Letter to Commander Stuart Cundy re Grenfell Tower

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Letter to Commander Stuart Cundy re Grenfell Tower
« on: July 18, 2017, 05:50:28 PM »
Commander Stuart Cundy                                                                Albert Burgess
Specialist Crime Investigation                                                          15 Parliament Road 
Metropolitan Police Service                                                             Thame
New Scotland Yard                                                                           South Oxfordshire
Victoria Embankment                                                                       OX9 3TE
London                                                                                             18th July 2017
Ref Grenfell Tower 
Dear Stuart
Thank you for your reply, I strongly suspect that public opinion from her Majesty’s natural born subjects would disagree strongly with the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Attorney Generals advice and they are employed by the public. I would also point out that Sajid Javid is a naturalized subject and is forbidden by English constitutional and common law from sitting in either house of Parliament on the Privy Council from receiving any orders of nobility or from holding any office of public trust such as the office of constable, I would recommend you take the time to read the 1701 Act of Settlement which deals with who is King. This is a law you are required to enforce if you are not to be foresworn.   
As the holder of the office of constable you are required to uphold her Majesty’s law without favour, fear, malice or ill will. The new oath is politically correct garbage and by removing the words our Sovereign Lady from the oath a treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act which is still current law, though I suspect you have never heard of it.
As the holder of the office of constable it is for you and you alone to decide who too arrest or not arrest, The guidance you have been given is on that ground unlawful and you are not required to accept it. You answer to the law as it is written and only the law.
I do understand the reasoning given it being necessary to determine who died, but people who have sublet have been party to a conspiracy to commit fraud. And indeed may well have a number of properties around London where they are also committing the same offence. Illegal immigrants should be rounded up and removed from our shores, they are in breach of our law and a sizable number commit other crimes whilst here. The advice the police have been given has simply told any illegal immigrants they have been given a year to keep stealing and go underground.
I also understand that the three officers in the arts and antiques squad have been transferred to the Grenfell Tower enquiry which leads me to question the sanity of those running the Metropolitan Police, Grenfell Tower was an entirely avoidable tragedy for which a considerable number of people should hang, Anyone connected in any way whether from the local authority or contractors who under took the work are guilty of over 80 cases of murder. But the theft of art works and antiques is at such a level that if you even hope to dent it needs dozens of officers on it full time, by removing the three officers you did have onto Grenfell Tower has simply told the criminal world you have a green light to steal. 
Another thing you should consider with any illegal immigrants you do find is that they may claim nonexistent children as having been totally incinerated in the fire it is easier to do this with children because their bones are still growing and are as a result soft and more likely to be completely destroyed in a fire of the intensity of Grenfell Tower, So they claim and are paid a considerable amount in compensation for children who never existed. Your only way to disprove that claim is to DNA check every piece of ash for human DNA both time consuming and not cost effective. I would suggest not tax monies her Majesty’s natural born subjects would agree to being spent. Especially when they would prefer it spent on more real constables on the street. And the arrest of those gangs raping and prostituting our children. They would I have no doubt not object to the arrest of every officer and council official who failed to deal with these rapes and their prosecution under the Aiders and Abettors Act of 1861 if memory serves.
What government has done is to take a policy decision to allow crime to go unpunished, Policy decisions are illegal I refer you to Regina vs The Commissioner of the Metropolis ex Parte Blackburn 1968 which the police constantly claim wrongly  gives them the right to decide which crimes they will or will not investigate. Not one of the three eminent Judges said that.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess
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