Why is all this immigration happening? - Agreements!

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Why is all this immigration happening? - Agreements!
« on: June 30, 2017, 09:51:55 PM »
This is how the disposable vehicle of the EU let the 'Genie' out of its bottle!   (& the 'Remainers' are happy to see their homes and families disappear as countries are systematically bankrupted, ripped apart and vandalised?!!)


This is from 2005....."and so it came to pass.......etc."
Read this - this is what it's all about and why it's happening! We have been betrayed!
"The goal of establishing a free-trade area implies that the southern members of the cooperation can obtain gradual integration into the expanded European internal market..."
"Gradual integration"......?  They are storming over the borders - poor old Italy has had 13,500 of them in 48 hours......"gradual integration" my backside!
We should secure our UK borders ASAP - but are the government doing that?
Where's their sense of urgency?

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