Your political mess

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Your political mess
« on: June 13, 2017, 06:37:19 PM »
Theresa May; SharkeyJ; Public Enquiries; Private Office; Parliamentary Team; Office; Mrs Theresa May; Ministers H.O.; MayT
Dear Mrs May,
Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do British Prime Ministers accept political advice from foreign bureaucrats.  Calculating as the advice clearly was, even less do British Prime Ministers take manipulative guidance from bureaucrats working for foreign agencies against the interests of the British people.  THAT is treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act, the Act of Supremacy 1559 and the Treason Felony Act 1848. 
Accepting foreign counsel above that of the reigning English Monarch whose serving government you were elected to lead imagines the death of Her Majesty the Queen, itself a major breach of the 1351 Treason Act. 
Having since vowed to “Get us out of this mess” and after the nation’s explicit mandate to take the United Kingdom out of EU membership which never lawfully existed, you will be now be held publicly accountable for effecting the unconditional HARD BREXIT that the British public’s mandate demands.  Anything less demonstrates feebleness of mind, insincerity, duplicity and dereliction of the duty to Her Majesty and Her subjects whom you solemnly swore lifelong to serve.
You should know by now that dictators such as those you appear to have befriended in the EU, do not negotiate.  Nor do they contemplate well-being of the British people.  You have now tasked yourself with ‘putting things right’.  There is only one lawfully correct and acceptable course according to the mandate you were given. 
Beg the forgiveness of Her Majesty AND of Her subjects you have so recklessly betrayed and take Britain out of its pretended EU membership forthwith.  Renounce all European control of this fully sovereign nation state, reinforce English Common and Constitutional Law as written and stop all payments to Europe and other countries applying that considerable funding to this, your own country, the true purpose for such tax collection in the first place.
Yours sincerely,
Jon Williams

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