How on earth can Britain’s youngsters believe Jeremy Corbyn

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How on earth can Britain’s youngsters believe Jeremy Corbyn and the lying Labour (Communist) Party?

The naive youngsters may say: What is so bad about Communism, as it’s about protecting the working class?
·         Communism Manifesto was created by Karl (Mordecai) Marx and it was a complete pretence of anti-capitalism, to control the masses;
·         Although Communism was supposed to help the people, it was designed for and on behalf of the banksters, to enslave the world;
·         Millions of people were encouraged to put their faith in Communism, as it would ‘protect ordinary folk from those horrible capitalists’;
·         Workers would no longer need to fend, or even think, for themselves, as the Communist leaders would do their thinking for them;
·         Trade Unions would be established to protect the workers’ interests and their jobs would be secured for life – which is a pack of lies;
·         For a few pounds a month, you could be “Part of the Union” and the union would negotiate with the bosses on your behalf – if you’re lucky;
·         When the unions came, all bosses were considered as bad people, including the decent even-handed bosses, just because they were employers;
·         The classic system of ‘divide and conquer’ had been created by Karl (Mordecai) Marx to turn all workers against all employers;
·         The so-called “class war” had begun and it was considered legitimate to hate your employer and want to see him fail – regardless of the truth;
·         In reality, it didn’t matter to the Unions whether or not you lost your job, as long as those in work stayed with the union;
·         The Trade Union movement is 100% in support of mass-immigration, which is an act of genocide against the indigenous Caucasoid British;
·         Even when you’re unemployed and GB industry is destroyed, the unions claim a moral victory, by blaming those job-providing employers;
·         Communism was laid bare when Bolsjewik immigrants staged a bloody revolution and 60 million indigenous Russian were slaughtered;
·         One of the immigrant murderers, Leon (Bronstein) Trotsky, had regularly played chess with the capitalist Baron Rothschild, in Vienna;
·         Baron Rothschild was the wealthiest “capitalist” banker in the world and he financed that revolution via his associate banker, Jacob Schiff;
·         WHY in God’s name would the top bankers finance Communist revolutions if Communism was, in truth, anti-capitalist? – It was a scam!
·         It wasn’t simply a case of war casualties; it was a pre-meditated massacre of the middle and upper classes of Russia, by foreign immigrants;
·         60 million Christians were massacred by Communist Bolsjewiks in the USSR; horrifically butchered, by one hundred thousand immigrants;
·         The 384 Commissars included: 13 Russians; 2 Negros; 15 Chinese; 22 Armenians and over 300 Jews, 264 of which were from the USA;
·         To send a message to all the Royal families throughout the world, Tsar Nicholas, his wife Alexandra and all of their children were murdered;
·         It was also a concealed ‘religious war’ and virtually all Christian priests, bishops and nuns were horrifically tortured and murdered in cold blood;
·         Like Britain, Russia was a Christian country and the Bolsjewiks murdered everyone that they found practicing any form of Christianity;


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