Europe...tipping point--ECA 72 THE TRUTH    

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Europe...tipping point--ECA 72 THE TRUTH    
« on: July 20, 2017, 09:59:40 PM »
Europe...tipping point
Dear Editor,
According to Deputy Political Editor John Stevens (14/7/17) “The Government’s European Union (Withdrawal Bill) formerly known as the Great Repeal Bill, will end the EU law’s supremacy in the UK. It repeals the European Communities Act 1972, introduced after the UK voted to join the EU.”
Either Mr Stevens is ignorant of the facts or it is an attempt by the Daily Mail to cover up the truth surrounding and appertaining to this countries unlawful relationship with the EU sustained by successive governments. To begin with the EU did not come into existence until 1993. Just what Mr Stevens considers to be the 'UK' is not given but it is not the government or even Parliament, it is the people and their elected monarch and at no time, after or before the passing of the ECA72 were the people given the opportunity to vote on whether or not they wished to join what was then the European Economic Community. In fact neither the people nor Parliament could lawfully take such a decision as it would mean a surrender of national sovereignty which is not in the gift of any one generation, it being the birth right of generations yet unborn just as it was and is ours.
This inarguable fact is enshrined and upheld in our common law constitution. Regardless of the law and constitutional constraint a Conservative government under PM Edward Heath by means of lies, deceits and disinformation forced through the ECA72 which claimed to give lawful acceptance of the signing up to the Treaty of Rome and its terms, conditions and constraints and which effectively demanded the surrender of national sovereignty and consequently the deposition of the monarch as there can be no sovereign monarch in a country which is no longer sovereign.  Clearly Parliament acted treasonously as according to the Treason Felony Act 1848  it ‘imagined the death of the monarch’. Not only was the ECA72 passed unlawfully it was enacted in violation of the Vienna Convention on Treaties 1969 designed to safeguard people from despotic dictatorial governance. The so called ECA72 therefore is ‘ultra vires’, a non act and as such cannot be repealed but should and must be struck from the statute book.
It is possible that PM Harold Wilson understood this in when in 1975 he attempted to appease the anti EEC movement in his Party led by Michael Foot and Tony Benn by offering the people a referendum on whether they should remain in or leave, but by then such was the perilous state of Parliament’s unlawful position the people were again persuaded by means of more lies and deceits to vote to remain. 
And now PM May, caught in a 'oh what a web we weave' pickle, is attempting to cover up the illegality by pretending the ECA72 is a proper and lawful act, presumably hoping it will enable her to continue to cover up the truth of the felony by permanently placing the British people under laws of foreign origin, an act in itself unlawful according to constitutional constraint.
Parliament has proved that most of the people can be fooled most of the time but thankfully not all of the people for all of the time. The mass is waking up and some of us would wish that the Daily Mail would assist in our essential return to lawful governance by exposing Parliament as the unlawful assembly it has shamefully become. 
Yours Faithfully,  BL
The Magna Carta Society.

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