Sent to 38 Police Federations, 41 Chief Constables and two Police Commissioner

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Just so that you know,  the following has been sent to each of the 38 Police Federations,  each of the 41 Chief Constables and the two Police Commissioners  -  City of London and the Metropolitan Police (all suitably addressed according to office).
Please feel free to use any part of it in your own messages to these people.  The idea being to encourage the police to prosecute the politicians using the evidence we have already provided.  We have helped them,  they can help us  -  and themselves.  Removes the threat of police distinction and our slavery under foreign rule in one move.   

Let me know if you require the email addresses.


Dear Sir or Madam
The following open letter to David Cameron has been sent not just to him,  his deputy and a number of other MPs but also to some 1300 of the nation?s news editors and reporters.
Increasing numbers of people across Britain are reporting Messrs Cameron,  Clegg,  Blair and others to the nation?s police for their outright treason against Britain.  Their treason is on the strength of Edward Heath?s knowing,  wilful and treasonous handing-over of this country to foreign rule from Brussels through the unlawful European Communities Act 1972.
In view of Cameron?s treachery against his own country and more particularly,  the Conservatives? hostility toward the British Police Service,  it seems to me that the letter might make heartening reading for you and your police officers.  You might perhaps consider publishing it for their reading,  please.  Moreover,  the website would prove of interest as it explains in detail how this treason is so criminally intent and provides the lawful arguments being used against it.
The British people fully support our police service as the finest in the world.  Yet our politicians have for years determined to impose savage cuts in manpower and funding toward dismantling the Service in favour of a pan-European control force capable of rapid reaction in any part of the European Union.  Politicians have already announced drastic cuts in British police pensions,  pay and conditions.  The question is,  where will this savagery end ?

We strongly oppose such treachery as it will not only reduce our police service to the point of European replacement,  exposing us to uncompromising foreign control,  but more importantly,  loss of our British police and the rule of English law and order will be lost for all time. 

Given that our present politicians would one day be found guilty,  removed from office and imprisoned,  two considerable benefits will have been achieved in one action.  The major threat to the Police Service will have been removed and placed where it ought to be and the driving force behind Britain?s destruction will have been extinguished.  Only then can things be returned to a proper way of life for our children and their children.
We wish to retain our British police and see them properly manned and equipped and properly reimbursed for their lifetime?s career of unquestioning loyalty and bravery on our behalf.  In our providing large amounts of evidence ready for investigation,  we can assist each other in this most important matter.
Yours sincerely,
Rex xxxxxxxxxx


Dear Mr Cameron
I mentioned to you a while ago that you were not Prime Minister material.  You have proven that statement correct many times but none more so,  than your decision to indefinitely postpone your speech on Britain?s position in Europe.
You became Prime Minister on the weakest of votes.  You have reneged on your cast iron election guaranteed in-out EU Referendum.  You waste untold billions of our money in the EU bottomless pit and upon un-deserving nations when your own country suffers appalling poverty.
You traitorously allow foreign rule in our sovereign country when you swore lifetime allegiance to Britain and to faithfully serve the will and independence of the British people.  You are well aware that repeated surveys now show over 90% of British people want out of the EU.  Not a renegotiated deal,  OUT.
You even plot with your Deputy and others to treasonously close the House of Lords so to remove all power to the Commons.  You plan the demise of the British Police Service in favour of pan-European people-control and you conspire to abolish Britain?s Armed Forces for a European militia over which we?d have no authority.
You eagerly implement every EU demand.  You fawn over Angela Merkel.  And you demonstrate utter lack of backbone on Britain?s behalf,  for which you are in office.  You are indeed spineless as the papers say.
When will you rescind Edward Heath?s treasonous European Communities Act 1972 ?  It is unlawful anyway so it never became legally binding.  When will you stop throwing our money away and start using it for your own country ?  And when will you stop pretending that Britain is part of the EU ?  In law,  it is not.  And the British people wholly reject the EU. 

But then,  you never were intended to work for Britain were you ?  Your job has been to destroy your own country.
Just be aware that the seething British public are after you for your high treason against them. The website will explain.
Yours sincerely,
Rex xxxxxxxxxxxx

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