Cameron - you can't believe him .... on anything!

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Cameron - you can't believe him .... on anything!
« on: January 29, 2013, 11:53:10 PM »
Cameron - you can't believe him .... on anything!

At the start of the month Cameron stated that no British ground troops would be sent to Mali.  By the end of the month he announces that troops will be sent to Mali - but that they wouldn't be combat troops!  I wonder what he'll be saying by the end of February???

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!

This creature Cameron  is a pathological liar!  Why then do the cretins in both the meja and Westminster try to tell us that he really will give us a referendum on EU membership???

BBC News

4 January 2013
Mali: No UK army boots on the ground - Cameron
The prime minister has restated that British troops will not go on to the ground in Mali, despite the UK offering logistical support to France.

The Sun

29 January 2013

DAVID Cameron is to send ground troops into the fight against al-Qaeda in Mali.

The PM gave the highly controversial order yesterday after talks with France.

The Brits? main task will be to build and maintain a supply HQ near the West African nation?s capital, Bamoko.

The move ? which follows a request for more help from French president Francois Hollande ? will significantly deepen Britain?s involvement in the conflict.


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