Request to MP for public enquiry into PM Cameron - Letter to PM Cameron MP

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My MP Anne Clwyd unlawfully will not acknowledge receipt of the below mail, just as PM D Cameron will not legislatively honour his public duty to uphold the acts of UK law

Help us to help you in we the people taking him to court

Right Honourable Anne Clwyd MP

Dear Anne Clwyd

Request in your public duty for a full public enquiry against PM D Cameron MP

I write as I have in the past for a full public enquiry in view of all the unanswered criminal evidence available whether Prime Minister D Cameron MP is lawfully/legislatively not fit for public office on the following lawful grounds.

Please Note if there is any attempt to take this referred irrefutable documented evidence off the net it will again be placed on twice as many sites on the net, under freedom of speech. For we the people have a lawful/legislative right from those said to be working on our behalf, yet as the irrefutable documented evidence clearly shows many are lawfully/legislatively not.
The irrefutable evidence may be found here  Please also see the attached to issues for irrefutable evidence

1 -
PM D Cameron not upholding the law So Not working For You

2 -
1st Minister and Barrister Carwyn Jones of Welsh Assembly Not Working For You

3 -
Former PM T Blair Not Working For You

4 -
Courts complaints service Not Working For You

5 -
Police (Corruption) In Not Upholding The Law So Not Working For You

6 -
Government IPT Not working for You

7 -
Your Corrupt Government & Corrupt Courts Not working for you

8 -
Your Government not working for you ? Taken to court on unconfirmed evidence

9 ?
The Justice and Government System Not Working For You

10 -
Further Police Persecution without any evidence

11 -
AN enquiry to the ICC For a Hearing Against PM D Cameron MP

I shall of course be posting much further evidence to show much further lawful cause to my lawful/legislative public request. Where to name a few shall be Cardiff city council corruption and the same of the Cardiff CPS, the HOL judicial review, The Supreme Court as well as many other individuals, which shall include many MPs as well as many Lords.

No doubt many others will also add their own evidence of this unlawful malicious vindictive degrading persecution as well as any unlawful inequality. This again will no doubt bring as experienced much in the past further police malicious persecution that shall also be posted in the precautions I have always had to take. I do however believe there is enough evidence for my lawful request to legislatively proceed.
   I have further enclosed a copy of the letter I shall be posting to the Prime Minister tomorrow to make him further aware of my lawful intent of his unlawful actions.
I have also enclosed my next intent in making the public further aware of what is really ongoing by the many corrupt in government. Where I shall be passing these out to all and sundry whenever I manage to get out.
   I have also included a few members of the media not only for safety precautions but also to see if they are there for the public, rather than the already much government unlawful influence the ever-rising many are unlawfully experiencing.
I await your very earliest reply
Your constituent
P Ronald

29 1 13
Right Honourable Prime Minister
D Cameron MP
10 Downing Street

Dear Sir
The UK People vs the Prime Minister D Cameron MP

I write without malice or any other intent, just as I head this letter which is due your continual unlawful wilful blindness to any honest honouring of you public duty in the much evidence previously sent. Just as the stated intent has been brought about by the same of not upholding the acts of UK law

First and foremost you may deem this letter as not politically correct, which like much else you and parliament unlawfully use to cover up any honest real truth. We the people are sick of your lies and unlawful deception which lawfully show you are not fit for public office.

In regard to the law which should be the basis of our UK society, yet is shown in ever-rising issues in not being lawfully or legislatively upheld by the many including you. Where it is not being lawfully honestly upheld, you have been requested to uphold it on UK society?s behalf in ever-rising instances, in many various issues of unlawful injustice. Like many others in your departments and government from lawful legislative complaints do you honour public duty to uphold our UK laws? NO you and many others blatantly continually flout your continual unlawful acts with no honest public duty in UK society?s faces. You even unlawfully change our laws to allow those unlawfully procuring taxpayers money to again not pay the full lawful penalty in their continual unlawful procurement when caught.

Just as you again continually have with the bankers who unlawfully caused much of our recession you again persecute and further oppress UK society. Not only again in not honouring your public duty to uphold those laws. You again deprive the taxpayer and society to continually unlawfully reward their continual unlawful fraud deception as well as this continual unlawful procurement.

You have further mislead the public in regard to a referendum on more than one occasion and even now use this to dangle a most probable non existent legislative carrot in the faces of UK society. While you further unlawfully deprive society to force us into an EU Union who cannot get its accounts passed due to the continual unlawful fraud and deception in its finances of some ?894 Million pounds unaccounted for?  Where is this lawfully viable and good for UK society or business when again it may be shown to be just further feeding the continual unlawful unchecked fraud and deception?

Our NHS supposed to be there for the people and taxpayer is again being run by those who do not care for people just what looks good on targets paper where again society continually unlawfully suffers. Where jobs for the boys, over exorbitant buying, sheer unlawful wastage of taxpayers money and unlawful cover ups again continually runs rife. You even promoted paying further taxpayers money in further grants/bonuses to this department to promote unlawful genocide. Where yet again we continually see over the top salaries, secret bonuses, just like government over the top expense accounts with exorbitant gold plated pensions.

?Where are we all in this together? Dave, when this same unlawful not fit for lawful purpose legislation from you allows all this and more too continually run rife? You go out and order many hundreds of thousands of pounds of bottles of wine for your snouts in the trough dining room. While denying society in many instances in your continual deprivation the right to live normal lives and put healthy food on their tables. Where is this working for society, and where are we are all in this together Dave?

You continually plague the people on the benefits system, yet where are the decent salaried jobs they can apply for? Your further intent in this on the disabled was televised by week in week out on this date and again shown to be jobs and taxpayers money for big businesses. You further state you are there for families, yet how many have you split up where you have deemed the working partner has to become the under 65 disabled person?s financial keeper? How do you further lawfully/legislatively justify this with your EU immigration programme which further takes away chances of people on benefits getting jobs?

Families are continually being further torn apart by the promise of again these secret bonuses, where we have ever-rising unlawful secret courts to keep it again hush, hush. Where any chance of anyone trying to gain any honest justice is again being unlawfully deprived in many further ways. Which is despite the fact that like our open justice system many, many of these secret court issues can be proved in evidence to be unlawful judgements as well as unlawfully manufactured issues?

One could go on and on in endless reams about the unlawful acts you and the government supposed to be working on our behalf have committed against society. However it has all been repeated to you many times prior in endless letters, where again you have deceptively unlawfully acted in not honouring your public duty, and/or in upholding the laws of the UK.
So I will just end in enclosing to you the mail sent to my MP Anne Clwyd which gives details of my forthcoming court case against you. Where in view of all this unanswered evidence I have requested of my MP Anne Clwyd for a full parliamentary enquiry in how you are not fit for public office
Yours Faithfully

P Ronald

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