorgan Aluminium issue of money owed and none of my stopped tax paid to the Inland Revenue took nine years to gain a hearing date. Where the barrister then stopped my legal aid two days prior to a hearing date on his gut feeling, yet this issue had eight previous barristers favourable for hearing reports?  The WWHA housing disrepair hearing took over twelve years with my solicitors claiming legal aid in both issues?

Due to this ongoing continual corruption in 06 I issued eleven applications against the then Blair government for misconduct in public office. Where the all were unlawfully aided by the unlawful acts of district judge Hendicott and Judge Hickinbottom to pervert the course of justice.
   Where not only did all eleven file their defence nearly a fortnight outside the courts instructions, where there should under the law have been case to answer by the defence. They as did the many in the paedophilia and abuse issues, state there was no merit in these issues, where high fines and civil restraint orders were issued to stop the real truth from prevailing. In Mr Blair previously perverting the course of any honest justice by his D notice as well as in this lawful application issue, under the law should this not be enough evidence to now have him arrested or again are we going to see this ever-rising unlawful wilful blindness??? Please see enclosed court documents

Where complaints to the all have found the same continuing unlawful wilful blindness as was shown too the many abused on their complaints. Where with this continuing unlawful criminal actions being shown by an ever-rising many how can you justify your statement of any honest enquiry on their behalf as well as those of any other mentally persecuted in issues such as my own?

Where to show further lawful cause to these statements of fact I enclose to you a letter which was sent to you by Mr Peter Bellett dated 19 July 12 where again nobody wanted to know. That in regard to the many statements in contacting the correct departments I further enclose documented evidence on the enclosed disc of fifty six pages, this from only a part of which I have in files it will be shown I have previously carried out this task many, many times over. This includes the last few documents showing how my sister and brother in law conveyance solicitor Mike Clements forged documentation to say she was the eldest child. To unlawfully procure and dispose of my late fathers estate where the all has been met with that same unlawful wilful blindness to any upholding of the law.  This fifty six pages of evidence may be found on disc under police want to make me a vexatious litigant ? for continually reporting injustice, taxpayer fraud on a humungous scale as well as many other criminal offences.

To further these statements I have also included two witness statements from individuals who were at my court hearings as well as two from my good lady. The individual two statements show of the corrupt not fit for lawful purpose courts and corrupt judges. Where again in our reporting the criminal actions to the police they again did not uphold the law. With my good ladies statements adding to these unlawful acts as well as our home has been unlawfully entered and documentation either taken or unlawfully interfered with.

I have also previously written to you in regard to the new legislation you have passed in regard to the disabled under 65 with a working partner. Where in now having my DLA as my only income they say I need to pay back money due to an overpayment. Firstly they denied I had informed them I was disabled, where I had to remind them this was stated in the sent copy of my letter to you and them?  Now they are saying they do not hold an account of any appeal, yet we returned their sent appeal form to the address given which had return to appeals written on the top. This overpayment resulted in changes in your legislation that my working partner has to become my financial keeper, so I receive no other entitlement to any benefit.  I have stated in that letter how I believe you should reconsider this legislation giving many lawful grounds why, where if it is to remain -

If the tax credit take me to court how can I afford to pay the exorbitant court fees to file any defence in only receiving my DLA? Which does not even cover my half of our rent, my food and any utility bills so where is any lawful right to a fair hearing? For in receiving no other benefits I am now not exempt from having to pay court fees, yet I like the many other disabled are far worse off from your given legislation?
   One now also hopes that in such cases as anyone going to court where just prior they sign everything over to their spouses. In such as too name but one issue of the many as the Maxwell brothers did to unlawfully receive hundreds of thousands of taxpayer?s money in legal aid That their partner?s earnings or ownership of any goods, will now also be taken into lawful consideration now that you have overridden this law with your legislation? Or is this yet again only going to be seen in the lower working class UK society as so much unlawfully else is today?

In such as the way you have unlawfully persecuted UK society in regard to the bankers shown many criminal offences and who are really responsible for our current recession.
Where they like the ever-rising many in government still receive their exorbitant over the top bonuses and UK society suffers on their and yours behalf.

For despite your (Unlawfully) stating, ?We are all in this together? we certainly are not when it may be seen of the still continuing government spending and wastage of taxpayers money. Which includes how MP?s you included, still persist in over the top expenses, secret bonuses & pensions as well as advertise for fine not listed wines for your personal parliamentary consumption. 

Where now as current PM and supposed to be in charge of the UK country have been again shown the unlawful corruption in much documented evidence. What on behalf of all those abused and the ever-rising unlawfully persecuted are you as current P M going to lawfully legislatively do about it?  For the committee on standards in public life who are advisors to all government figures deem this is your responsibility, even if you do not, they under government rule do, and after all are you said advisors.
Where I await your earliest reply
Yours Faithfully

P Ronald

9 October 2012
Personal Private Attention
The Right Honourable MP
D Cameron Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Dear Sir
Further public complaint

I write to you with further documented evidence showing further lawful cause of why you as Prime Minister should publicly investigate the corrupt Cardiff mafia of judges, solicitors and south Wales?s police. Where the word has once again drifted back to the south Wales police that I have called for this investigation, which for many unlawful reasons they obviously do not want investigated. Yet indisputable evidence which has been sent you as well as prior to the police several times and never lawfully acted upon show lawful grounds for this public investigation.
   Where once again from the enclosed it will be shown how the unlawful degrading police persecution has started because of my intended intent. So I have also contacted our MP Anne Clwyd in further calling for this full public enquiry into the ever-rising corruption, injustice and sheer wastage of taxpayer?s money.
   Enclosed will be found a recent self explanatory again complaint I have submitted via our MP Anne Clwyd to the IPCC in regard to the S Wales police. This complaint is in regard to an attempted repeated issue to unlawfully discredit me by a pcso police officer whose parents live in our street. Where I now believe an unlawful report is sitting on someone?s desk to unlawfully degradingly further try and discredit me to stop any lawful legislative investigation.
   It will be shown in the enclosed of how two pcso officers involved have unlawfully colluded with others to unlawfully maliciously contrive to commit fraud and deception for the unlawful benefit of the south Wales police.
   Where in looking at the facts of the enclosed under the UK law and in police procedure - I believe the enclosed & below brief facts will raise just some of the lawful questions that need to be lawfully quantified in this further police issue of unlawful false malicious degrading discrimination ?
   Enclosed evidence will show the pcso officer who called on a said reported neighbour complaint at no point enquired of my side of the issue I was immediately accused. It was only on my explaining to her what really had happened she was made aware of this and much other previous unlawful persecution. I was also initially informed while she was at the front door it was shouting and swearing, yet later in her conversation came, other abuse and threatening. Yet when I enquired who these residents were the pcso officer said she had no details with her and could she have our telephone number as she would see if she could give me any details.  I then asked is it not customary to have proof before you accuse anyone and should it not be customary for you to take statements prior to accusing anyone?  Where the pcso officer rather than answer said she was leaving, I was then informed as she was going through the door, remember you cannot threaten anyone you can only ask them to park where they are calling. I must admit I was too astounded to reply at this now new accusation.
    Where my final question I believe is also very lawfully pertinent - If any of these complaints of my shouting swearing being abusive and threatening are on a police report said to be genuine? Why did the police send a young slip of a female pcso officer by herself to an address where this type of incident has been reported?   

One may also look at this issue and say how it could be just the police daughter of the parents involved unlawfully maliciously protecting them.
   However when one looks at the ever-rising facts of the ever-rising persecuted and how the many have been unlawfully sectioned to prevent the honest truth from prevailing. As well as the attempts that have and are being unlawfully made of the same too many, many other S Wales and UK country wide residents including myself. One gets the full picture of what the now ever-rising many find is corruptly ongoing by the police and others in the UK .
   In further adding to this statement this pcso officer called around midday on the 2nd October and it is now the mid morning of the 9th, yet I have still not been supplied with my requested evidence of any resident complainant?  Then this coupled with the ever-rising shown continual south Wales police corruption places a whole new lawful outlook on this unlawful situation.
   We have lived at our address for nearly six years and the only issues we have had is from a known junkie and police informer jumping on our vehicle. With the now two issues of being deliberately harassed by this same family and their police pcso daughter.
   I say deliberately harassed because in the mid to late eighties I knew something was amiss and wanted to see how deep the continuing corruption/persecution was. So I deliberately falsely informed a certain few I could not afford the insurance for my car. A few weeks later while driving down Cyfather Street towards its T junction with City Road, a police car parked opposite the T junction. The next thing another car came hurtling round the corner and smashed right into the front of my own car, where when I got out too exchange details with the slim ginger haired driver the police car drove away. Some six to twelve months later the same ginger haired man was knocking on my door, only this time he was in a police uniform accompanied by a police sergeant. Where now I was accused of leaving the scene of an accident, where on my asking of the damage, a minute hair line crack in somebody?s number plate, but again no further details were offered. Paltry feeble untrue excuses like these, as well as much other malicious unlawful intent are continually used to unlawfully harass any continual complainant of what is being deemed as white collar fraud. Where this white collar fraud can be shown continually running into millions of pounds of taxpayer?s money unlawfully procured by an ever-rising many corrupt.
   I myself over the years have taken five box files of irrefutable documented filmed and photographic evidence on separate occasions to the south Wales police. The enclosed will also add too how when they could not unlawfully fit me up many times, they tried many other unlawful malicious degrading tactics.
In such as when an inspector Peter Thomas was found guilty by the IPCC of making intimidating telephone calls to me, where he was deliberately trying to incite me to get angry.  It may be shown in documented evidence the police informed the IPCC they were doing nothing to the officer and would the IPCC give the s Wales police a hand in making me a vexatious litigant. Where without even going into any further lawful questions or any more of the same/similar continual past malicious degrading persecution received from the s Wales police. I believe these issues plus in my most recent letter showing how First minister of the welsh assembly & barrister Carwyn Jones will not lawfully address these issues. Amalgamated with all the other previously sent to yourself as well as the first minister, further shown and known corruption should again add and warrant this full public investigation.
   Where if there is any further doubt in this request one could then add the 30 million of taxpayers money spent on the Lynette white murder. With how the police tried to continually bully all and sundry with no care for any honest investigation or honest justice to anyone.
   How officers from this same Butetown police station a few months later picked up a hard of learning teenage boy then got him drunk on cider in the police station. Then took him out to many unsolved crime issues and unlawfully got him admit to them while drunk. Where in being later jailed it was only his relation who showed the media he did not commit these crimes. Where add the crimes committed against myself, Maurice Kirk, Robert Green and Joan and Derek bye to name but a few. Where the all has been ongoing for years with no lawful redress, just as is the continual unlawful procurement of money from the legal aid service by the many Cardiff mafia of corrupt solicitors barristers and judges.
   To further show lawful cause to this statement I enclose to you a three page letter from Mr & Mrs Bye, who?s daughter was murdered by the NHS. Where in continually fighting for their lawful rights they also continually fought for a duty of Candour for the good of all. Where to cut to the quick yourself and the House of Lords again made sure the ongoing genocide stayed in place rather than any honest explanation.   
   If you again doubt my word of this Cardiff Mafia corruption then as suggested in my past letters go to website crooked-lawyers where besides just part of my issue of my many years of persecution.  Which you can ignore (if you so wish) where it is shown how it took nine years to gain a hearing date of money owed to me in unpaid wages and none of my tax stopped by Glamorgan Aluminium paid to the Inland revenue - with a barrister stopping my legal aid the day prior to hearing on his gut feeling.  Just look at the housing disrepair film which (you were sent) like the much documented evidence sent was also previously unlawfully ignored by Councillor Judith Woodman. She further ignored judges/solicitors documentation showing covered up structural surveys placed through the court, to further unlawfully defend this ongoing taxpayer fraud. For they are deliberately covering up structural defects to use the law of bad building where the taxpayer will eventually pay for a new one. The taxpayer fraud in this Wales and west housing issue runs into over fifteen million and I could also add another million pounds of taxpayer fraud committed by the Cardiff Museum, Caddw and the Gwent archaeology trust. Where this brief and previous sent documented evidence is but a miniscule part of the continuing ongoing S Wales Fraud & all round corruption which lawfully/legislatively needs to be politically/lawfully addressed.
   Where I also enclose my acknowledgement from the taxpayer funded IPCC who even if they find the police guilty cannot enforce them to take any lawful action. Where once again the lawful/legislative question arises - Where is this any benefit to the taxpayer or ever-rising police persecuted people?
   Where once again no doubt judge Hickinbottom?s previous statement in witnessed hearing is once again going to be proved further unlawfully right? Which was given on my stating of taking my complaint of his unlawful malicious degrading criminal actions further. ?Mr Ronald it is a known fact that no government department of complaint works on behalf of the public?
   Where any unlawful legislative failure on your part in being current Prime Minister to fully publicly investigate this ever-rising shown injustice in my own and others issues. As well as the millions in taxpayers money which is being misused and unlawfully procured by the many in the legal service and police? Will only further add evidence to my previous announced lawful intended intent, which is of a lawful high court application against you for misconduct in public office. Where I write without malice or any other intent than as the same as ever-rising many wanting honest stated justice, with the same of stated legislation by honest public duty.
I await your earliest reply
Yours Faithfully

P Ronald

21July 12
Personal & Private Attention
Right Honourable David Cameron, Prime Minister
The House of Commons,

Dear Sir
In regard to my letter & evidence15 February 12 ? your reply 9 April 12

In your reply letter of the above date it was stated that the Welsh Assembly were responsible for the devolution in the matters that I raised in lawful/legislative complaint. However in writing to First Minister Carwyn Jones it has been deemed my lawful/legislative complaints have only been noted?
   This is despite the fact that MP, barrister, & First Minister Carwyn Jones was requested to honour his public duty. In upholding the acts of law of HM Queen Elizabeth II to the many, many shown criminal offences of my complaint. Where it is not only the many, many criminal offences that should have been lawfully/legislatively addressed, but also the continual unlawful wastage of tax payers money.  First Minister of the Welsh assembly, barrister Carwyn Jones has carried out neither?

I believe you have also recently received a letter from a Mr Peter Bellett in regard to the unlawful vindictive degrading government corruption that is continually ongoing in S Wales. Where many, many criminal offences including paedophilia run?s rife in S Wales society with full government permission? Where rather than is well noted by an ever-rising many complainants of our UK government, to send the much incriminating evidence back to me, as you have previously. One would again ask you as Prime Minister who is supposed to be running this country, to honour your stated public duty on behalf UK society. In examining the again enclosed evidence sent on disc (due to volume) under that stated public duty as well as the acts of UK law.
   Where either yourself in examining the enclosed irrefutable documented evidence or your designated member of government act in their stated public duty to uphold the acts of UK law of HM Queen Elizabeth II. For this same shown irrefutable unlawful corruption is UK countrywide, and is not only degradingly unlawful to UK society but is also costing the taxpayer unnecessary fortunes.
   Where one can understand the government statement of not interfering with the judicial system in case of any undue political influence in any legal issue.
   However in ever rising issues such as the enclosed, it is not a legal judicial system that is lawfully/legislatively acting. It is a corrupt unlawful malicious vindictive persecuting system that in ever-rising instances has no lawful redress which the enclosed irrefutably shows in full documented evidence.   

Where if you as an MP as well as current Prime Minister or First minister Carwyn Jones do not wish to carry out your stated public duty. Or to uphold the acts of UK law of HM Queen Elizabeth II, then can you please explain why this under the acts of UK law and government legislation (of public duty) cannot lawfully be deemed as misconduct in public office?   

Where also please forgive my legal presumptions and intent from travelling to London to gain your home address in regard to issuing a lien against you and your property. For it is now well noted the ever-rising shown corrupt UK courts would never enforce such a legal document. Just as it can be shown in incontrovertible documented evidence the police will not uphold the law in regard to this ever-rising white collar government fraud. ? Which as stated is costing the taxpayer and individual millions annually?
   Perhaps this money saved could be donated to the jobs for the boys (many, many who have not got a clue how to do their job) called the NHS. Of which it has now been announced on several occasions in the media, murders over a hundred thousand patients a year. Which is by either by sheer deliberate neglect, genocide, or ever-continuing of the same/similar medical mistakes, or are they?
   It shall also be seen from the attached letter to this, to First Minister Carwyn Jones, why is our UK government still allowing ANY bankers bonuses? When there is so much evidence in lawful cause they were the main cause of this current UK recession. Whilst ever continuing criminal degrading deprivation is government inflicted upon the people of the UK.
   Without malice or any other intent than writing the real truth, the people of this country are fed up with the corruption and continual whitewash costly investigations. We the people want you as acting prime Minister, to not only give us answers, as well as what UK society (EU and all) want. For is it not your and your political parties jobs too carry out the peoples wishes and not to maliciously degradingly dictate and continually deprive society as you have been? For if any political party was ever in the right in their directions for UK society, then why is the UK in the disgusting political financial and otherwise state it is in now?

There are only two major things wrong in the UK, no honourable public duty, from most if not all in government, with ever-rising corrupt not fit for lawful purpose courts. When call me Dave said, we are all in this together then either act like it on behalf of UK society. As you are lawfully legislatively supposed or we the people will see you in high court, for the irrefutable documented evidence like the enclosed is now exceedingly overwhelming.
I await your earliest reply
Yours faithfully

P Ronald
Stop the UMVP

16 April 12
Personal & Private Attention
Right Honourable D Cameron Prime Minister
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA

Dear Sir
   In previously writing to you in regard to being taken to court by the NHS on unconfirmed evidence as well as having unlawful cash penalties placed upon me. You were shown in further irrefutable evidence how I believe this was part of the unlawful malicious degrading treatment I had been unlawfully degradingly suffering since the early eighties by the UK justice system.
   You deemed in your reply that this was the responsibility of the part of your government known as the Welsh assembly.
   In then writing to First minister Carwyn Jones of the Welsh assembly I sent all the accompanying documentation including a copy of the letter sent to you. Where I requested of him as was asked of you in my letter to you, the honouring of stated public duty to uphold the laws of HM Queen Elizabeth II.
   Where it appears that the First Minister or anybody else contacted does not wish to accept any responsibility of any honest stated public duty, or in upholding the laws of H M Queen Elizabeth II.
   I therefore notify you under the acts of UK law of my lawful continuance in regard to no honest honouring of any stated public duty, and the non-upholding of H M Queen Elizabeth II laws. To lawfully continue proceed in placing liens against your London and Oxford properties and you until such time, either you as current PM intervene in these requests. Or In that we lawfully proceed to court using this evidence as part, in regard to a lawful application for misconduct in public office. Where it may be shown of the lawful degrading violations of our constitution (Bill of Rights 1689 section 2 Clause 12) can/will be lawfully suggested as tantamount to treason against the Crown.
   Please be advised my second affidavit of continuance of the liens will be with post of this court case of which I am still preparing
   I carry this out with no malice or any other intent than lawfully/legislatively requesting the upholding of that which is stated on behalf of UK society and should be your public duty.
Yours Faithfully

P Ronald    

15 February 2012
The Right Honourable Prime Minister
D Cameron MP
10 Downing Street
SW1A 2AA    Copy of MY sent affidavit in replies from Mr Cameron

Dear Sir
Letter of Notice & Demand with Accompanying Affidavit

I write in complaint and with lawful intent in regard to my multiple past irrefutable lawful complaints being unlawfully ignored by you as acting UK Prime Minister. Where once again I would please request as acting Prime Minister you honour your public duty and uphold the acts of UK laws of HM Queen Elizabeth II. My complaint is in regard to the Unlawful Malicious Vindictive Persecution (UMVP) I am yet again unlawfully receiving this time from the Welsh (mafia) NHS as well as the ever-rising shown corrupt Welsh justice system. Where I am currently being taken to court for dental charges the NHS say they cannot confirm? (Please see enclosed on disc due to volume of evidence, NHS defence and counterclaim)
   Where once again it may be shown in irrefutable documented evidence I am at the corrupt malicious vindictive mercy of corrupt judges in courts not fit for lawful purpose. Where according to the committee on Standards in Public Life (your advisors) the responsibility of this ever-rising corrupt malicious injustice lies with the current PM and his ruling party. Where I offer you this evidence and more of the corrupt same from my previous issues which show lawful grounds in regard to my later stated lawful intent, where I again enclose the following true facts -
   In a question of law in regard to any offence being committed is it not lawfully stated that one has to show lawful cause for an issue to have lawful grounds to lawfully proceed? ?Then it must be lawfully questioned on where is any lawful grounds to proceed when the NHS clearly states in enclosed letter, ?We have assessed all the relevant information, including any that you sent to us, but we are still unable to confirm that you were entitled to free NHS dental charges at the time of your examination/treatment. You are therefore required to pay the charge?
   Where if they cannot confirm I was not eligible to free treatment how can they lawfully confirm I was not?

The NHS then with no change to our circumstances while their investigation is still ongoing send us a HC2 certificate entitling my partner and I too free NHS (dental) treatment ? Yet under the same circumstances they have taken me to court for dental charges a few months prior they say they cannot confirm I should pay. Have they not here under the law, not conflicted their own original issue? Under the law where are any lawful grounds to lawfully proceed due to their own self administered unlawful conflict of interest?

For the good of all and preservation of society is it not lawfully stated that under the law everybody is equal? - Then where is any equality when one cannot confirm, yet are free to prosecute? Where is any quality of life for any society when one can be maliciously persecuted by one who cannot confirm they have any evidence?

How does the NHS lawfully justify the issuing of cash penalties against an individual prior to finalising their own investigation of that individual? For this as any honest judge or solicitor would lawfully confirm, under the acts of UK law is particularised as acting with unlawful malicious intent (as is the whole of this NHS issue) too unlawfully procure by malicious vindictive persecution and again are criminal offences.

It therefore must also be lawfully questioned in any judge knowing the law as they are lawfully supposed, on what lawful grounds has district judge Morgan Jenkins lawfully granted a hearing? This statement is further lawfully justified when one examines the maxims of law which are may be found on the enclosed disc. Is this also why district judge Morgan Jenkins has also unlawfully refused my request for a statement of his reasons to this hearing????

Why can it be seen and as happened several times in my previous issues he like other corrupt judges also stayed my request for a high court hearing trail by jury when the malicious criminal evidence is so lawfully obvious?
   Why has he further stated that the NHS has requested my defence be struck out as having no lawful course of action and will notify me of a hearing (if any) ? Yet I have received no notification of this from the NHS? ..... and maybe again unlawfully denied a hearing to lawfully defend my lawful defence being struck out? Or is it because other enclosed evidence in this defence already shows the answer to my intended question which the NHS or the Judge does not want on court record?

What are the further malicious intentions of the NHS?
   Have they unlawfully conspired with the now well known corrupt South Wales police as they did with Mr Maurice Kirk (Kirk Flying vet website). Where he was arrested on trumped up charges and the NHS invented an incurable brain disease to murder him to stop the honest lawful truth from prevailing? For several other independent medical reports since have divulged no such incurable brain disease as that which was made by NHS Dr Tegwyn Williams? ? So I have taken precautions if this is the unlawful malicious issue by the SW police and NHS to stop the honest truth from lawfully prevailing

In the past you were previously notified of this same unlawful malicious vindictive persecution (UMVP) I have unlawfully received from the now well publicised (Welsh\) Cardiff mafia of corrupt judge?s solicitors and police. Which since the early eighties apart from unlawfully corruptly costing me my son whom I have not seen since 1990, my business and my then home which was my retirement fund. Which was all corruptly maliciously concocted because of a solicitor?s negligence and should have been placed through the solicitors insurance which I do not believe they had at the time? (Please see on disc Glamorgan Aluminium issue)

It can also be shown in witness testimony and documented evidence of this same UMVP in my previous further enclosed Wales and west housing disrepair issue. Where district judge Hendicott first giving us the name Hickinbottom refused to take my file in this said (but was not) high court hearing. Stating I had to remove all the shown criminal offences committed by the courts, both sides of solicitors and WWHA themselves. Where if I tried to appeal any of his actions he would make me a vexatious litigant and I needed his permission to appeal if and when I altered my file. That prior to any further hearing being granted I had to pay all costs to date in this still ongoing issue. (Please see on disc Witness Testimonies & 2nd application)  Where it will be noted of the enclosed 2nd application documentation of many of the mentioned criminal offences committed by both sides of solicitors as well as the Cardiff magistrate court and its corrupt judges.
   In the witnessed hearing Judge Hendicott even intimated that he had something to do with the first false forged documents from a previous hearing in the Royal courts justice. As well as the second set received which were not in the exact words of Lord Justice Sedley and placed me back in the corrupt arms of the (Welsh) Cardiff mafia of judges. (Can be found in enclosed on disc second application)
   District judge Hendicott in unlawfully taking this said high court hearing also further gave cause of unlawful alarm when he said he was staying my eleven applications against the then labour government. Despite my lawful protestations of this being unlawful and contradictory to the housing issue being then heard, he said he did not care he was staying them anyway. (Please see enclosed court documents)
   The same unlawful malicious corruption can be shown of how judge Hickinbottom and judge Hendicott previously unlawfully colluded in my eleven applications against the Tony Blair government. Where they showed an unlawful willing blindness to the acts of UK law in stating my eleven separate applications had the same particulars of interest. Where they then combined them in unheard said hearings and just sent me their court judgements. In another un-notified hearing it was then said that all eleven could have the applications struck out under the courts ruling. In hearing sitting as an additional high court judge it did not matter to judge Hickinbottom that all defendants had filed their defence nearly a fortnight outside the courts instructions? Where under court rules and under the acts of UK law there should have been no case to answer by the defence (Please see enclosed on disc Court Documents). It also did not matter of what irrefutable evidence I had or any lawful argument that I placed before the court. Civil restraint orders and high fines were the name of the day instead of any honest lawful justice. Where again any permission to lawfully appeal had to be made through judge Hickinbottom for his permission (?) and this would be on the civil restraint order.
   Where on my informing him of my going to complain of his unlawful actions and as the enclosed witness testimonies will irrefutably confirm. He stated. ?Mr Ronald it is a known fact that no government department of complaint works on behalf of the public? 
   Where an ever-rising many like me in trying to obtain honest lawful justice of their documented evidence can certainly confirm they certainly do not. Where this can be further shown from my complaints to the courts complaint service (Please see complaint to the court service on disc)
   The acts of UK law are the basis of existence of UK society and as current PM you were requested to honour your public duty in upholding those laws. As the current acting Prime Minister you have unlawfully maliciously failed on several occasions.    Where I enclose to you for your reply on separate sheet a copy of my sworn affidavit which is in view of you acting outside your public duty rather than honouring it, as well as not upholding the laws of HM Queen Elizabeth II.
   Where I lawfully intend to place a commercial lien against yourself and your London personal property for 1.5 Million pounds of lawfully justified damages of my previous sent lawfully justified multiple issues
(This does not include the current damages in the current ongoing NHS issue)
   I act without any malice or any other intent other than requesting you to honour your stated public duty and in upholding H M Queen Elizabeth II acts of UK laws.
I await your earliest reply.
Yours faithfully

P Ronald

22 June 2011
Prime Minister,
Mr D Cameron MP
10 Downing Street
Sw1A 2AA

Dear Sir
   I have written to you prior without malice informing you of my lawful intent to issue lawful applications against you as not fit for public office. Where in this lawful intent I would ask you to please pass comment as you lawfully will in eventual documents of discovery on the enclosed additions. For this will save the courts time and the taxpayer?s money of which it may be shown in irrefutable evidence the government wilfully waste whilst unlawfully maliciously depriving UK society.
   The first is in regard to the utility bills and of which concerns Welsh water (Dwr Cymru) unlawfully maliciously vindictively persecuting its customers. Where it is once again shown as unlawfully corrupt judge Hickinbottom stated to me in court on complaint of his witnessed unlawful criminal malicious actions.  ?Mr Ronald it is a known fact that no government department of complaint works on behalf of the public?.  Where in ever-rising issues such as this instance of the water board, where the enclosed will irrefutably show they do not.
   Arrears to my metered water rates were accumulated in having to clean up mould, damp and raw sewerage constantly coming up in our bath and over our toilet. Which was due to the unlawfully denied but filmed and photographed on crooked-lawyers.net (Amendment to letter Now Taken down) website housing disrepair which the court denied by unlawful malicious collusion and deception to pervert the course of justice. Where as will be shown by the enclosed self-explanatory unanswered letter dated 1 March 11 to the water board and the unanswered self explanatory e-mail dated the 28 March 11 to their ombudsman.
    Where in now only receiving and having my DLA benefit as my only source of income with no other assets or savings I have been paying what I can afford. Which has been the equivalent of seven pounds fifty per week plus whenever my disabling deteriorating condition allows me to get to the post office? This amount covers my present water rates as well as taking what I can afford off the arrears.
   The water board however are not content with this and as will be shown by the further enclosed copies of e-mails now wish to further waste taxpayer?s money via Bay Collections (their own debt collection agency?) in taking me to court. Where they wish to further unlawfully maliciously enforce me to pay more money which I cannot afford, as my present circumstances barely allow me to live. Where it will be further questioned in my applications against you why government legislation unlawfully in ever-rising issues allows. The water board to waste millions of gallons of water every day from unattended leaks and poorly maintained archaic reservoirs whilst unlawfully in ever-rising issues to maliciously persecute their customers in such as this. Where in making vast profits their first duty of care should be to their customers and those leaks but is unlawfully not with full government unlawful malicious approval. Where as we see in other irrefutable documented evidence the taxpayer funded ombudsman unlawfully maliciously does not in ever-rising issues uphold any genuine complaints? I would therefore prior to issuing these applications and of my now complaint please request your comments on this issue in how you are being fair and lawfully just too society as Prime Minister?

My second issue to you is in regard to the NHS (Dental charges) where it will be shown from the enclosed index and chronology of complaint of their unlawful malicious vindictive persecution of me. Where that index chronology (copies of letters available on request) will show of their bumbling malicious errors and their unlawful malicious intent to unlawfully maliciously persecute me. Where they state in their letter dated 3 May 11, they have assessed all the information but we are unable to confirm that you were entitled to help with NHS dental charges? ? You are therefore required to pay the charge.
   Further evidence of this index chronology will show of how they have also unlawfully maliciously added a penalty charge of ?100 and an additional charge of ?50 prior to any assessment of all the evidence? Where this under the law is acting with unlawful malicious prejudicial intent, which is a criminal offence, for they openly admit they have no evidence for these charges?
   The wastage issues of the National Health is going to be another question lawfully raised in my applications and one that I would again lawfully invite your comments on with your earliest reply of the above please.

It will be further noted of my end comments in the NHS index chronology in regard to the NHS of how I believe this unlawful malicious persecution is part of the unlawful malicious vindictive Masonic persecution by the Cardiff mafia. Of which judge Hickinbottom was/is (in his new position) part and as can be confirmed by the ever rising many seems to be ongoing all over the country? Where the taxpayer is continually being unlawfully ripped off for millions if not billions whilst society is being further and further maliciously persecuted.

I write to you without malice in complaint for your comments as Prime Minster of Britain and that the running of the country and your first duty to British society is your stated responsibility. Where I await your earliest reply.
Yours Faithfully

P Ronald

E Mail - Attn PM D Cameron MP 4 October 2010
Dear Sir
I had previously written to you on the 28 September 2010 in regard to what I believe is further unlawful intimidation by the police, which was in regard to seen criminal damage to my partner?s vehicle when parked outside our home.
   In this letter I included many, many other facts all shown lawful cause by further enclosed documentation. These facts were in regard to over twenty years of unlawful persecution by the Cardiff mafia of judges, solicitors and police.  Where the law despite my many, many requests has not been upheld in regard to the many, many criminal offences committed by others in these issues.
   The results of that letter to you has now caused me to receive a reply from the police where again one has to pass lawful comment on the following -

1 It will be noted the date on the letter states the 16 September 2010, yet was not received until the 2 October 2010

2 ? It is signed by a Chief inspector Phil Ashby, where one has to ask is this one of the five brothers of police constable Peter Ashby.  Who, is the Cardiff policeman that Mr Rob Green, Mrs P Larter and myself made complaint too in regard to the (now well documented) unlawful actions of the corrupt judges in the Cardiff civil justice centre?
   Where if this is the issue, under UK law is this not a conflict of interest, for has not irrefutable evidence previously been shown to you as current ruling UK Prime Minister. That despite lawful request from the three of us that constable Ashby has never upheld the law in regard to our lawful complaints?
   Where the same typical fob off in the enclosed cavalier response from, the police is no doubt the last we will hear? Is this again not the same unlawful response I like the ever-rising many have always received in continually reporting these irrefutable documented criminal offences, All of which has been again recently shown to you in previous sent evidence, not only of my own but also that of Mr Maurice Kirk and Mr Roy Jenkins.
   For when considers the police had arrested this same person who caused the criminal damage to our vehicle for an affray in our street.  Were also made aware two neighbours saw him on the roof of our vehicle, and he left a perfect imprint of the sole of his shoe on the bonnet of our vehicle.  Plus the police lady Lisa used this as another excuse to telephone me a week after the incident. Stating she was going to call on him that week to give him chance to confess, none of the content of the enclosed letter adds up at all.   That is unless once again one looks at it as unlawful malicious vindictive persecution does it not?
I again await your earliest reply
Yours Faithfully
P Ronald

28 September 2010
Personal Private Attention                   
PM David Cameron MP                       
10 Downing Street                               
SW1A 2AA   

Dear Sir
A Matter of Public and High UK Government Record

I write and enclose on disc (due to volume of) documented evidence I wish to have placed on public record and also on high government record.  For again I have been placed in either in unlawful malicious vindictive circumstances or a life threatening situation by the unlawful actions of the South Wales police. 
Where aided by the Cardiff mafia of Judges, solicitors and police I believe I am being unlawfully set up again and could be unlawfully incarcerated for crimes I have not committed. Which is due to the evidence I am shortly to publicly release which shows not only unlawful collusion and corruption within these services, but also the unlawful procurement of very large amounts of taxpayer?s money (Please read article 1on disc ? A brief synopsis of my issues).

The Cardiff police over periods of time have received five box files of irrefutable documented evidence in regard to these many, many shown criminal offences. Not only committed against myself, but also against the taxpayer in this unlawful procurement of money from the taxpayer via the legal aid system.
Where not once have they observed or upheld the law and despite the IPCC upholding one of my issues, the police rather than uphold their decision unlawfully asked the IPCC to help them make me a vexatious litigant.  Where an ever-rising many can testify to the same in trying to gain justice of their lawful issues 
Where on our going away for the weekend of the 13 August 2010, our home was again unlawfully entered by either the SW police, or someone acting unlawfully for the police. Where as well as possibly either unlawfully taking or altering documentation, they have also taken my DNA and fingerprints, and possibly planted false evidence. (I cannot thoroughly check all documents or yet check the attic where they had been)
For prior to leaving we had cleaned our bedroom thoroughly which included cleaning the bedroom carpets, on our return we found attic fiber insulation on the bedroom carpet.  Which could have only been caused by someone going into our attic and disturbing it, which is further confirmed by the enclosed on disc (and signed copy with this letter) statement of my partner of thirteen years (please read article 2 on disc, Statement of T da Silva).   

Further to this evidence is the fact that two people recently calling to our address have unlawfully taken my photograph.  One a coloured person hid behind our vehicle and on my opening the door took my picture on his telephone then ran off saying wrong address.
Where I couple this with the supposed criminal damage to our vehicle, it is the same unlawful scenarios the police have tried many times in the past. In calling the police in the late evening, a policewoman by the name of Lisa called that same evening and was given a verbal statement by my partner and myself.  The following day in seeing clearly the damage to our vehicle we informed the police we wished to press charges.  I then received another telephone call from the police woman, who wanted yet another statement on the telephone, Where when informed her of the infinitely clear hand and footprints on the bonnet of our vehicle she said they did not want to go down that road. Then I received yet another telephone call to say that now forensics were coming to inspect the vehicle for evidence and the police were calling again too interview the neighbours who saw the incident.  The police did not call to see the neighbours and took seven days for forensics to arrive, and I received further telephone calls from the police. Where after twenty years of unlawful malicious vindictive persecution from the Cardiff mafia of judges, solicitors and police in trying to gain justice of the irrefutable documented evidence of my legal issues.  Plus reading the ever-rising many on the net who have received the same, one becomes very aware of the unlawful corruption. Where they tape your telephone call and use it out of context against you on some spurious charge or another, or discredit you in some other way, which is unlawful defamation of character. This although against the law is being noted by an ever-rising number of persecuted who have asked the police to do no more than their public duty to observe and uphold the law.  Where they unlawfully do not uphold the law and persecute the complainant.
Such as when I previously received a telephone call from a chief inspector Peter Thomas, who then unlawfully gained our then X directory telephone number. To (unlawfully) and tauntingly inform me on the telephone, the police will take no action on my injustice complaints because I have complained of too many people? Where in saying but you have irrefutable documented evidence to show lawful cause he stated he did not care and laughingly put the telephone down. 
Then we have a community police lady who?s parents live next door but one, who berated me in the street when I asked her to please move her vehicle from in front of our house.  Because I wished my good lady to park there in case she needed to take me to hospital as I was suffering bad chest pains at the time. Where in receiving a letter from Bridgend police HQ saying they were going to take no action a community police sergeant then calls giving the name Peter Thomas.  Who then does his utmost to gain access to our property despite my several times saying no you cannot come in he still persisted. Saying he had called over the same community police lady incident I had already received the finalised letter on?  Plus from later sending the now well believed set up of criminal damage to our vehicle out on the net and the police then do not call back to inform us of any further lawful intention of the known criminal damage to our vehicle. Then is it not obvious this is just another unlawful scenario unlawfully deliberately created by the unlawfully corrupt SW police to further unlawfully entrap me.  For they again wish to unlawfully set me up to stop the irrefutable documented evidence of corrupt Cardiff judges, corrupt Cardiff solicitors acting unlawfully and using the legal aid service as their own personal cash machine I have from being placed in the public domain.
   Where in order for you too see a selection of these criminal offences committed by the Cardiff Mafia of judges and solicitors please read article 3 on disc 2nd  application.  Which is in regard to the Wales and West housing disrepair issue, which I was forced to lawfully issue and shows much of the unlawful corruption which took place in the first application?
It undeniably shows the unlawful collusion of the courts and all solicitors, the unlawful withheld structural surveys placed through the courts by solicitor?s clerk and solicitor Hugh James. False forged judgements said to be from the RCJ, letters either showing WWHA had no insurance or are forgeries by solicitor Richard Payne to cover his unlawful procurement of money from the (taxpayers funded) legal aid service.  It further contains petitions signed by thirty two of the 48 residents who were in at the time showing we have unaddressed housing disrepair.  A further seven signed to say like us they have unaddressed damp by WWHA in their property, a taped transcript of WWHA housing manager R Preece admitting to the damp in ours and other properties belonging to WWHA. An index chronology of photographs further emphasizing the unaddressed damp and mould, plus letters from the water board and social services, stating these issues are for WWHA too lawfully address. It even contains statements from two people who live in the block of sheltered accommodation opposite, stating they have the same or similar issues with WWHA.
Further to show lawful cause to these statements I have enclosed the court statement made by solicitors clerk Rebecca Rees.  Where in using the enclosed evidence I have raised my lawful objections, which are at the end of R Rees statement, which again irrefutably shows R Rees acting with unlawful malicious intent to pervert the course of justice (Please read article 4 on disc, statement of Rebecca Rees)
   Where in further lawful justification of my objections raised I also enclose a selection of photographs (originals in safe storage) of Hillside court, which were taken when the 2nd application was issued. (Please see article 5 WWHA photos)  All of which again adds lawful cause to my statements and again shows unlawful cause to the malicious unlawful actions and statements of defending WWHA defending solicitors clerk R Rees.
   In furtherance to show lawful cause to my statements of the unlawful corrupt Cardiff mafia of judges I enclose to you Chapter four (Please read article 6 - Chapter 4)
   Which is in regard to my not obtaining stated lawful/legislative justice in my legal issues I issued eleven separate applications (Former PM Mr. T Blair and ten others) against the UK government for misconduct in public office?  Where as well as contain the laws of misconduct in public office and perverting the course of justice it will be shown the all were given until the 24 July 06 by the courts to file their defence.
   The enclosed chapter five (Please read article 7 ? Chapter 5) relates not only in my words but also shows in court documentation and two separate witness statements. These witness statements show the unlawful malicious vindictive acts of the corrupt Cardiff judges, and how they acted maliciously and unlawfully. It will also be shown from these witnesses at the hearing, how district judge Hendicott criminally used the name Hickinbottom to unlawfully take a high court WWHA hearing.  How he also unlawfully passed judgement on my eleven applications against the government in this housing disrepair hearing.  Which is unlawful as they were contrary to the WWHA housing disrepair hearing being heard and therefore under the UK law and court rules should not have been judged?
   You will further read from these same witness statements of the hearing of my eleven applications against the government. Where judge Hickinbottom to unlawfully cover up his and judge Hendicott?s unlawful criminal actions, sits as an additional high court judge? He unlawfully takes no notice that all eleven defendants filed their defence nearly a fortnight outside the courts instructions ? He had to ask the treasury solicitor if this was true and he did not know either, which showed that neither had read any of the files or court docs. 
On my complaint of this and his many other unlawful acts, stating I would take this further he then replied, ?Mr. Ronald it is a known fact that no government department of complaint works on behalf of the public?
   To further justify this unlawful statement and yours in that the court service should reply to my complaint letter to you, I enclose to you chapter 6 (Please read article 8 ? Chapter 6). 
This shows of my sending all this evidence and much, much more to the courts complaints service and how it was returned to me in just a plain brown envelope with no covering letter (enclosed in chapter with fuller explanation). I then receive a letter from Paulette James of the courts complaint service saying I should not make such allegations as I have no evidence to show lawful cause to my issues.  Yet again we see the unlawful willing blindness to stated truth and justice from an ever-rising corrupt justice service.  Where the ever-rising many including myself can confirm if you contact the police with these shown criminal offences the UK acts of law are not observed or upheld in these ever-rising instances. 
To further show lawful cause too these ever-rising corruption statements I further enclose to you an article written by Roy Jenkins of his own issues (Please read article 9 - Roy Jenkins issue) Who feels so strongly about his injustice not only as he placed his issues on the web at WWW.no-justice.org.uk, he has also formed his own electoral party.
   In furtherance of showing the corruption of the Cardiff mafia of judge?s solicitors and the SW police I also enclose the ongoing issues of Mr. Maurice Kirk.  Who again has posted his ongoing injustice online I at his website Kirk Flying vet.  (Please read article 10 ? Maurice Kirk issues)  Which gives a brief glimpse into his issues and although not up to date shows much of the same corruption and unlawful malicious persecution by the Cardiff mafia of judges and SW police?  What it does not mention is how he was recently unlawfully sectioned by the SW police and did take this unlawful sectioning to court. A jury found the SW police guilty so Maurice pursued for damages which is still ongoing. Where they currently they refuse to surrender any documents which relate to his unlawful sectioning as the individu

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