Letter to Philip Hammond

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Letter to Philip Hammond
« on: July 23, 2017, 07:05:15 PM »
22/07/2017 - 00:59 (GMTDT)
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Subject : Exactly who is running this country?
Dear Chancellor Philip Hammond,
I am running out of patience, our membership of the EU through European Communities Act 1972, is void and of no legal force because of corruption of a signatory (Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969 & 1986). In short we are not members, so why are the government negotiating a nullity, we can just walk away with no penalty.
Do I need to remind you that you are employed by the British Taxpayers to benefit and serve the British Taxpayers and this country, and not every freeloading immigrant who comes to these shores to drain the country of it’s wealth.
Are you a traitor to the Sovereign People of Britain and Brexit, and their ancient and indubitable rights?
Exactly when did you replace Mrs May as Prime Minister?
You haven’t?
Then what gives you the legal right to negotiate with the EU, and conspire against the Sovereign People’s wishes for Brexit, are you working for Mr Rothschilds and his cohort of criminals in the banks, EU, and New World Order who don’t want nation states?
One of the major wishes was no open borders.
Yet The Times reports today, that you have said they would be left open for two years longer, at a time when we are already overcrowded, and being invaded and overrun by immigrants from the African and Indian sub continent, many of them being fit Islamic males of fighting age.
Another of the wishes was to take control of our own laws (Common Law) and ditch EU Law, the ECJ and all other restrictive laws and regulations.
Yet another is to stop paying £billions to the Crooked Criminals in the EU Ponsi scheme, and stop paying money for Foreign Aid, when this country is in such desperate need of money for it’s infrastructure and public services.
We the people are rightly angry at the prevarication that is going on, and we will soon be running out of patience.
When we do run out of patience, those in the Civil Service who have been obstructing the process will be sought out and dealt with, along with those Marxist/fascist MPs and Lords, and the BBC who have been conspiring against the Sovereign People’s wishes.
Yours EXCEEDINGLY angrily
Mrs Jane Birkby
English Constitution Group
English Constitution Group | Introduction | Reporting Treason
We are a non-political group campaigning for the arrest of past and present Government Ministers who have committed treason over the last forty years

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