The Establishment

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The Establishment
« on: February 06, 2013, 10:27:28 PM »


The minimum wage we are told, is a little over ?200.00 a week and it is generally accepted that people receiving the minimum wage live quite close to the poverty line. So, just where does that place our pensioners who are expected to live on less than half that amount? Having paid a third of everything they earned throughout their working lives into the state, the establishment leaves them living below the poverty line, neglected and unwanted, as far as the establishment is concerned they are a redundant people of no further use.

While pensioners count their meagre pennies each week, to see if they can afford food and heating, often in their crumbling homes which they can longer afford to repair, they see the establishment welcoming in foreigners of alien cultures and giving them comfortable homes and all the state aid they demand.

All that lies ahead for a great many of our poverty stricken pensioners, is the prospect of watching all they have worked for decay about them as they physically decline, eventually to be placed in an old people's death home where they are quite likely to be abused and neglected until their final demise affords them release, a release that many a pensioner now looks forward to, even before that degrading process. The establishment pontificates much on 'human rights', clearly human dignity is not considered by the establishment as a right.


Redundant is a harsh word, for it implies spent, no longer of use, or needed. To refer to human beings as being redundant is an aspersion on human dignity. We now read that many of our serving men and women in our armed forces are to be made redundant.

Clearly the establishment sees the defence of this nation as a redundant concept, indeed, it believes the very concept of nationhood to be redundant. So what is this establishment to which we loosely refer but seldom consider, or contemplate what it is, or amounts to?


The establishment used to be, and was formerly referred to as the people charged with the maintaining and the running of the nation state on the people's behalf, principally comprised of the Monarch, Parliament and the civil service with all their component parts, the judiciary and the established church.

The establishment still exists, but it no longer runs and maintains the state on the people's behalf. The establishment now runs and maintains the state in its own self interest both collectively and individually. It is now a self imposed oligarchy that has insured its self perpetuation by rendering change through the ballot box impotent.

Within the political structure, opposing political aspirations must essentially be set aside in the interest of collective continuance and survival. With the abandonment of the rule of law and constitutional constraint by both the Monarch and Parliament the lunatics have skilfully taken over the asylum to the detriment of the British people and none more so than the old, vulnerable and insecure.


Oliver Cromwell would have recognized this nations present predicament instantly. A puppet Monarch dancing on the strings of a corrupt Parliament. Cromwell instituted a remedy, harsh though it had to be, and rebuilt the nation state. As history has proved, Cromwells can appear from any where and at any time which is why the establishment is in all haste, surreptisously engaged in the genetic genocide of the indigenous British people.


Bob Lomas.

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