Blair's financial self-interests from global; dealings.....

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Blair's financial self-interests from global; dealings.....

Blair self-proclaimed 'achievements' - for the global order. Pants on fire!

Tony Blair: 'Absolutely necessary' that Brexit does not happen
Tony Blair has insisted it is "absolutely necessary" that Brexit does not happen because of the "damage" the Leave vote is already causing the UK.
(What, you mean like the booming economy and people queuing to do business with us? - Stan)
.......and just because we are "busy" - we are still very broke and can't afford £60m a day to Brussels, obscene amounts of Foreign Aid or HS2, etc. - not until we have some money in the bank! - Stan.
Am I right - or am I right?
I may well be barking mad myself - but I'm rapidly losing the will to live...certainly in this shit-hole of once beautiful homeland!
The bastards are doing their level best to wreck it all - and making a good job of it, from what I can see of it all!
Why are we tolerating it tell! Slow to rouse? Fast asleep mostly, I reckon! How can so many in the Establishment get it so very wrong - or not explain to me why they are doing it?
My anger - along with many others I know, is quite ruining my cornflakes! I'm not happy.

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