'Chairman Maoy', the Trotskyist Globalist (UKIP Daily)

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'Chairman Maoy', the Trotskyist Globalist (UKIP Daily)
« on: June 12, 2017, 05:30:52 PM »
'Chairman Maoy', the Trotskyist Globalist (UKIP Daily)

Once again, an article in the UKIP Daily (www.ukipdaily.com)  from 'Julian Farmer', one of our correspondents.  
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“Chairman Maoy” – The Trotskyist Globalist
Posted on June 12, 2017 by Julian Farmer in Culture // 4 Comments

Leon Trotsky’s theory of “permanent revolution” held that, historically, an  economy had to be seen as a world system rather than a national one. All national economic development was affected by the laws of the world market, even though such regional factors as location, population, available resources, and pressure from surrounding countries made the rate of development different in each country. So, in Trotsky’s view, the Russian Revolution, to be permanently successful, would have to depend on revolutions in other countries, particularly in western Europe. His theory also emphasized the hegemony of the working class over the revolutionary class because of their strategic position in industry and other advanced sectors of the economy.
Today that ‘working class’ has been replaced by a Moslem Class and by obeisance to an Arab oil-rich Middle-East. This is why Islam and its activities are placed above and beyond the indigenous peoples of Europe and the West. We have become “useless mouths” or “lumpen proletarii”- the despised subhuman species that must be made to disappear, as in the eyes of the “Elite” we have failed to vote Socialist or rebel in glorious revolutionary terms towards the establishment of a Global Soviet Paradise and Nirvana where all our needs will be taken care of; even our thoughts and speech.
Trotsky saw himself as an improved “Marxist” and then along came Antonio Gramsci and his brand of “Improved Marxism” that today afflicts our world through state control of what one can say or even think. Its victims are often at war within themselves as they struggle to suppress their natural human thought. Listen to LBC radio for example and one will hear the narrators of the phone-in shows tying themselves in knots, proverbially speaking to ensure they are not ‘guilty’ of some phobia or other, anxious not be called an “Ism” like Islamophobism or Homophobism.
If one wishes to remain sane, it is best to switch the radio off. The problem is, these state propaganda stations poison and condition all or our personality and perception of Self and the Other. Try talking common sense to these modern versions of Völkischer Beobachter and one will be disconnected and, like myself, banned from commenting on these shows.
Many of the former Nazi journal’s leading editors were jailed or even hanged for complicity in the German state campaign against the Jews and other peoples they saw as “Untermensch”, that counted Slavs and others, not just “Jews” as little more than vermin. Today Islam is the new favoured Ubermensch of Globalist revolution and this is the very raison d’etre of why we are seeing our nations and peoples but especially our traditional Christian beliefs, displaced in a global campaign to replace us in terms that even Hitler would have baulked at.
Theresa May has her modern Nazi “Brownshirts” in the rabid gangs of scruffy masked “Antifa” seen opposing any group or street protest from those like UKIP, or even the English Democrats. Cameron the ex PR spin-doctor and Chairman Maoy’s predecessor was a supporter and founder of the dreadful “United Against Fascism” that lies behind the regular violence dished out to patriots by the liberal “Progressives”, deemed to be “Far Right”, “Nazis”, “Fascists”, “Islamophobes” or “Racists” etc.
Listen to May’s recent speeches on the London and Manchester atrocities. Even before those her language reflects the Trotskyite Antifa-Hope Not Hate agenda. Even my old father faced an angry mob on the anniversary of a World War II event, designed for veterans from RAF Bomber Command to meet up again. Thankfully the Police acted in that case and swooped on the coaches carrying these clowns – all of them New Labour bureaucrat flunkies.
They have not been so lucky at other times. In one very unpleasant case a former member of the Republican Army International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War was abused in the street by “Antifa”, simply because he carried a poster objecting to a mosque being erected in his local town. This is how ridiculous and clueless these younger generations are, and how boorish.
My other question is “What Nazis?” or “What Far Right?”. They do not exist except in the sick, infantile and cruel minds of those that seek to demonise those that oppose their demonic racial agenda of genocide. Even the now weak “BNP” is hardly a “Fascist” entity and UKIP certainly is not.
Where have we seen this type of fantasy before?
Actually in the old Soviet Union and even Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. We also observe the growing insanity of the language and non-existent “threat” seen in Police officers hunting anti-Islam heretical thought crime or double-speak on the Internet. The victims of the London and Manchester massacres seem not to matter and their families are actively persecuted and even threatened with prosecution for “Tweeting” their anger and grief – a very natural reaction in any human being, except for ‘Chairman Maoy’ and her Stasi gang members and the clueless, revolting “Celebrities” telling us hug and love one another. May wants more Police on the streets and a crackdown on “extremists” on the World Wide Web.
What is the bet that this crack-down won’t hit the perpetrators of the Uber Klass but us “Fascists”? Please pass the bucket …
In short, a “Tory Party” does not exist any more, it is simply a shallow vindictive and cruel Socialist hoax. I have not been wasting my vote on these traitors.

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Theresa May

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4 Comments on “Chairman Maoy” – The Trotskyist Globalist
citizenkain // June 12, 2017 at 12:53 pm // Reply
How many people attended the rally in Manchester yesterday and what did the speakers say? the evilbbc and other MSM do not tell us, all we are told is that this was a far right ‘fascist’ movement that is part of the bad in our society and that (nutters) called Hate Not Hope* opposed them. the silence of the media will continue until there are a million marching and it brings Manchester to gridlock. So we need a million volunteers!
* I think this is what they are called, they appear to be all mentally ill and perhaps need incarceration for their own sake.
Dee // June 12, 2017 at 2:52 pm // Reply
Apparently it was brilliant – though Fenbeagle tweeted that they had been kettled at some point by police, who, in spite of Tommy Robinson insisting (on camera) that they wanted to march peacefully against terrorism (some 3,500 I think) the police went against their assurances and made sure marchers were faced with a small number of Antifa – I saw a video of one Antifa verbally abusing a black man and calling him a Nazi!!
Twitter consensus was that it was very heartening, peaceful and there will be another in London soon. The Police referred to it as an EDL march – actually it was originally a GAS (Gays Against Sharia) March organized by Tommy English, but then Manchester bombing happened so it changed to against terrorism. There were all sorts, gay, straight but people left kids at home because of Antifa.
I felt very proud of them all, as did a number of other commenters. I really don’t know the final tally – Police kept many kettled under a bridge, one video I saw showed, so the true number of marchers was difficult to see, but it was a lot.
[http://ukip%20daily/]Donald Duck // June 12, 2017 at 3:40 pm // Reply
Yes, I have seen the video of the speakers at the march (although they all seemed to be corralled into a pen and not moving at all), and the atmosphere appeared good as were the speakers. I watched the Wright stuff this morning not expecting it to be mentioned but Lowri Turner did and she criticized the BBC press report which said it was a violent protest by the EDL, so she actually stood up for the demo. However, as to be expected Matthew Wright in his usual sanctimonious manner condemned it saying it was insensitive to the recent atrocity and the people affected by it, to which she replied that some of those people actually wanted the march to go ahead. Well done her.
rainstorm // June 12, 2017 at 12:48 pm // Reply
Spot on!! The traitor class all of them, pretending to be against one another to confuse the masses, along with the media.
Marxist brainwashing of our children, teaching false history. Not to mention the murder and rape of our children.My stomach turns everytime i see a politician mealy mouthing platitude’s ,traitors of the highest order. White genocide!
Our people have been used as cannon fodder in the last 2 wars and for what???

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