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« on: July 11, 2017, 08:38:38 PM »
Posted By: Rodney Atkinson
on: July 10, 2017
In: News

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Helmut Kohl’s euro-flag draped coffin and news that EU companies are secretly attacking Britain in Russia! Will the British kowtow to big business as euro-fascist Kohl predicted? Can May and Johnson counter the euro-attacks on us if we continue alienating Russia with our most catastrophic foreign policy?
The death has occurred of Helmut Kohl. No wonder his coffin was draped in the “European” flag! He was one of the most fanatical corporatist constructors of the European Union. As a young man he was arrested for tearing down border posts between Germany and France. Like most German political approaches to France this could be seen as either friendship or threat!
Later as German Chancellor between 1982 and 1998 he guided through the most devastating European Treaties – The Single European Act (which was nothing to do with free trade but everything to do with a single European State) , the Maastricht Treaty (the biggest loss of democratic nations’ sovereign rights since the original Rome Treaty in 1957) and the Amsterdam Treaty which removed further powers from democratic parliaments on immigration, adopting civil and criminal laws, and enacting foreign and security policy (CFSP),
He was so arrogant as to openly admit that “The future will belong to the Germans when we build the house of Europe” (1995) and echoed Nazis and Fascists of the 1930s and 1940s by repeatedly called on “Fate” as apolitical justification: “There is no alternative to a policy which aims at combination unless we wish to challenge fate” (1995)
Kohl’s most horrific views were best summarised by his infamous “might is right in politics and war” and sure enough he adopted a phrase from Adolf Hitler who had warned of “being on the wrong train” and the “points were set” by saying that “Germany is the locomotive of the European train”.
And of course it was Kohl who predicted that Britain would not leave the EU because big business would not allow it – an attitude we daily see reflected in corporate attempts to defy the people’s wish to restore our country, constitution, parliament and democracy.
Kohl’s belief in the power of big business to override democratic nations is now being demonstrated by European corporations attacking the British in Russia and undermining British businesses.
A well connected contact in Russia has just reported his conversations with the heads of major EU companies operating in Russia – companies like BASF, Volkswagen, Gaz de France and others. He was astonished by what he heard from them about Britain and Brexit and their duplicity when they thought he was British.
My contact is an anglophile and speaks English with a good accent and so these businessmen, thinking he was British, at first expressed their “condolences” about Brexit.
But when they learned that he was not British they immediately joined in condemning the UK as “betraying European values” and he sensed (in his own words) a “sniff of Prussian militarism” and he recalled my books on the corporatist fascist nature of today’s EU. (I always knew that only when we were going to leave would the true “values” of the EU and their real attitude to Britain be revealed – arrogance, aggression and attempts to sabotage us.)
Some of them even sought to undermine Britain among their Russian counterparts (which were in fact mainly State owned companies) saying that “Europe is better off without Britain” and that EU firms must be well prepared for expansion in the Russian market.
My contact says that the atmosphere was not just aggressive but “they were really seeding “Anglophobia” seeds on Russian soil.”
Fortunately my friend has a contact in the Russian Foreign Office and he briefed him on these anti British conversations to which his contact replied that a few months ago when Frederica Mogherini, the “High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy” was in Moscow, “the entire EU delegation was sending veiled signals to curb Britain”
But my friend was assured that Sergei Lavrov the Russian Foreign Minister hated such manipulations. I am sure this is true.
Germany, Italy and Austria are already bypassing the sanctions which they put in place (while the US Congress moronically calls for more!) Macron, while hardly respected in Russia, (they tend to see him, as this website does, as a trumped up would-be Napoleon) is being given an opportunity to buy into the Shtokman Gas field in the Russian sector of the Barents Sea (North West Russia).
These attempts to badmouth and undermine Britain and British business are extremely serious and the EU’s flagrant bypassing of sanctions is providing business opportunities for EU corporations while Britain is nowhere to be seen.
We have hooked our trailer to Russophobics in Washington (whom even President Trump has difficulty countering), have supported attacks on Russia by Obama and Merkel and now see the EU attacking us for leaving while they bypass their own sanctions on Russia for their own profit, and UK business (generally and historically much appreciated in Russia) is attacked and undermined.
Johnson and May must get a grip. They could start by reading the articles on this website!

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