Letter to Michael Gove on chemtrails

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Letter to Michael Gove on chemtrails
« on: June 22, 2017, 12:25:40 PM »
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 10:33 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Environment
Dear Michael,
Congratulations on being appointed Minister for the Environment.  Can I bring to your attention a very serious situation regarding the Climate Change Agenda.
Today 21st June early in the morning it was a very clear sky with a wonderful sun. Then over Lincolnshire we began to see the heavy criss cross trails from aircraft across the sky.These trails then spread out to give a covering of white which blotted out the sun. Contrails are short and disappear within minutes
Mr Gove, these are CHEMTRAILS and they are spraying the sky with Aluminium or Cadmium to alter the weather. These chemicals are poisonous not only do they make people sick but also damage the earth.
I would ask you to watch video`s “What in the World are they Spraying” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf0khstYDLA) and “Why in the World are they Spraying” (https://www.whyintheworldaretheyspraying.com/) these are very well researched documentaries by various Scientists. They can be seen on youtube.
Our own Government has a policy for Spraying the skies but they call it Cloud Seeding.#
The US Air Force has a patent TO OWN THE WEATHER BY 2025. I have a copy of this as well as our Governments Cloud Seeding.
Michael, I have always thought you to be an honourable man, can you please give me an assurance that you will stop the poisoning of the Population and the Earth via this Chemtrail spraying.
Thank You
God Bless
David Futers

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