Foreigners and officers as young as 30 could become chief constables

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Foreigners and officers as young as 30 could become chief constables in shake-up of British police recruitment
 Downing Street is changing rules about running UK forces
The 20-25 years it takes to reach the top jobs would be halved

 Aimed at 'Brightest and best' with skills 'distinctly above factory workers'

 U.S. supercop Bill Bratton is vying to take over the Met after rule change

 David Cameron wanted him for London in 2011 but was stopped

By Martin Robinson
PUBLISHED:07:57, 30 January 2013| UPDATED:09:19, 30 January 2013
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A brat pack of talented police officers could become chief constables by the time they are 30 under new plans to reform the way UK forces recruit staff, it was revealed today.
Foreigners can also join the British police for the first time while experienced individuals from other industries like politics, business and the armed forces can be given senior jobs, the Home Secretary will say.

Under current rules, all police must enter at constable rank but the proposals to be unveiled by Theresa May later are understood to include direct entry into the police at superintendent level.

Fast track: Rules restricting young stars flying up the ranks of British policing will be relaxed, meaning some could be chief constables at 30
Currently nobody under the age of 40 is in any of the 330-or-so top jobs in British policing, but the fast-track scheme could halve the 20 to 25 years it would take to get there.

Changes would also allow individuals like American supercop Bill Bratton, who tackled gang crime and reformed policing in New York and Los Angeles, to run the Metropolitan Police.


 New IRA 'plotting terrorist attack on G8': Security sources warn dissidents could target summit when it is held in Northern Ireland this summer
 Police officer escapes death after 'crude' homemade bomb is thrown into his home in Northern Ireland

Mr Bratton was courted by David Cameron to run Scotland Yard in 2011, but was blocked from applying because of concerns about appointing a foreigner to a post with national security responsibilities.


Changes: Supercop Bill Bratton, pictured running LA police, says he would love to run the Met as Downing Street is changing rules to allow foreigners to run British forces

The overhaul is part of a package of reforms that were drawn up by ex-rail regulator Tom Winsor in the most wide-ranging review of police pay and conditions in more than 30 years.

Under his proposals, 'exceptional' applicants would have the chance to rise from civilian to inspector in just three years.

Successful businessmen and women, along with members of the armed forces and the security services, should all be encouraged to apply to the fast-track scheme, Mr Winsor said.

Mr Winsor, who is now Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary, previously said he wanted to end the notion of policing as an intellectually undemanding occupation.

He added that the 'brightest and best' applicants with skills 'distinctly above those of factory workers' were needed.

Damian Green predicted there would be a foreign Metropolitan Police Commissioner in 'years rather than decades'.
'I have no idea [when], but, yeah, years rather than decades. I think if five years ago you said ?can you envisage the Governor of the Bank of England talking to you in a Canadian accent??, you would have thought that was a bit odd. But actually, Mark Carney is, I am told, the best central banker in the world and it?s great that he?s going to apply those talents in this country and the same will be true of senior policemen.'

He explained the Government?s plan to overhaul police recruitment to fast-track some recruits up the ranks more quickly and to allow people who did not start in the police service to transfer into senior ranks.
'It must be the case that if you widen the pool of talent?then you will get even better policing.'

He said the Government was committed to the reforms, and the consultation which would be announced today was on the implementation of the plan.
?It will happen and we?re consulting on how best to do it. But I think bringing in new talent so that our very, very good police service becomes even better in the future is absolutely essential to continue the reform that has successfully led to a fall in crime in this country.?
Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe told a policing conference earlier this month that it was time to 'consider and support' direct entry. He added that he would like to see one in 10 senior officers recruited from outside the police force.

In addition, a proposal to allow candidates from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, among others, to front up forces in England and Wales is expected.

That will pave the way for a renewed interest in Mr Bratton, 65, who said that leading the Met is ?the only job? that interests him in the UK.

The move will unsettle Bernard Hogan-Howe, Met commissioner since September 2011, who has faced criticism over his handling of the ?plebgate? affair involving former chief whip Andrew Mitchell.

Fear: The London riots, which spread across the UK, shocked the nation and Bill Bratton's track-record in LA and New York is seen an ideal way to prevent a repeat
Mr Bratton, who was consulted by Mr Cameron over tackling gangs after the summer riots in 2011, was credited with halving the murder rate in New York  and cutting violent crime in Los Angeles.
He advocates a zero-tolerance approach to policing.
He said running the Met was a unique and internationally important post.

?There are three Western police agencies that have great significance in international policing ? London, New York and Los Angeles,? he said.
?I?ve had the privilege of leading the two police departments in the US that have that international impact and that is something that is part of my interest in the Met.?

At the heart of Bratton's policing tactics are the use of injunctions, which restrict the movements of those accused of being in gangs or involved in organised crime.
He also uses the 'broken windows' theory - where he demands every crime should be investigated, however small, as he believes it will also reduce more serious crimes too.

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Re: Foreigners and officers as young as 30 could become chief constables
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2013, 10:26:09 AM »
E-Mail thread relayed from Constitution group
Greetings all, Just watching news and now outsourching Chief Constables position to outside people, No way in my book, What you all reckon, Chris W

No doubt the Chief Constables who give a crime number to the Treason alligations will be replaced first,

From today's e mail from Police Oracle
Government 'Does Not Like The Police'

New Superintendents' Association President says officers have been left with negative perception as a result of lack of engagement.

Date - 30th January 2013
 Courtesy of - Royston Martis - Police Oracle

Officers have been left feeling like the government ?does not like the Police Service?, the new President of the Police Superintendents? Association of England and Wales has said.
Ch Supt Irene Curtis, elected as president on January 24, said reforms to the service have left officers feeling ?particularly under-valued, particularly not listened to and, to an extent, that this government does not like the Police Service?.
Ch Supt Curtis added that it is ?irrelevant? whether or not the government actually does dislike the police. ?That is the perception that the Service has been left with as a result of the current reforms and the way that they have been implemented,? she said.
She said the difficulty was when the government tried to impose change rather than work with the police service on reforms.

?Our argument would be engage with the service, listen to the professional judgement and then we can make those reforms work,? she told the BBC.
Sir Hugh Orde, president of ACPO, said it is "always difficult" when you see such a substantial reform programme.

He said: ?Not only do we have to manage that and restructure and reorganise and cut 20 per cent out of our budgets all at once without any really clear overarching plan, we also have to deliver the service.?
He warned that the Police Service was ?close? to a tipping point in which reforms might directly impact on frontline service delivery.
Sir Hugh added that frontline officers are ?working far harder and under far more pressure than they have ever been before? and that ?salary has to match the demanding nature of the job?.
Meanwhile, the outgoing chief constable of Hampshire Constabulary has admitted that ?morale is an issue? among his staff and officers.
Alex Marshall, who will become the first Chief Executive of the National College of Policing, said: ?I recognise how difficult it has been for them in the last couple of years - particularly their pay and conditions and their pensions have been affected. We have had to close buildings, we have moved people around, we have changed the way they work.?
Mr Marshall added in an interview with ITV that he was concerned the new ?19,000 starting salary for police officers could put off people with life experience, who might already have worked for five or six years elsewhere, from joining the service.

?I do have a concern that if the salary is too low people won?t leave their existing jobs and bring that experience into policing,? he said.

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 or alternatively get in touch via the contact form.

Maverick22 - 1 hour ago
 At last someone has 'woken up and smelt the coffee', they should have been saying this when Winsor first came out with his proposals, but back then Marshall would have been worried about upsetting Ms May and he may not have got his new job. Orde just capitulated to May. lock stock and barrel, while taking his ?27,000 pay rise. At least Curtis has spelt out how officers feel. May and Cameron DO NOT LIKE the police. We haven't heard anything from Gargan, Sawyer, Davenport, Cunningham and all those other recently appointed Chiefs, perhaps now they have their secure jobs they might like to speak out like Ms Curtis and tall HMG a few home truths, but |I doubt it, as they are all afraid of upsetting May.
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Chris - 1 hour ago
 It really is quite hard not to be cynical but it just so happens that a departing Cheif has spoken out. Great, but what was he saying while in post. I suspect it was nothing like "officers are sick of this" that said, what do I know?
 Another moot point seeing as he also makes reference to the ?19k starting salary: I know of no other work where you decide on a career change and jump straight into a decent salary. The same is if I wanted to be a doctor, I wouldn't expect to jump straight onto a decent ?50k+ salary with no knowledge of the roll, you'd start at the bottom. What other career officers a starting salary of ?19k for someone who has not got a shed of policing experience? Irrespective of your experience in any field ?19k is not bad for someone wanting to change careers and start afresh.
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Jak_Hama - 1 hour ago
 government does not like the police. ... with perceptive qualities like that perhaps she'd like to tell me this weeks lottery numbers.

 WE'VE been hacked, slashed, ,swipped at, sniped from afar, and left fealing like leppers. AND why is moral low.... ill tell you why. Our lords and masters in HMG hate us.
our senior management team just want to squeeze every last ounce of work oit of us.
 Our immediate supervision have too much to do with to little.
 The guys at the bottom are paid less this month than they were three years ago, but expected ti do more.

 mean while we are slated daily in the press. the public are loosing daith in us.
 and oir repeat clients are getting away with it time and time again, laughing and assaulting us because they can snd do get away with it.

 We've been doing so much for so long with so little we are now ecpected to do everything wiyh nothing.... and no thanks and little renumeration.
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frank - 18 minutes ago
 at street level the tipping point has already passed.....

 summer is coming......

 Morale is a very dangerous thing............
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Carol - 12 minutes ago
 19K as a starting salary is not to be sniffed any other job that does not require you to put your life on the line every working day! I think it safe to say that the type of violent, abusive and thoroughly unpleasant individuals we deal with on a daily basis don't care how much 'service' and 'experience' an officer has. I don't know of any who check how much experience an Officer has before deciding whether to assault them or not! I don't know of any other jobs (apart from armed forces) which expects workers to go and deal with all situations, planned or otherwise, during which they will be abused, attacked or in some cases..killed! Once an officer has completed training, they are expected to go and deal with the same types of jobs that more experienced Officers are also allocated to deal with. 19K is an insult and I would be very surprised if the standard of recruits does not drop to an all time low as a result of having to select the best of those that apply.....
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Yet more evidence, if evidence was needed, that the nest of vipers currently in control of this country are doing everything they can think of to destroy the effectiveness and political impartiality(?) of the Police.  They're doing likewise to the armed services, and its reported today that Service Chiefs are now very concerned for the continuance of some SAS units!
But until the sheeple wake up, or there's a Military Coup of some sort, there's precious little that can be done about it!!!

I guess so Andrew


Message sent to police oracle


Instead of complaining  about our scum-bag government try doing the job you are supposed to do instead licking the backside of the corrupt scum start nicking them for treason fraud pedophilia. The police have know one to blame but themselves they have kissed the backsides of the government for so long you can not see day light its you fault . they have committed treason since at least 1972 and you have been made aware of this but you choose to ignore it no-doubt most chief constables are freemasons

you need to dig the dirt on them and nick them wake up these bastards are destroying our country . can you not see it are you blind or just stupid . they are sinking us from within



They shouldn't fast-track anyone to Chief Constable; only serving constables
(with beat and frontline experience) should be eligible who are also have
the indiginous, DNA of these islands. TPTB have got away with planting
foreign, Bilderbergers in Westminster. Recruiting directly from abroad into
our police forces is surely a form of treason? Perhaps Albert will clarify
that one?


 Mmmmmmmmm in house fighting because they used the same tactics as they use on the persecuted, deliberate set ups, in house greed & corruption all playing part


Perhaps others might like to comment on this link? My comment below is being posted by someone else for me.

We the public have consistently told the police that we do not like what the Government is doing to our police force. We believe that this interference is putting the security of the public at risk by causing low police morale.
We have provided time and time again allegations, with evidence, that this Government has been committing treason. This evidence has been sent to all 42 police forces. Only eight of these forces has had the guts to pass the allegations on to the MET. Bernard Hogan-Howe has been told that if he doesn't start investigating these allegations, when the time comes, he will be arrested for misprision of treason.
If you want to help yourselves and the public get justice and get Hogan-Howe off-the-hook then it needs every police force to give the allegations a crime number and pass them on to the MET. If this is done then only he will face a possible charge of misprision of treason instead of all the Chief Constable's who have been dragging their feet! They too run the same risk of arrest!

Thank you, Albert:

"It has always been the case that you cannot be a police officer in this country unless you are indiginous British or from a commonwealth country. This American police officer they are bringing in does not qualify."


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Re: Foreigners and officers as young as 30 could become chief constables
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2013, 12:16:56 PM »
Letters on treason between Albert Burgess and the Met can be found here

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